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Welcome to Your Present Picker

This is where you get to pick a present for yourself and for your dear ones. Each present is a multimedia aid kit targeted at a specific need or want. Since all the presents come with no price tag attached, there is no reason why you shouldn't send them to just about anyone you hold dear. The contents of the presents are such that could be fit for anyone, for they cover most common needs of modern women and men.

All the presents are multimedia compounds that blend momentous achievements of science and arts. Using the cutting edge art technology, we at Talidari's have come up with innovative art solutions that could be used as home remedies.

Please proceed to the section below with the listing of all the presents available.

When you click on each title of a present, you will arrive at the page showing a pretty, wrapped up present. It's a nice thing if you think about sending any of them to your friends and family.


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Thanks to the internet we can ship our digital presents at no cost and in no time.


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Present Picker's Selection
Stress Relief
This is where you get artistic remedies and guidelines on how to cope with stress and reduce its intensity, and more importantly how to avoid stress altogether. Packed with pictures, audios, videos, stories...
Insomnia Buster
In this illustrated multimedia aid kit there are multiple art-forms from mp3 to pictures for room accupuncture to aid you to get adequate sleep. However, the meat of it is the revealing of a fresh perspective that converts insomnia from problem to a gift.
Snore No More
A revolutionary new way to get rid of snoring by means of playing music. With a help of a music instrument the musculature of the upper airways gets strengthened, so the soft palate doesn't vibrate making noise. Find out which instrument it is in this multimedia package.
Depression Treatment
If antidepressants are not cutting it and you want an alternative or a supplement, we've got you covered here. This is where you get an artistic, not artificial solution. Jammed with all the goodies from the art world to assist you in getting out of the blues into thinking & feeling pink.
Antipoor e-Cream
Talidari's antipoor e-cream is a virtual balm that is meant to emulsify the afflictions of poverty and prevent any mental or emotional infections caused by destitution, by means of making easy money online. It has a thick smooth consistency like a real cream, making the transition a soft and smooth venture. Why give your opinions free when you can sell them for cash?!
Crime Cure
Innovative solution to stop crime, not just solve it, designed to convert the crime-minded individuals and rebels into law-abiding citizens by providing them with the hottest alternative to living on the edge. The kicker in the cure is introducing the illustrated guide to the next level, plus exposing the best powerbrokers on the planet that can turn anyone into a big player. Quantum gun included.

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