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Didgeridoo Music Therapy

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Didgeridoo Music Therapy

Hit the play-button and play the didgeridoo music.
Let the music therapy take care of your wellness.
Note that the music in the wellness collection is sound therapy,
a medication more than anything.
So listen to it in the times of need, not for entertainment.

Wellness collections
Vibrational treatment of stress
play 3:07
beneficial effect of tranquillizing didgeridoo vibrations and a brook's murmur dissipate tensions, stress and any negative energies stuck in the body. The powerful drone of didgeridoo aids in the journey to a deeper relaxation, producing healing benefits.
Sound therapy for depression and sadness
play 3:50
catching laughing voice and sedative vibrations of the didgeridoo-sounds have a balancing effect, as they restore the interrupted energy flows, releasing the pent-up emotions, energetic blockages and severe inhibitions, allowing a rejuvenation of energy, and renewal of spirit
Sound Massage for Expectant Mothers & Unborn Children
play 5:41
didgeridoo beats, blended with the sounds of deep ocean waves and baby talk, resonate deeply with the prenatal environment as well as alleviate the discomforts caused by pregnancy.
The primal sound-archetypes used on this album affect bodies at a cellular level and act as inner massage, also relieve the hardships of giving birth, as well as build the emotional and spiritual bridge between a mother-to-be and a child inside her. Music is processed in the right hemisphere and thus is able to improve the functioning of an infant's brain.

Insomnia buster

play 3:08
soothing, harmonic beats of water drops combined with the powerful drones of didgeridoo are not so much meant to relax you as to actually heal you
Sound Cure for PMS
play 3:14
low frequency of didgeridoo tones relieve the abdominal cramps during women’s menstrual cycles by activating a low frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the lower torso, realigning the body's energy and vitality
Sound therapy for Sexual Inhibitions
play 2:27
sexually inhibited people discover here a new, natural access to their sexuality in the area of their abdomen. While shy women feel an increase of wonderful feelings of passion, sexually restrained male listeners experience a new inner strength and fire



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Sound as medicine

Sound is an energy that can modify the vibrational rate of objects. Therefore, if some part of human physical or emotional body is ill, that is, vibrating out of tune or harmony, with the use of appropriate sounds it is possible to cause it to vibrate back to its natural, healthy state.
Sound is being re-discovered in the healthcare domain for the enhancement of health, vitality, pain relief, numerous psychological and behavioral conditions, and stress reduction.
   The principles of vibrational healing or sound therapy (music therapy) originate with the discovery that sound underlies all form. In essence, all that we perceive as matter, at an atomic level, is pure sound vibration. The physicists describe the tiniest subatomic particles as 'interference patterns of various sound frequencies'. They call them 'nodes of resonance'. The electrochemical activity of the brain is directed and organized by subtle wave vibrations, so that our five physical senses are each rooted in vibration.
   Music can be very effective at working on the emotions because it bypasses the logical part of the brain.

Many times, physical ailments are actually aspects of blockages in the emotional body. When the emotional body is healed, physical healing can occur.  

The main aim is not the treatment of individual ill organs but the restoration of harmony in the whole organism  

The new sound science of cymatics makes studies about the direct application of sound frequencies to the body for the purpose of awakening and realigning the body's energy and vitality.
Sound vibration directly aligns all energy fields.

As light banishes darkness, sound casts out pain.
Sound vibration is the creative matrix of life, setting the universe in motion.

Read here a fascinating true life story of sound therapy in action.



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palying didgeridoo

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or Yidaki is believed to be the world’s oldest wind instrument, dating back thousands of years. It originates as a musical instrument of the North Australian Aborigine.
It can be best made from several types of eucalyptus and bamboo trees. They are used by Aborigines for secret ceremonies, initiation rites and social gatherings.

It is not only a musical instrument but also a medicine and repellent, producing low frequency sound that highly benefits the lower torso as well as the immune, the energetic and the neural system.

The fundamental vibrations of the didgeridoo are trance inducing, soothing and relaxing; they calm the body, mind, and spirit, and allow for a release of tension, a rejuvenation of energy, and renewal of spirit.

The psychological and physical effects of didgeridoo:
the powerful drone of a didgeridoo aids not only in a journey to a deeper relaxation but also provides possible healing benefits.
   It is being used as a rhythm instrument, as an aid for movement therapies, sound therapies, breathing therapies, the stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, the opening of chakras and as an aid for meditative, suggestive, hypnotic and shamanistic treatments.
   Medical research has shown the healing with didgeridoo has beneficial effects on: traumatic burdens, behavioral disorders, phobias, inferiority feelings, hysteria, mandatory behavior, aggressiveness, speech impediments, bone, muscle and hormone function, it can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, loosen the pent-up emotions, energetic blockages and severe inhibitions.
It influences the brain waves directly and as a result, can put the player or also the listener into an altered consciousness state.

The didgeridoo beats create a sonic field, a sort of a window into the fourth dimension

Didgeridoo Meditation
didgeridoo sound healing meditation
on the equinoxes and solstices

Music therapy
with didgeridoo

sound therapy for plants


sound therapy for plants

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Snore no more

Playing didgeridoo has proven to cure snoring and nightly respiratory arrest.

Snoring and the sleep apnoea syndrome are sleep disorders that occur when the soft parts of the upper airways collapse during sleep, disturbing respiration.

Vibrations produced while playing didgeridoo, gently massage the muscles and connective tissue of the upper airways, which are then altered to their natural state.

Regular playing will significantly improve the symptoms within a few months. It does not require any previous experience. It can be learned by the patients of all ages.

Talidari offers an alternative music therapy for these sleep disorders. It is done through private sessions in Düsseldorf, Germany. All of you living elsewhere, we suggest you find a local didgeridoo teacher or learn playing by yourself.

Shortly, we'll post a tutorial for you. In the meanwhile we encourage you to search tutorials either online or in a library. If you would like to be notified when our free video tutorial will be online, please subscribe on the right

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