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All of the businesses selling products like ours are expecting you to trust them that their products would be of value to you. They gain your trust mostly by writing a great sales pitch and giving you guaranty. They expect you to pay first and then if you are not satisfied you get your money back. Hopefully.

Talidari is unique in that we do the opposite - we let you first use the products then pay later, only when you got something out of it. We don't expect you to trust us. Instead we put our trust in you by making our products available at no charge and believing that you will pay back once our products have delivered exactly what you needed or wanted and more.

Furthermore, we leave it up to you to name the price instead of imposing a price onto you. You know better the value than we do. We go even further in accommodating to you that we leave it up to you if you pay back once you benefit from it or once you have the means to pay.

Moreover, if paying with money is a problem for you, we present you a variety of choices to pay it with other means, such as clicks, bookmarking, linking, forwarding and so on - examples.


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Arts beyond arts
By supporting Talidari, you are not only supporting arts or artists, but also all Talidari's initiatives: Fighting crime, Cancer treatment development, Anti-suicide campaign and so much more. Through our art-forms we are
providing solutions to many causes of human sufferings. With your financial backing we could move mountains, so to speak, in many areas of human experience for the good of us all. Thank you for considering it.

Our purpose statement
We are in profession to employ the arts to fill everyone’s reality with beauty and magic

Our ethos
Our core value is love. We have a strong sense of artistic independence, taking satisfaction in designing our own course rather than following the trends.
Talidari name has been synonymous with audacity, extraordinary and nonconforming

Our portfolio consists of inventive media mix:
glamorous paintings for the third eye
magical murals for the third skin
futuristic music for the third ear
profound literature for the  third millennium





Why support arts




Most of the problems in the world, such as poverty, diseases and pollution are essentially caused by the living without meaning.
Art scene has become modern-day frame for the search for identity, as well as for the search for the meaning of human existence.

Through inducing certain states, various art forms fill us with wonder and sense of higher truth.
Through art interpretations and inspirations, the public can grasp certain universal constants of human experience and in doing so transcend the differentiation, which is the major source of world’s miseries. That way our activity can flow in harmony with the order of the cosmos, with nature and its all species.
The power of art lays in that it breaks the censorship of consciousness, and appeals to unconscious, invoking innate understanding of the audience and thus changing the state of the  social consciousness. The best art pieces act as eye-openers of some sort,  because through them one could hear one’s own heart’s whispering and do the right thing.

The whole meaning and significance of art is in taking the recipient from the stressful reality to a transcendental world of pure penetration and splendor. In other words, to act as a bridge from 3D world to the 4D one. That helps us to cope with life’s afflictions and paradoxes, and it could empower and inspire us to better our lives, find something powerful and special that easily deals with pessimism, distrust and lack of meaning. That is at heart of art.

Through arts society tries to define current philosophical and religious dilemmas in effort to make it better. That's what the art stands for.

If you would use your money to sponsor arts, you’d be supporting a social transformation.
You have a power to address the causes of suffering instead of just the effects.
You are responsible for the power you have




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