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The redemptive power of singing - "As It Is In Heaven"

What you see here is the finale (story summary is on the right). A retired renowned conductor took his church choir (formed by villagers) to an important contest. Anxiety makes him ill and he doesn't make it to the hall. As the choir members anxiously wait for him to show up and direct them, a mentally retarded boy starts humming, and the rest follow him, vocalizing their feelings, and leaving out the actual contest song. Their leader lies helplessly in a bathroom, listening to the choir harmonizing. Everyone in the auditorium is enchanted and sings along.

This moving scene is an fragment from a magnificent Swedish movie that was nominated for Oscar in 2005 for the best foreign film - "As It Is In Heaven". It's a perfect example how music and singing are powerful art therapy activities. This film shows the redemptive power of singing, how music opens the hearts of the members of a choir, affecting their daily life - one releases her repressed sexuality, another takes an attitude against her abusive husband; many are opening to speak their minds as to resolve issues with others; but most of all, it opens some to the experience of true love.

Heartwarming story: A famous international conductor Daniel Daréus, retires and returns to his hometown, after suffering from a heart attack/breakdown. There he is asked to lead the church choir. He teaches the choir members to find their own voice tone, the musical basis, and to rediscover joy for music. He will have to struggle with many problems in the choir, like assaults, prejudices, jealousy, envy, church accusations... The music and the singing manage to touch them all, bring them closer to one another. Old grievances and resentments are brought to light and then they dissipate under the common love for singing. Click here to find out more, or get the DVD from Amazon.








Animation - "It's not funny, it's art"
This is an animated story of an art lover, who doesn't understand a thing about art. Nevertheless she becomes a successful artist, whose arts everyone understood, except for her.
So, don't worry if you don't understand art. The thing is to enjoy it.



Each year at Christmas  many precious trees are unnecessary dying for us, for our temporary joy. It doesn't have to be this way.

Make your own environmentally friendly Xmas Tree by only cutting small branches of a tree and fastening them onto a solid background, like on this picture. This way it is not artificial, and still has the smell of a real pine tree. No one ever noticed this tree was not a real one.

« Watch this video tutorial.

steate of the art technology
State of the art technology - Venus Movement

Would you like to live here, own such a state-of-the-art home and high-tech transportation at absolutely no cost to you, and no work involved? We know, it sounds too good to be true, but this state of the art architecture and technology will be available to all of those who join the Venus movement for Resource Based Economy at no cost.

If you have only one film to watch this year it better be this: The Zeitgeist. It is free to watch, and will blow your mind like nothing has ever done, it's a guarantee. In the second part, the addendum, it reveals how you can get your hands on this fantastic habitat. Now follow this link to watch this film and your life will never be the same again: The Zeitgeist
Warning: Do not watch it, if you are not                open-minded. It will only hurt you.

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