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Welcome to our inspirational books
and other inspirational literature

The big idea behind our literature library is to provide the public with the inspirational electronic literature. In here we present (free) online books, magazine, articles and quotes, meant to inspire finding ways to achieve the lightness of being.

What makes literature inspirational

Nowadays, when inspirational literature writers are asked to explain their cultural role and the value of their discipline, they typically fall back on the claim that reading helps one see beyond one's own limitations.

When we attribute inspirational value to works of literature' we mean that these works make readers think there is more to this life than they ever imagined.

If it is to have inspirational value, a work must be allowed to place in a different context much of what others previously thought they knew or believed.

All great works of literature, in the end, say the same thing and are great exactly because they do so. They communicate the same eternal "humanistic" values. They remind us of the same constant features of human experience. The works of our online literature library unite inspiration and knowledge by proving that only the eternal knowledge inspires - that the source of greatness has always been out there, just behind the veil of appearances, and has been described many times before. The best a writer can hope for is to say once again what has often been said, but to say it in a different way, to suit a different audience.

Talidari's inspirational literature library presents the works of the secular imagination, replacing religious scriptures as the principal source of inspiration and hope for each new generation.

We should see great works of literature as great because they have inspired many readers, not as having inspired many readers because they are great.

Literature in Art Therapy

Talidari's Art Therapy is not limited to one form of art, such as painting or music, but embraces all artistic expressions, including literature.

Both writing and reading literary works have major therapeutic qualities, so our library offers a range of electronic literature - free online books and articles - that through their content stimulate the recovery process, whether there is a temporary disorder in health, wealth or relationships.

Literature is known to inspire positive action, reduce stress, elevate mood, as well as inform and educate. Our online literature library presents a practical framework for using literature in art therapy. In here, the reader and writer are regarded as allies with respect to joining the process of discovery of meaning of each experience in life, pleasant or unpleasant. The numerous inspirational stories in literature have been proving over and over that there is a silver lining behind every cloud, so our inspiration is to see beyond the clouds. The ultimate purpose of both writer and reader is achieving the lightness of being.

Talidari's online literature library offers literary art that breaks or blurs the boundaries between product and process, and between literary artist and reader.



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