purpose statement
we are in profession
to employ the arts
to fill everyone’s reality
with beauty and magic





mission statement
as fairyland ambassadors,
we aspire to build the bridges between
the 3D world and the 4th dimension,
our homeland, by means of arts,
as well as encourage everyone
to listen to their third ear in order to
find the key for lightness of being


our core value is love.
We have a strong sense of artistic independence, taking satisfaction in designing our own course rather than following the trends. Talidari name has been synonymous with audacity, extraordinary and nonconforming.


have it all!


the swirl is a symbol and our trademark. It is embedded in almost every multiforma composition as a trigger into the fourth dimension.














Take our works not as creations to be admired or criticized, not as creations at all. Take them as experiences, as symbols, as tools for your own journey to the inner fairyland. If that’s where you want to go, we, the fairyland ambassadors have a visa for you in all shapes and forms, from visual to audible, tangible to intangible.
Take a pick.
The choice is yours.




























third ear
this is what our calling is all about, to help you open your eyes and ears to realize the interconnectedness of all things, to perceive the fourth dimension of all there is. Right now, your eyes and ears might be closed for subtle sights and sounds, like most people. That’s why there is struggle in the world. Nearly everyone is hypnotized. Looking is not as same as seeing. Neither is listening as same as hearing. To hear something fully one needs to listen to the inner sound, to the inner voice. To see something, it’s not enough just to open eyes. We can see without even looking, but most people look without seeing. So it happens that most of us are shortsighted, we often don’t see far and beyond, we don’t see the whole picture. What we need in order to bring magic in our life is to open our third eye to see beyond the obvious. And open our third ear, so that we can hear what we listen, and understand the difference between the two.

The latest science discoveries have shown that sound constructs everything in the universe since everything vibrates. As sound underlies all form, on atomic level there is no such thing as silence. It appears silent only because we can't hear it. Meaning, we could also hear the visuals, such as paintings. Quantum physics tells us that absolutely everything is made of energy, and as energy pulsates it produces sounds, of which most we are not sensible enough to hear. However, with practice we can develop our inner ear, let's call it the third ear, and hear the music inside us and hear the things we see. Why? Because through developing the third ear we learn to hear our own inner sound which brings us in resonance with the Creator of the universe.


the real
knowledge comes
not from learning,
but from listening
to the third ear



fourth dimension
one of the ways we thought
we could help others to restore
their link with the source is to assist
them to bridge the gap by writing inspirational books, painting the visual music/poetry and composing provocative tunes, through introducing extraordinary, uncommon means (electric didgeridoo, multi-formed multi-dimensional paintings, original Slav inspirational reminiscent literature…)

However, instead of being just a ‘writer’ or a ‘painter’ or a ‘musician’ we set our mind on creating a novel code for communicating with the world through being virtual bridge builders, bridging from the three-dimensional world of senses to the four-dimensional super-sensuous world, evoking resonance from higher levels of our consciousness.
   But a bridge is not the other shore. All of us being tied to the mere business of living, need to sometimes cross over to the other side, the great beyond, to expand beyond the rationality, to find that the symbolic quality of all things known by senses is the real haven of peace and bliss, for the things of our world are transient, whereas the symbolism attached to those things is eternal and infinite. More often than not, it’s not what the stuff of life is that really matters to us, but what it represents to each of us. Through symbolic interpretations, we can grasp certain universal constants of human experience and in the end transcend differentiation. That way human activity can be placed in harmony with the order of the cosmos.
   In all that, our main concern is how to portray the symbolic quality of things, instead of the things themselves. We believe that in order to find out the mysterious nature of humans and the world, a person needs more than just senses and reason. Our theory of symbols draws its idea from Plato’s idealism, but goes further from his rationalism as well as from old English empiricists by introducing intuitive sensitivity or third ear as a central principle and criteria of ‘true’ knowledge.

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