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Kunst Gemaelde

Visual Arts- Mixed media art

Art paintings

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Slavic Art
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Online Literature Library
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"Magic Tree"

- Excerpts:
   Prison story

"Jump" - crime prevention

"Suicide Manual"

Multiforma Paintings Catalogue


One and One Ain't Always Two

E-Zine "Artness":
- Art of Romance
- Art of Smile
- Art of Getting Rich

Book club

Artistic Home Remedies
Art Pharmacy


Art pharmacy entrance
Quantum Healing
Brain Fitness

- Alternative cancer treatment
- Depression Treatment
- Insomnia Treatment
- Snoring Relief
- Stress Relief

- Crime stoppers
   Crime cure
   Present for rebels
   Way out of crime
   Jump1 - the guide book
   Jump2 - the guide book
   Jump3 - the guide book
   Jump4 - the guide book
   Everything crime
   True life crime story
   10 causes of crime
   Make crime history
- Rich vs. Poor
- Powerbrokers


Issues with god
Passive Art Therapy
art as therapy

Didgeridoo Music Therapy
Music Lounge

deutsch Musiktherapie

Listen wellness music online

Snore no more
- Schnarchen Kur



Art Donations
Art Foundation

Art Charity



- Homemade Christmas present ideas
- Christmas Treats
- present picker -depression treatment
- insomnia relief
- stress relief
- snoring relief
- for rebels

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