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We do not just provide artworks, but by using arts, we aspire to serve you as:

  • wellness providers offer you innovative multimedia arts, designed to improve your condition
  • fairyland ambassadors fill your reality with magic, take you to your own journey to the inner fairyland
  • meaning brokers - help you find the key for lightness of being. Art scene has become modern-day frame for the search for identity, as well as the search for the meaning of human existence.
  • a finger pointing at the moon - give you a taste of life beyond bondage
  • virtual bridge builders - bridging from the 3D world of senses to the 5D super-sensuous world, evoking resonance from higher levels of your consciousness
Scent of a Woman
Moscow  -  Krakow  -  Prague  -  Budapest  -  Zagreb  -  Sofia

  We don’t play, paint or write, say, just about a tree, nor about treeness (the tree’s essence), but about treenity – that what a tree represents to each of us individually in the greater scheme of things. In other words, we point to the symbolic qualities, for the things of our world are transient, whereas the symbolism attached to things is eternal and infinite. Through symbolic interpretations, we can grasp certain universal constants of human experience and in the end transcend differentiation. That way our activity can flow in harmony with the order of the cosmos. 

sea in a fish

We believe that in order to find out the mysterious nature of humans and the world, a person needs more than just senses and reason. One needs intuitive sensitivity that can be developed by arts, and listening to ones own third ear.


The premium name in artivism and self-transformation artworks, Talidari has ascended to becoming the eminent symbol of Mystique. Some people are always on the lookout for what’s cool. We, at Talidari remain dedicated to what’s hot. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, with a growing fan base worldwide, Talidari continues to expand its global presence.

With engaging offerings, Talidari artists long to make a relevant contribution to the world and times in which we live.
Talidari spirit compels us to make difference in the realms of cultural heritage.

Talidari duet

Talidari brand
multiforma painting
Art making, especially painting, has evolved from the domain of a single artisan to an alliance of talented whizzes. Every Talidari creation is a symbiotic dance of precision, color or beat management, sacred geometric, fine-tuning and even gem-setting on occasion.  In orchestrating brilliance, each artist contributes according to his or her diverse mastery, holding uncompromisingly attention to quality.
Some may call it an obsession, but at Talidari the pursuit of extraordinary brilliance is a passion. It’s that passion that defines a Talidari art-piece, be it a painting, a tune or a book.
You want class.       You want style.       You want Talidari.

detail from a mural


Talidari use exclusive materials, visionary technology and processes to reinvent the arts and create pieces of astonishing features with jubilant air about them. All crafting stages ensure the highest levels of quality and maximal resistance against the corrosive forces of downbeat dispositions. That’s why we, at Talidari, treat colors, beats and words as if they were precious stones.

Finding a right color, beat or word that wouldn’t lose their spark over time is just one more challenge. The solution is the intention, Talidari’s exclusive ally. By adding a touch of positive intention, the most noble of all substances, we pour a specific energy into our creations, giving them an eternal dimension.
Discover aspects of visionary Talidari creations in the portfolio

Feet in the yesterday, hands in today, and head in tomorrow

Heritage + Innovation = Marvels

It is through the power of innovation and the influence of the renowned cultural heritage that these aesthetic, acoustic and narrative marvels come to life. Tradition with a contemporary gloss is a winning combo at the Talidari creative lab.

In exploring the shared longings and sensibilities of all humans, we at Talidari are working towards discovering the common ground that would exist when people would live in harmony with one another. The images, sounds and tales depict a world that is in making.
  At Talidari's exhibition in Budapest, 2008

Artists' portrait

naTalija and Darius are the spiritus movens and the permanent members of the Talidari team. They are of Slav origins, coming from Croatia and Poland, but are temporary based in Düsseldorf, Germany. They make original arts inspired by inner experiences and love. They had unique experiences on other levels of reality and achieved an intimate contact with the transpersonal information source rooted in the wisdom of the universe.

Darius is graduate soc. pedagogue. Presently he works at Düsseldorf Opera. NaTalija is professionally an associate in cultural institutions.

Talidari's Artistic Image
Mystique Artists

Talidari team has been producing an opus of visual, audio and literary arts that has Mystique character. In that sense, Talidari's image goes beyond the limitation of artists, and entering into a domain of a new breed of professionals - sself-transformation artists. These are the artists who create pieces intended to transform the recipient's condition. It is not to be confused with art therapists, who help others create art for their own therapy.

With the Art Pharmacy, which is original and unique way of offering multimedia arts as medicines and solutions, Talidari has built a reputation of innovative, as well as controversial artists, alongside with their prime image of Mystique Artists.


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