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This page answers what and how is utilized Art As Therapy. Art is used here in broad sense, meaning it is not confined just to fine arts, but it embraces its multiple forms.

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Picture on the left: "Sea in a Wave"
as opposed to wave in a sea, from the 'Multiforma' collection, 'Rhapsody in Pink' series.


Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses various art-forms as means to improve human condition. It effects positive change and growth in all areas of human experience: health, wealth and relationships. It is commonly used to increase insight and judgment, restore balance, release stress, relieve traumatic experiences, boost intellectual, intuitive and perceptual abilities, build better relationships in both private and business life, and to find comfort and pleasure. Art as therapy can be used actively and passively.

Active art therapy is based on the belief/idea that the creative process of expressing oneself through arts is both healing and life-enhancing.
A passive recipient of art-forms (inspirational stories, calming or invigorating music, enriching visuals etc.) is also not only inspired but often healed too.

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Active Art Therapy employs art therapy activities in many clinical settings as well as in art studios and workshops, but also in child and family centers, and prisons. Usually, its main focus is on creativity development and expressing emotions, but at Talidari's focus is on alleviating disorders. For example, our didgeridoo playing workshops are designed to counter snoring, among other things.

Passive or Receptive Art Therapy is Talidari's main contribution, providing artistic solutions and remedies that can be applied for well-being in the comfort of your home. This means that one doesn't have to engage in a creative activity to reap the benefits of the therapeutic attributes of arts. Often simple exposure to a master piece evokes resonance from higher levels of your consciousness, improving your condition.



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Art as Therapy
How does it work

The core subject of art is a feeling, not reasoning. By means of art we enable ourselves to express our inner feelings, including the ones we are not aware of intellectually. When you engage yourself in some form of art that resonates with you personally, you let your deeper emotions out and unburden yourself from the weight of it all. Even without knowing the process and the mechanics of therapy, such artistic activities bring about healing on some level. If that process is guided by knowledge and expertise, the therapeutic effect would be even stronger. But even without an expert by your side, you can reap the benefits, if you pay attention to your intuitive guidelines. The main thing is to let go of all the harmful feelings and thoughts, and to connect to one's own soul, so that the burden is lifted and new insights are available to make the right decisions.

All of the attitude issues and emotional shortcomings are transient and subject to change with a proper set of tools. On that note, we are suggesting wholesome arts as your instrument of change.

Art therapy has been known to release any pent-up emotions that bring about emotional weakness. It is that weakness that debilitates our immune system, and lets us be the target for whatever harmful entities out there - such as viruses, bacteria, toxins etc.

You can unwind through:

  • painting your worries or fears/anger away,
  • writing it off as a story or diary, and find the good that came out of the bad experiences
  • shaking it off through dancing
  • playing or singing it out of your system
  • designing or sculpturing forms that transcend the common limitations, including your own

and through it use the newly discovered creativity to uplift you and boost your emotional intelligence. Through the use of personal creativity many of the unsolved issues in your life will solve themselves, because unleashing and nurturing your soul, it brings a new perspective on life.

Art appeals to the unconscious (breaking the censorship of consciousness), its power lays in suggesting, not explaining; in invoking innate understanding & feeling of the observer. The aim of art therapy is to achieve your ends whatever they might be.

Arts is there to trigger or awaken that what is already there inside you. Maybe to propound a stimulating tone, or a stirring hue, or a touching verse, all in service of making you feel that there is more to your life's circumstances than you are willing to believe. In a spot-on package it's most likely to touch you deeper than a scholar report, or a friend's advice. The great thing about art as therapy, you don't really have to do anything but surrender to its force, let it bring out the best in you. Art has been known to do that.

Art as Therapy
Passive or Receptive

If creating or engaging in arts is not an option for you, then enjoying the artworks of others can have the similar effect if chosen rightly.

Many of the artworks are impressive, but few are moving. Those that move you, inspire you to do something about your stressful condition are the right ones for you when looking for solutions. We are talking here in no way of arts as means of escaping the painful world of daily experience. We are talking here about the kind of arts that transcend you in an illogical way, that somehow change your mood, your vibration and your view of the world & life, the kind of view that takes you above the common conceptions and conditionings.

Tax benefits
Using the articines, arts as medicines, is a tax-smart way to heal or get solutions, because it enables individuals to utilize arts for their own transformation and healing while maximizing the tax benefits associated with buying arts.




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