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The Talidari Collections of paintings are a series of brand licensed paintings that reflect Talidari's lifelong philosophy to bring potency and beauty into arts and the lives of modern people.

There are three major collections in Talidari's opus of paintings. They are grouped according to their styles. The paintings in each of the collections are designed with focused attention to essentials.


paintings are avant-garde paintings beyond frames. Colorful abstract works on shaped canvases. There are four main features of this blue-ribbon collection:

Slavic Dream

a collection of paintings portrays the slavic spirit dressed in authentic ornaments. Since Talidari artists are of Slavic origin, their roots are showing in this collection.
See the gallery or the catalogue.


a collection of paintings portraying pets, such as cats, dogs, goat, bears etc. - catalogue


paintings are created in famous styles of the last century, such as impressionism, expressionism, pop art, conceptual art and so on.
See it here.

The Talidari Collections of paintings are available through select retailers in Germany and internationally, as well as directly from the artists - contact us.

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