Top 10 Causes Of Crime
Finding causes first, then the right solutions



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Top 10 Causes Of Crime
How arts can provide solution to crime
- start by defining the causes of crime

Here we reveal top 10 causes of crime in order to find solutions using arts. By arts we mean all forms of arts, including music, films, pictures and inspirational literature. The big idea behind this article is that underlying causes of crime should be tackled through preventative interventions, such as rehabilitating offenders and giving them an alternative to crime.
Punishment deals with the symptoms of crime, whereas prevention deals with the root causes.

We, Talidari artists, propose a new solution to crime by offering a triple action transition formula, one that works on all three levels of the disorder: the source, the symptoms and the prevention. There, where policy makers and scientists are short of a conclusive fix, artists come forward to offer their take on the matter as well as efficient resolution - the crime cure. This cure is part of our art therapy program and it is available in our art pharmacy at the wealth counter (because it offers ways to gain wealth that are alternative to the criminal ways). Thanks to generous donations all our art therapy products are free at present.

Before we can start concocting a crime solution that actually works, we need to dig for the root causes of crime. Only then we can find the right solutions that deal directly with the source of the problem, as opposed to limiting ourselves to dealing with the symptoms through punishment measures. 10 causes of crime article provides resources to identify the source(s) of the disorder, as well as suggesting solutions.

There is no single cause to any disorder, including crime. While clearly we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions, it is wrong to hold an individual wholly responsible for his unlawful act. There are certain factors in our societies, cultures (family values), system (educational, political, law-enforcement...), economy, and so on that endorse the potential of criminal activities of an individual. An organization as a whole should take a part of the blame in order to transform the conditions in which criminal-minds breed.

If we want to know the exact top 10 causes of crime, it would be necessary to narrow it down to a specific geographic location or region. Since our readership is not limited to one particular region, we made a general list that was concocted after an extensive research and it doesn't represent authors narrow view. The list of 10 causes of crime was taken from a variety of scientific reports, written by scholars; we just re-cloaked it using arts to make the topic more appealing to the non-scientific minds.

10 Causes Of Crime

  • Weakness
    People are not bad by nature, but sometimes simply too timid to resist the vicious demons that play on their weaknesses and cut their bond with the source of their Power. Humans are good by default, but not everyone is made of steel so as to defend themselves against the demonic forces - destructive emotions and detrimental attitudes:
    fear, ignorance, hatred, worry, revenge, envy, attachment, greed, lust, selfishness, doubt, prejudice, pride, vanity, impatience, sloth, discrimination, arrogance, ambition, addiction, gluttony, criticism, blame, anxiety, frustration and so on.
    We all get attacked by those faulty ethereal goblins of our minds and hearts, but most of us succeed to resist them. It's easy to act on anger, greed, revenge or any of highlighted above, but it takes courage and strength to determine that there is something more important than that.

    There are two core reasons why weakness prevails with some:
    1) lack of faith, not believing enough in the power of one's own internal weapons (against inner demons), such as:
    courage, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, honesty, sincerity, integrity, honor, modesty, humbleness, generosity, love, compassion, kindness, detachment, patience, self-discipline, temperance, etc.
    As a result of not trusting inner resources, there is no enough motivation to develop them and use them.
    Art Solutions - get the free crime cure; watch inspirational films and read inspirational stories of good qualities conquering the bad ones.
    2) imbalance - most criminals are simply too strong physically, pumping up the body muscles, but not enough the mental and emotional muscles. The reason why their strength becomes weakness is because they are not balanced.
    Art Therapy Solutions - get the free artistic crime cure; watch the movie trilogy 'Samurai' by legendary Japanese director Hiroshi Inagaki. It tells the story of the greatest Samurai warrior in Japan - Musashi Miyamoto, his journey from being just a tough warrior to a true hero, equally strong on all three accounts: physical skills, mental calmness and emotional state. Watch all three films online here for free. (Titles: Samurai One, Samurai Two, Samurai Three)

    Underneath all the weaknesses is a genuine human desire to do well. When we delink ourselves from our source (Higher Power), we find ourselves either in a wrong relationship or in a wrong job, or simply in a wrong place at wrong time, but also in a wrong state of mind - causing us to do the wrong things, on the wrong side of tracks.

  • Poor judgment
    Lack of proper education and great role-models causes many to fail to distinguish right from wrong.
    In most cases offenders don't think they are doing something wrong, it seems right from their point of view.
    Poor judgment is also reflected in knowing it's wrong, but thinking they could get away with it, not getting caught.
    Art Therapy Solutions - get the free crime cure

  • Lack of love
    Being raised in a dysfunctional family, or coming from a disadvantaged background, or feeling discriminated, none of it alone can cause crime. There are so many others in the world with such conditions, but nevertheless don't turn to crime. However they cause the lack of love and respect for others. That, endorsed with some other factors, can be a major issue related to crime.

  • Poverty
    Poverty is often blamed for leading to crime, however underneath is something more vital - society bombards us with commercial values, making us want more and more material things, to the point when some would do anything (including criminal acts) to get them.
    Unemployment is another factor in this category that contributes to crime through looking ways to earn money by any means possible.
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  • Deprived neighborhoods
    economically impoverished neighborhoods breed criminal minds
    Solution: if moving out is out of the question, then keep away from the guys in the hood by making yourself busy with putting your new show on the road. Do you have the strength to distance yourself from the harmful influences of your neighboors? If not, find the strength from the power behind your new thing, which you can discover in the illustrated guide 'Jump'.

  • TV violence

  • Being a victim in a chain of events
    Sometimes individuals don't mean to cause harm, but are drawn into it by a chain of events that are beyond their control or influence.

  • Poor parenting skills
    erratic or harsh discipline,
    lack of parental control, supervision and monitoring,
    parental conflict,
    family dysfunction/breakdown,
    criminal, anti-social and/or alcoholic parent/s
    Read more about it from BBC.
    Fatherlessness is also one of underestimated cause of crime. Read more about it by clicking here.
    Consider these facts: 

    • 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes (U.S. Center for Disease Control);
    • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes (U.S. Bureau of the Census);
    • 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes (Criminal Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26, 1978);
    • 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Special Report, Sept 1988); 
    • 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home (Texas Dept. of Corrections 1992).

  • Ecological
    It has long been known by police officers that cold winter nights keep criminals off the streets and crime levels down. Crime scientists speculate that one of the hidden consequences of global warming will be an increase in street crime during mild winters. Studies have suggested that warmer temperatures boost aggression hormones such as epinephrine and testosterone.

  • Fraudulent Supreme Court rulings
    Defective court rulings are one cause of the extra crimes.
    Read more about it here

Top 10 Causes Of Crime - FBI list

American FBI has devised a list of the factors which contribute to crime. Source: Bureau's "Uniform Crime Report"

  1. Population density and degree of urbanization.
  2. Variations in composition of the population, particularly youth concentration.
  3. Stability of population with respect to residents' mobility, commuting patterns and transient factors.
  4. Modes of transportation and highway systems.
  5. Economic conditions, including median income, poverty level and job availability.
  6. Cultural factors and educational, recreational and religious characteristics.
  7. Family conditions with respect to divorce and family cohesiveness.
  8. Climate.
  9. Effective strength of law enforcement agencies.
  10. Administrative and investigative emphases of law enforcement.

Variables affecting crime listed above provide no insight into the many variables that mold the crime across the globe. This ranking leads to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that could create misleading perception. Many variables, while having significant impact on crime, are not readily measurable or applicable on all locations. In order to make valid assessments of crime, one needs to take into considerations geographic and demographic factors specific to each jurisdiction. The transience of the population, its racial and ethnic makeup, its composition by age and gender, educational levels, and prevalent family structures are all key factors in assessing and comprehending the crime issue.

Note that there is no mention of "access to firearms." This can be a cue to anyone claiming gun-control laws would help solve the crime.


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External links:

» Crime Reduction Toolkits


  • Prevention
    there are plenty of people out there contemplating illegal or immoral acts, who should be prevented to act on it.
    - Playing on their fear of punishment works for most, but is not enough for the others.
    - Social welfare is one of the greatest contra-measures to keep unemployed individuals from resorting to desperate means in order to keep a head above water.
    - Sports provide a good outlet for young men and perhaps keeps them out of trouble.
    - Art Therapy is another outlet that additionally provides a a sense of higher truth, a frame for the search for identity, a journey from the stressful reality to a transcendental world of pure penetration and splendor, means for helping us to cope with life’s afflictions and paradoxes that could empower and inspire us to better our lives, find something powerful and special that easily deals with pessimism, distrust and lack of meaning...just to name a few.

  • Converting
    to convert a criminal into a honorable citizen it takes more than implementing fear of punishment. Arts can do wonders in transforming any individual, including criminals. Talidari's triple action transition formula used in the crime cure 'Jump' uses the power of inspiration to stimulate criminals to make a jump to the right side.

  • Reformation
    remodeling the system (educational, economic, jurisdiction...) that breeds criminals is a core necessity. There is a saying telling that if you want to change others, start by changing yourself. Everything is related and we all are in a way responsible for the way our world is. By transforming the causes (one of which is the system) we can both prevent and reduce crime.

  • Punishment
    No doubt, every person who harms another should be punished, but also rehabilitated so that the crime is prevented from reoccurring. Punishment is good for two reasons: it shows the offender that one can not get away with doing the wrong things, and as a form of prevention - the fear of punishment is often (but not often enough) main reason for law-abiding citizens not to slip to the other side of the tracks. However, the question is how severe the punishment should be. A sentence that is longer than 2 years can have contra-effective results, apart from the cost for us taxpayers. Coming out after too many years being locked has proven to be more difficult to re-integrate and make it out there, and more easy to resort back to crime. Investing in improving the system instead of in accommodating prisoners seems more effective long-term.
What art can do

Arts can inspire and transform both the criminals and all those on the fringe to become criminals by

  • providing artistic solutions for inspiration and as pointers towards alternatives to crime, such as our prime crime stopping cure 'Jump'

  • providing art therapy as psychotherapy, using various art-forms as means to alter human condition and possibly convert a criminal into a honorable person. Art therapy effects positive change and growth in all areas of criminals' life: health, wealth and relationships. It is mainly used to increase insight and judgment, restore balance, release stress, relieve traumatic experiences, boost intellectual, intuitive and perceptual abilities, build better relationships in both private and business life, as well as to find comfort and pleasure. Art-making process keeps individuals out of trouble and provides a good outlet for people expressing emotions and develop creativity that can be channeled into business performance, and monetized.

However, there are some cases of art-forms that are contra-effective and induce crime instead, such as certain high-beat music, aggressive films & literature promoting heroes that use violence or other crime activities to solve problems. Let this be appeal to all artists to refrain from producing crime-inducing works and instead create artworks that promote morality.

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