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Welcome to Talidari's Art Therapy Activities site, where you can get multimedia arts for pleasure, for wellness, and as solutions to health, wealth and relationships issues.

In our Art Pharmacy is where avant-garde medicine meets alternative arts to provide multimedia aid kits as the best natural remedies to address a wide variety of health and wealth conditions.

Talidari is a team of multimedia artists creating paintings, music and literature, all presenting a fusion of heritage and innovation. It is a prime mission of Talidari to bring back potency and beauty into arts and in the lives of modern people.

Talidari's Multimedia Art is here to
inspire, entertain, and heal you.


In today's high-speed society, art provides a way for all of us to step back, if only briefly, and gain a deeper perspective on our lives. Being involved with arts helps us to be more relaxed or deeply absorbed in what we are doing. Art takes us into our imaginations; it kindles something of the creative spirit we are all born with.

If we look at the tripartite of body, mind and soul, what's feeding our soul? A well-fed soul is crucial to overall well-being. A creative activity, such as art therapy activities or any artistic venture, is a way to nurture our souls and maintain our overall wellness.

Basically, what happens when you start practicing or enjoying arts is that you stimulate your right-brain faculties, which most likely haven't had much use since childhood, when you were free to use your imagination a lot. Once you reactivate those channels, they become the source of inspiration and insight into your own inner powers.



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Introduction - Throughout times and space, arts have been much used to enhance human experience, to entertain, to educate, as well as heal. Art therapy activities have been extremely beneficial in counteracting wide variety of disorders, and it's now ready to bring it to a new, more favorable level.

Articines - The intention of this site, as well as Talidari's purpose, is to offer over-the-counter and over-the-net articines (art as medicines) to address a wide variety of health and wealth conditions, using step-by-step effective regimens.

Talidari.net is the first web-based application to introduce art as medicines where one could receive artistic care as opposed to medical care, and free oneself of a condition that threaten wellness and/or well-being.

Utilizing superior and breakthrough technologies, Talidari has developed an art & wellness interface, linking two major players in entertainment and healing. In allowing communication between art and wellness, users are enabled to benefit even more than if only using them separately.

Conclusion - Is art the medicine of the future? Is art the new medicine? That answers are left to be answered by you. After taking advantage of our arts in your own art therapy activities, we hope that you share our efforts in promoting arts as medicines.

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xmas tree
Make your own environmentally friendly Xmas Tree by using small brunches of a tree and fastening them onto a solid background, like on this picture. Click here to see the video tutorial ».

The redemptive power of singing - "As It Is In Heaven"

What you see here is the finale (story summary is on the right). A retired renowned conductor took his church choir (formed by villagers) to an important contest. Anxiety makes him ill and he doesn't make it to the hall. As the choir members anxiously wait for him to show up and direct them, a mentally retarded boy starts humming, and the rest follow him, vocalizing their feelings, and leaving out the actual contest song. Their leader lies helplessly in a bathroom, listening to the choir harmonizing. Everyone in the auditorium is enchanted and sings along.

This moving scene is an fragment from a magnificent Swedish movie that was nominated for Oscar in 2005 for the best foreign film - "As It Is In Heaven". It's a perfect example how music and singing are powerful art therapy activities. This film shows the redemptive power of singing, how music opens the hearts of the members of a choir, affecting their daily life - one releases her repressed sexuality, another takes an attitude against her abusive husband; many are opening to speak their minds as to resolve issues with others; but most of all, it opens some to the experience of true love.

Heartwarming story: A famous international conductor Daniel Daréus, retires and returns to his hometown, after suffering from a heart attack/breakdown. There he is asked to lead the church choir. He teaches the choir members to find their own voice tone, the musical basis, and to rediscover joy for music. He will have to struggle with many problems in the choir, like assaults, prejudices, jealousy, envy, church accusations... The music and the singing manage to touch them all, bring them closer to one another. Old grievances and resentments are brought to light and then they dissipate under the common love for singing.


Animation - "It's not funny, it's art"
This is an animated story of an art lover, who doesn't understand a thing about art. Nevertheless she becomes a successful artist, whose arts everyone understood, except for her.
So, don't worry if you don't understand art. The thing is to enjoy it.





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