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Welcome to the web-book for all the rebels wanting a way out of crime. This is a guide to the next level.

Welcome aboard!

One on one

First off, you are not a criminal. You are a rebel. We wrote that title only for those square friends of yours just to forward it to you, because we reckon you have no business surfing through our bookshop or library. We know they think you are just a criminal, but what do they know, right? Clearly, a person is more than a sum of his/her acts.

  Now, our guess is reading might not be your best suit,
so we'll keep it short and worth your while.

That's a promise.

Knock fists on it.

Just stumbled here? This is a 4 html-page web-book that is a part of a crime cure.
You might want to check it first to find out what is this story all about.


knock fists



way out


Where there is a way in, there is a way out, but it's not always the same door.

Way out


Our premise is you don't really want to sail under a pirate flag the rest of your life. You don't really want to fight tooth and nail till you drop, or live on the edge all the time. If you want a way out, this is where we burst on the scene, like a text machine. We put you in the saddle with a peek into the topnotch scoop, which reveals best alternative to sailing close to the wind in order to let the good times roll.

Gangsta's New Clothes 

There's no point in screaming: Emperor is naked. The mainstream would just roast us. What you do, you fire the old routine - hang it up and get yourself new clothes, like the emperor did. Make everyone know you've got the goods, even if you don't have them up front. We mean the metaphorical clothes here. Get yourself a new look, new outlook, and a new gun, quantum gun. We lay it all for you here and it's up for grabs. All you need to do is find them quantum bullets.

Let there be no mistake, we are here talking shooting straight, playing with a clean deck. This gun is a legit quantum gun, the latest science. There ain't nothing better. Candy shops in the hood, with their heavy metals and relic arsenal, are running out of gas, a thing of the past, and you are fetching a ride to the future. Don't miss the one thing that is never losing its momentum. It's sensational! Take a piece of the action, claim your fraction. Get aboard!





The one charm of the past is that it is the past.

– Oscar Wilde




You cannot be in a new place if you don't live the old one

Dear Rebel,

We've never met, but we know a couple of things about you:

1) No matter how down and out you are right now, you also have major goodies inside yourself that you're not taking full advantage of.

2) If someone told you about a revolutionary and easy way to bring in a pot of dough hand over fist, you'd want to know more about it.

You must have wondered how come some guys seem to get ahead of the game easily, while others are somehow doomed for a life of chronic struggle? Is the difference in their education, intelligence, skills, location, timing, contacts, horoscope, or plain luck?

Well, wonder no more. The right answer is: None of the above!

Read on and you'll find out what does the trick.

Our guess is you are a rebel, because you are not buying into the crap that so-called well-meaning society has been serving you with. They know zip about running this world, otherwise there wouldn't be so many wars, starvation and whole other jams that are filling the news.

Other reason might be that Lady Fortuna might have dealt you from the bottom of the deck by giving you a nasty card right at your birth, so you had to grow up with holes in your shoes, so to speak, endorsed with some half-baked schooling that gave you no real tools for making it in this world. Coming from a background that did you no favors, bet you moneybags have kept you in the dark about the real deal of pulling down some major bucks.

The school of hard knocks had its ways with you, but all the breeding you ever need is right in front of you and it's where it's at and where you're at. This is your last stop. From now on it's a joy ride. So, don't blow it. Don't run one way and look another. You are about to make the fate your best mate. No more double dealings on any side.


Now that we've got your bait, we'll level with you, lay it on the line. Let's face it, these are no good times for contra-players. There were times when we could get away with playing by our own rules, but those times are on the go. I don't know about you, but any visionary rebel is seeing what this world is coming to and how these days it's no picnic to turn a dime into a buck there out on the streets. It doesn't pay like it used to, and sure ain't worth the drama.

With all this advanced technology, surveillance cameras on every god damn corner like we are all on Big Brother now,  and high-tech tracing equipment, the latest anti-this and contra-that, they are onto us like never before. But the sad part is that we are their fairy godmothers, stuffing their big fat budgets with our handouts, our bail money, with our fines and penalties, with our own hard earned dough. We are handing them the chips to buy the latest technology to bust us. That's how they get us. It's hard to compete with them bustards. Getting punk'd, cruising for a bruising, running from a tiger, only to face a crocodile ain't the way to make it. Bottom line: sooner or later the sun will go down on you if you don't mend your ways.

Therefore, when you can't beat them, better join them. But only to beat them in their own game. We found the way to beat the system. It's a matter of being a good businessman, seeing what is on the rise, and simply backing the winning horse. What’s the use of preventing a man from stumbling when he's on a sinking ship, right? If you bitch and moan about the system, it will get you in the end. Everyone can criticize, but it takes genius to see the hidden potential. The trick is to play it cool for a while, so long as they are convinced you converted to their side. Then when they at least expect it, kick their asses out of the game. Let's face it, there is no way to turn this around playing the old way - plain aggressive. Nowadays the winner is the wiser. And that's us. Because we think with our hearts, not brain-washed heads. They can wipe their whatever with their fake diplomas and drag connections. Because this is how the things were in the past. What was in, now is out. Times change and so do we. It's a whole other world out there. Diplomas don't cut it anymore. What does is the right information. And the right information doesn't come from school textbooks. Read on to find where it's at.


Lucky Luciano was one of the major players in the underworld almost a century ago, known to modernize the Mafia as the czar of organized crime in New York City in his times. As with anyone, he had to pay his debts to society at the end of the day - he was caught red-handed, convicted and deported.

A reporter who tracked him down in the twilight of his life asked if he would do it all again.

"I'd do it legal. I learned too late that you need just as good a brain to make a crooked million as an honest million. These days you apply for a license to steal from the public. If I had my time again, I'd make sure I got that license first."


Intellect is the best servant, but the worst master




The advantage of the emotions is that
they lead us astray - Oscar Wilde


'Enter the Dragon' movie

Lee: Don't think! Feeeeeeeel. It is like a finger pointing away to the moon.

Rationality is most overrated Western virtue

In the unfolding of a new millennium tables turn. Over-glorified intellect loses battle with intuitive sensitivity. The new generations are pumping up the volume of the whisperings of the heart, breaking down to the beat of the heart. Those with a lot of rational power and academic backing have more difficulties to overcome complications than those who instead rely more on their intuition or soul power, because reasoning often gets them into too much questioning and hesitation, which leads to procrastination or even quitting.  

Have you noticed how the cleverest guys in school didn't quite make it in life, and how academic level doesn't guarantee happiness and prosperity? The ability to pass exams is not enough to confirm existence of something as hard to define as intelligence and is no longer assurance for a successful career, as we can witness it on the field. It turns out, right attitude is the passport to prosperity in life, the magic ingredient in the process of fulfilling one’s full potential. Right attitude translates into confidence. Confidence grows out of courage, not out of compliance. And that's where you are ahead, what gives you the edge. 

By being who you are, a rebel in every sense of the word - non-compliant, emotion-driven, risk-taking and fearless, willing to go to great lengths to find fortune - you qualify for a mover and shaker of a new era. Future is not what it used to be. The risky thing now is to play safe. On that note, safe thing now is to risk, to be at the fringes, to stand out from the rest, to be remarkable. Black sheep of the family is new shepherd. Dictates of logical thinking won't bring your average square shooter there. Lateral thinking is the thing of future. Sitting on a throne makes no difference in the world of today. Kings and queens don't do it for us anymore. We need red-blooded aces - all of ya who are not afraid to catch the tiger by the tail and let it go.

The chances for someone of your calibre to make it big in the legitimate business arena are so bad as for a body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger to marry one of the Kennedys, guaranty a blockbuster and become a governor. When he approached agents at the beginning of seventies, they all let him know that with a huge body, strong accent and a weird name he could forget the acting career. So, how is it that despite all the bad forecasts of the rational experts he made it anyway? He and numerous others with disadvantages.

The answer to what exactly is the substance which makes one winner is the theme of this guide, so by the end of it you should have a pretty good idea. Just to name a few: the strength of will, motivation, determination, ambition, tenacity, persistence, self-confidence - they all come from heart and serve as fuel. If heart is your strong suit then with a little direction provided here, you are on your way up.



Confucius said:
Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work
a day in your life.



The great thing about you, you are not like most nine-to-fivers, 'cause you've already figured it out that working for living is no way to financial freedom. Living paycheck to paycheck, trading time for money is never going to get you the lifestyle you want. Isn't that why you do the extra-curriculum activities, you know, the ones on 'the wrong side of tracks'? You know what, you are damn right! The lifestyle you deserve is only to be gained by an alternative. And we are here to figure out what's the best one for you. The one that will take you to the next level.

Talking about alternatives, our guess is you can't do the opposite, to have the money work for you, which would be an ideal situations for many. We are guessing you don't have the funds to invest in stocks, real-estate, wheel-estate or any of that kind of things. If that's right, then we've got great news for you. There is a best alternative of all coming up here. The one that guaranties you'll never have to work another day in your life. Go on, read on, your solution is just a page or two away.

The only people who lose are those who never try


Quantum Gun

Right information is your ammunition. It's no news, we live in an information era. Who has the latest scoop has the latest whoop. Read on to get the inside story on how to hit the spot. 

Here's the thing: we have now the coolest means to make it in this world. When it comes to weaponry, it used to be sticks and stones, bows and arrows, kung-fu moves, swords, words, firearms, even nuclear bombs. But now we have the advanced, sophisticated gizmos that need no hardware, but most of all we have the atomic powers inside ourselves, yet unleashed, which can put us in charge of our destiny.  

Read this carefully: Quantum physics made a revolutionary discovery of the higher power in each of us that has a major impact on circumstances in our lives. In plain words, this hottest discovery in the history of mankind has revealed that on the deepest level atom is not made of particles as we used to learn in schools, but of vibrating energy that appears to be solid, because of its rapid motion. So, what they are really saying is that nothing is as it seems, but most importantly that in observing something and projecting our expectations we actually influence or change that thing. Meaning, by watching a game, we can determine its outcome. It comes down to this: our thoughts and feelings have a direct influence on the physical world. In other words, with our own energetic thoughts - intentions fueled with passion - we could magnetize to us anything we want. The physicists and metaphysicists insist that it's our mind-set and heart set that determines the outcomes in our lives. So if we have them set right, we'll get the scores right. Now read this paragraph again.



Get the mind-set right to get the scores right


That brings us to the key point: when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Let's say it again: when you change the way you look at your health & wealth & relationships issues, they change automatically. So watch out how you look at them. 

The best part is that it is easy to do it, if you know how. There is a simple formula that reveals how to use our own thoughts and emotions to fire a certain vibe into our worlds and bring us back exactly what we want, whether is related to wealth, health or relationships. And the fun part is that it has all to do with having fun. Stick around to see how. 

The irony is, it's there for everyone, but most of the academics are too stuck on their intellects to see how non-scholarly fun turns into big bucks.

That's where we come in. We use exactly that as a weapon. Forget about guns - thing of the past. Too messy anyway. Artillery? Who needs it! We know better now. Arms are for amateurs. They give us rebels a bad name. These days are over for us pros. It used to be: pen is stronger than sword. Now it's: fun is stronger than gun!

With having fun and/or providing fun, you can persuade anyone to give you money. And it's all legit. So use fun as gun. That's right. Who needs firepower when there is wirepower. Get wired into the newest rockiest squad on the planet. Get the scoop and spread the word among the likes of us. We make connections, you make collections. All you have to do is be who you are and have fun doing what you love. We have a saying - if it ain't fun, skip it.





The best message in Godfather
comes from Clemenza:

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.


We all are different. What's fun for me, it ain't always for you. One man's fun, another man’s drag. I get no kicks out of playing hoops, but you might. Your thing might be rapping, not everyone's. Running a joint is not my gig, it might be yours. Who's got moves, got no grooves, perhaps. What's up your alley, ain't up mine. Some like it dot com, some not.

There is no white or black. It's all in the shades. Find your thing and you'll be the king! Guarantee. 

We bet you don't know what the hell we are talking about. It's because it's too simple to get it. No one ever taught you how you can play and make hay. Schools are designed to subordinate us into thinking the only way to make it is to fake it. Fake it that you like your crappy job, your ignorant clown-for-a-boss, your goofy workmates and the whole phony scheme of things. Because by leading you on, they control you, those bleep bleep architects of formal education. The best is to just unlearn all that.

Fun is your gun 

So, let's be clear on our fun politics. The only way, and we mean the onliest way to break it into the big league is to discover what you are really meant to do in this life.


Find your thing and you'll be the king!



If you have trouble knowing what to do, you're not alone. Welcome to the club. You will be glad to know, that more than 90% of people, just like you, have no idea what they are meant to do on this earth. That's why they are mostly doing what they are not meant to do - following money, instead of heart. And that's why they end up where they do - stuck, broke, frustrated, you name it.

If you have no idea of what you can do, it's because all you have been told is what you can't do. Forget all that, get the limiting beliefs to take a hike. It's about the time you take the wheel, soul over mind. Ask yourself, who is the captain of your ship. You or your slaved beliefs? Does your mind serve you or chain you. You repel money if you have repellent beliefs. Your life is full with evidences that support those beliefs. If your beliefs don't serve you right, get the new ones. Add new ideas to your thinking.

So, here is how to find out what you are meant to do here: that what makes the most fun to you.  No buts about it. We know it sounds out of the frame at first, but bare with us a bit longer and you'll know exactly what we mean. Remember, fun is your gun.

You, like anyone else, get these ideas from all sides what you should do with your life. You know it in your bones that they are wrong, but here and there you do them, just to…fill in the blank. We all have our excuses. They don't matter. What matters is our gut feeling, know what I mean. Call it all you want, but your gut tells you right from wrong. Just go with your gut. You don't have to live by other people's standards and rules, if you don't want to. If a shoe doesn't fit, then don't wear it. Just get another one that fits you right. What's right to do it's never too soon to do. Be all you can be. You know what they say: No guts, no glory! This is all other set of guts, but nevertheless. So we rap: No gut, no nut! Nut as in assets, as in goods, riches, that kind of thing.


So use fun as filter in the sense that anything that is far from fun, you are definitely  not meant to do. Whatever feels like the funnest thing in the world, that's your thing. You'd be surprised, not everyone's idea of fun is the same, so you shouldn't worry that you are up against whole bunch of others who do the fun thing you are about to do. The fun part is, everyone loves fun, wants to buy 'fun', so we can't possibly run out of fun things to do.  

Your task now is to find your thing. Ask yourself: what do you enjoy doing the most, what are you passionate about? What floats your boat, turns you on? How can you make a difference? How can you contribute to the world around you while having fun doing it? Where is your hot button? What pushes your buttons? What do you feel strongly about?

If you could have, do or be absolutely anything — regardless of money and talent, what would it be? 

The way to catapult yourself from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be is to take your flame inside out, let it shine from within. Whatever is inside you, it will show on the outside, surround you like a halo wherever you go. With a winner's aura, scoring is effortless. What's happening inside you is much more important than what's happening around you. To super-charge your performance you better take the inside job (what you think, feel and speak) at least as serious as the outside job (what you do).

Fun is your gun

hand gun


The greatest journey – from you to your potential,
from your mind to your heart to your soul



The single most important key to living your dreams is exploiting your personal power, your own gifts. The only thing between you and what you desire is your resistance, the brainchild of your beliefs. All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures. What's inside them will come out and form your reality. Bad thoughts can never produce good things. Nothing can come from corn but corn. 

birch tree

You can shake a birch-tree all you want, but there will be no nuts falling off it.

- Russian proverb

A long-run success comes from heart and mind, and not so much from outside resources, like investments, formal education, family connections, buddies in high places or anything like that. You can have all the money, knowledge and ties in the world, but you won't have much use of them if your heart, mind and soul are not in the right place. Funds, facts and feds are like anything else - AC/DC - swinging both ways. Like fire, knife or anything powerful, they can burn you or make you warm, cut you or serve you. There's no denying it, there’s two sides to every coin. The sure-fire is to rely on one's own inner resources.

Treasure heart

Where your soul is, there your dough is

It's a little-known fact that excellence ain't good enough. What really counts is the passion you bring to the table. We've got to dig it for good that taking something on with heart, not only with mind, is something that could lift us from being plastic to being fantastic. You've got to feel what you deal. All big hits come from passion. Knowledge is only the fuel, but it is the passion that turns on the engine and drives us towards our dreams. The only sure way to be successful is to do what we love and believe in it. That’s a sure bet. The wise men say: wherever our heart is, there will be our fortune. But the wisest beef it up to: Wherever your soul is, there would be your treasure.    Take your pick.



What drives us is our emotions. We make decisions every minute of our days based on what we feel, and sometimes, but only sometimes based on what we think. That's why it's important what lays in our hearts. The defining factor for our achievements is our heart, but the ultimate master is our soul. Once your soul is the master of your heart and mind you are booked for a victory on any type of battlefields in life. And how do you know your soul - through conscience and intuition.

Through your soul reach the goal 

The main reason why most people are not successful is because they use only 10% of their heart; they don't love what they do or they don't do what they love. Let’s be honest, we’re never really good at things we don't truly love, don't put our hearts into. We don't give full hundred percent, do we? On the other hand, when we make love to our job, it’s easier to overcome any obstacles, because love conquers all. We shine then and easier attract, convince and influence others. In fact, once we discover what we love to do, we never ‘work’ another day in our life. It goes without saying: life is too short to live any other way.  

If there is only one lesson out of all, let it be:

Take your passion and make it happen. 

All winners are driven by passion, all losers are driven by money. All top dogs are the kind of people who are not here for the compensation, they're here for the impact.

So, whatever you do, do it for love, not money. Money is just something that follows passion. Let money be the dog, not you.

Make your body, mind and heart
the best employees of your soul.

brain, heart, soul, body

Your body, intellect and emotions
should serve you, not rule you!




He said: all I know is that I know nothing.
But the truth is we know it all when we believe it.
Talidari dares to put Socrates on trial by claiming:
All I know is that I know nothing of all I really know.


When in doubt, tune in

If you haven't found your thing yet, keep looking. Don't settle. If you are not too sure about how to get to it, don't worry, there are free tools and formulas out in the market to aid you, like in the Talidari's art pharmacy. There poverty is treated like an epidemic or syndrome, often seen as a case of a heart disease, which can be successfully treated with non-synthetic multimedia e-medications. It's dynamite. It's futuristic. It's fun. And it's free if you can't or won't pay for it.

However, you actually don't need to shop for any help, because you've already got your answers, if you only open yourself to them. If you have a soul you have it all. Soul is all you need. It will give you all the rest.

Some high-brow guy named Socrates told the world ages ago: all I know is that I know nothing. But there is pivotal ending to it that we'd like to add: all I know is that I know nothing of all I know. In other words, I don't know that I know everything.

This is the secret, which the powers that be have kept under wraps for ages, but it's cracked and out now. We already know all we need to know, we just got to dig it out, recall it all. The rest is pest. They stuff us with all the mambo-jambo of data to dope us into submission, because they don't know any better. But you do now.


Some time in history the humans were robbed off their most valuable gift - the self-reliance. We have been deprived of the intimate relationship with our soul that has all the answers. We have been manipulated into thinking and feeling that we can't help ourselves, but need assistance of others to alleviate our suffering. From all sides we are exposed to the adverts of all kinds that urge us to buy solutions. So we got distracted and disconnected from the source of our power - our soul. But not all is lost.

If that channel between your questions and answers is a bit rusty, get it cleared up by tuning. What that means is to put yourself in the right frequency at which you open the channel to your Higher Power. The same way you tune in your blaster to hear the right song, or dial a number to hear from the one you want. Your vibes must be right on. If they are off key, so is your life. All ya need is to unscramble the crossed wires in your mind and you'll pick up stations you never heard before.

You can do the tuning in any cozy position you want, sit or crash, whatever. Feather your nest as you see it fit. The main thing is to link with your soul that has all the answers you need. All you need to do is to chill, open yourself to the coming answers and see it. See that what your thing is.

Most folks think they need to do something, not just sit there. Our motto is: Don't just do something, sit there. But sit there with an intention. And with a bit of patience. Tuning is all about finding your inner resources to making it into big league. If you want to make it there, it takes determination too. But before anything, it takes a decision. With tuning there is reverse physiology at work. You’ve got to hear with your eyes and see with your ears. You don't need eyes to see, or ears to hear. The most important things in life are invisible to eyes, as well as inaudible to ears. Who needs mind when we have our soul!

If that's science-fiction for you, forget the whole tuning thing and do it your way. Find a way to dig into your soul to get the insight into what makes the most fun in your life. It shouldn't be hard thing to do. Chances are, it's the first thing that comes to your mind, without any filtering from your intellect. You see, intellect is bound to trick you into considering what is, like, cool or popular or what is most profitable or what you can afford or what others would want you to do… The trick is to trick it before it tricks you.


Don't just do something, sit there!


lawrence of arabia

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Colonel Brighton: Look, sir, we can't just do nothing.
General Allenby: Why not? It's usually best.


Quantum bullets are your talents and skills



"Everyone thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed." - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Everyone thinks that the principal aspect of a person is his or her achievements, but in fact the principal aspect of a person is his/her talents and skills.

As with gun it is the bullets that make it happen



The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at
doing what they most enjoy. -
Malcolm S. Forbes  (1919-1990)


Fun is stonger than gun

Quantum bullets

If you are still not sure what it is that makes the most fun to you, think back to the times when you were a kid, when you were still not manipulated into wanting what most of others did. Most of us wanted to be astronauts or models or actors or athletes at some point. But that's because we watched too much television.

Now, what did you play at the time that made you so focused that you forgot the time and place? Maybe you loved drawing, maybe reading comics, maybe writing lyrics…that should lead you toward your final position. Just that you know, we all liked those things mentioned, but the question is to what degree. We liked fooling with crayons, but not to the point of doing it for a living. We liked the comics, but not to create them, but to read them. Find that what you wouldn't mind doing all day long every day of the week when nothing mattered, when money was no issue or other people's opinions.

Still not there? Let's look at it now this way. Maybe a certain occupation doesn't speak to you. How about a certain talent or skill. If truth be told, you should be doing what you're gifted at, not what you're skilled at. Focus on your gifts! What are you really good at? There must be something more than other things. You bet you are whiz at something. Recognize it and capitalize on it.

You might think this or that, it can't be turned into profit, it would be too good to be true, So-and-So wouldn't let you do it, or something like that, but you'd be 100% wrong. Everything can be turned into cash. Don't let anyone intimidate you into telling otherwise. Little people like to do that, put down the people with grand ideas. Take a good look at them. Just seeing how they live is a proof enough they know doggy doo. Don't you ever follow advise from the people who live in a gutter or society's footnotes. Because you'll end up there too. If their wisdom didn't work for them, how on Earth would it work for you?!

Back to your inner assets, you can categorize them any way you want as to reach the best one. You can start searching with asking yourself whether you have better skills with people, things or computer. Then you go further. If your answer is with people, then ask yourself what people, young or old, female or male, groups or individuals, that type of digging. Are you better with your hands or with your legs, or with your head or whatever?

Sometimes search for own strengths takes you in a unknown territory. That's fine. Don't bound yourself with focusing on type of talents that are well-known, such as playing piano or basketball or writing or leadership. You can find out that you are brilliant at organizing or communication or teaching kids or selling. They are all equally important.

Many people make mistake with going for convenience, compromising their inner longings. They take a job that pays better to start with, although the job that feels better but pays less to start with would in the long run bring more cool and kitty. Sometimes convenience means taking on the job passed down from our parents or friends. If that's not your thing, you'll never get a bang out of it, either emotionally or financially. Don't make that trip. Don't go for convenience and compromise, they are tricky sons of a bee. Sting you when you're not looking. Do not sleaze yourself by selling your soul to the highest bidder. In the long run it always comes to a bad end, anyway you look at it. Decide, you wonna be a streetwalker or skywalker.

Remember? If it ain't fun, skip it. Fun is your gun. Use fun to get money and respect from others.

This is your ticket to the moon. Your way out. It takes a bit of guts, actually a whole lot of guts to rise above the circumstances, to say no to the usual, to the habitual, to the convenient. But once you do, you are home free.


calling the shots

By now, you must have figured it out at last what gig you should be performing for the rest of your life. Not much point in reading on, if you didn't get that far. Make sure you got that covered. We can't teach you to shoot before you get the gun and the bullets.

Ideas, just like flowers, need the right environment to grow. Before getting your new show on the road you better take the time for cleanin’ out your closet. If your mental cabinets are like Fibber McGee's closet, it's time to shipshape to let the good times roll. Even kids know that it all comes from up here. So that's where we start. As with any cleaning and defragmentation, there is much you got to let go and other things you got to put in their right place.

Now, there is many ways to make it in this world but they come down to these two: either you take orders or give orders. If you settle for the choice involving less responsibility, by the nature's law of reciprocity you get less freedom, less security, less money and less satisfaction. To hit the spot you need to call all the shots, not some boss, you. So, what's it gonna be?

If you are ready to strike out on your own on the biz scene, we've got you covered here. We'll set you on a shoestring operation, with no need to dig in deep. There's not much to it, 'cause you'll be going down the beaten path, the one that has been walked by millions of other top dogs throughout history.
To take the wheel for real you need to first jump out the Slim Shady frame of mind and pull the plug on all your bootleg operations, burn the bridges to your old contraband routine and take the bull by the horns. Part of taking charge is taking responsibility for the outcomes.


Kierkegaard: the highest good for the individual is to find his or her own unique vocation


Eminem - Cleaning Out My Closet:
...I got some skeletons in my closet and
I dont know if no one knows it
So before they throw me inside my coffin and close it I'ma expose it...





Our desires are prophecies of our capabilities



Our heart's desires are predictions of what we are capable of achieving.

To win all the way, you need to take chances and
take charge. Here is how:
Taking the Path Of The Victor:

- Step 1 -

Number one is to discover what you love doing. Follow your heart's desire. Turn your passion into a lifetime stream of cash flow. Your  life's experience has a market value. You've been around the block, right? Seen what's missing. Everyone knows something better than most others. What you love, you know great deal about it. Use it. Look at the world and notice a need that matches your passion, then find a new way to market it. Find your best fit. Build your livelihood to suit what you love, then it will provide you with a lovely hood in a lively hood.

- Step 2 -

But loving what you do ain't enough. You also need to have the talents and skills to do it, or at least dedicate yourself to getting them, or better - discovering them. That's the easiest thing in the world. When you love something, it's the most natural thing in the world to get good at it. If you have no fun doing it, it should tell you you're on the wrong track. Use your expertise, your inner gifts, to create a new product/service or promote old stuff in a new, unique way.  An original idea is the only real currency left. To be on your game, you need an ace up your sleeve - a special talent or idea is an important card to play when playing to win. Losers play not to lose, while winners play to win.



Van Damme introduced the notion of self-awareness as a key of success



- Step 3 -

Become a money magnet - create wealth constantly in your mind and heart, then it'll manifest in your hands. Stay on top of trends by applying the latest science - quantum mechanics - which uncovered that our thoughts and feelings determine the outcome of any event in our lives. Each of us, then, have the power to influence the circumstances in our lives with our inner projections - replace the thoughts of poverty with the thoughts of affluence. It's called wealth consciousness and it's a hallmark of any man of means living on Easy Street. As simplistic as it may sound, to be a wealthy person one must simply have a wealthy person's attitude. To strike gold one must have twenty-four carat attitude.

So, how do you win in the game of life - by winning it first in your head. All victories start there, but if heart doesn't tag along, you can forget it. You need to see it in your mind before you can see it outside your mind. You need to make it work in your head and your heart, before you can make it work out there. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. That's a promise handed to you by millions of heavy hitters that have done it so. The same guys that turned a misfortune into a great fortune, just as you are about to do.
Still to come: the new wrinkle how to knack your mental software.

If you see no opportunity, you have no opportunity - what you see is what you get

All things considered this is how you hit the spot: when you change your idea of yourself, you will be able to do the undoable, just like Neo did in the film 'Matrix'.







Neo: What are you trying
to tell me? That I can
dodge bullets?
Morpheus: No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that
when you're ready, you won't have to.




Rocky Balboa: Nothing is real if you don't believe in who you are!


Do not be sad because the rose shrub has a prickly stem, but rejoice for it has a fragrant flower



To attract fortune rather than work for it, you need to know
the qualities that increase your magnetic field:

  • Belief in what you do and belief in yourself. Believe with certainty. Get a faith-lift (link is coming soon). It gives you confidence and poise to achieve even the unachievable. It is the power-booster, the eminence behind every page-oner. To boot, the leap of faith in a higher power, such as God or spirits, helps greatly when we feel short of own powers and need to resort to extra help. Take the pledge to cut the edge.

  • Enthusiasm and passion are central players.

  • Imagination is the visa to a dream destination. The whole idea is to invent and design one’s own future, instead of just awaiting it to unfold while leaving it up to chance.

  • Attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for every little thing in our lives keeps our attention on the good side and by the law of attraction it brings more of the good things to us. As an appreciator, think of that which is of value, rather that which is not. Most people think more often about the things they don't have, and rarely about the things they have, that's why they don't have more than they have. Count your blessings, not misfortunes, and they will multiply.

  • Focus is a key player. A heavyweight. It's imperative to focus on the good things and on the big picture. The difference between winners and losers is that the first focus on achieving success and others on avoiding failure.

  • Next, self-discipline. You need to push yourself sometimes. Push away all the fears, self-doubt, criticism, excuses, whatever comes in between you and your new you. That includes pushing your limits, pushing yourself to overcome the obstacles. Challenge all the unwanted parts of the deal. Not all will be peachy. You might get blown with the red tape that comes with it, or the pressure, or rejections, but push yourself to overcome the blues.
    • Persistence is the quality you need the most in times like these. Who persists, wins. Here is a story (link is coming soon) to boot - it reveals three magic words that open the pearly gates. There is always one more mile you can do. Some say it takes time to get your groove on. We say it doesn't really take time, it takes you. It takes Persistence and Patience, and whole other bunch of aspects of You. You can ensure that the length of time between the appearance of a desire and its satisfaction is kept to a minimum.
    • Modesty, as opposed to arrogance, pride and vanity that take you onto the slippery road
    • Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity - nothing sells like charm, enthusiasm and sincerity, therefore sell those qualities rather than products or service. Honesty is the best policy. Because often people can see you through.

  • Creativity - be open to new ideas from all sides. You are a danger to yourself and the world if you don't use your creativity.

  • Generosity - it's not without why the richest men in the world are the most generous. They are not generous because they are rich, as you might think, but they are rich because they are generous.

  • Detachment is the best protection, as necessary as condom pack in your car's glove department. If pleasure is what you are after, protect yourself from any possible bondages. Detach yourself emotionally from own prejudices, crippling beliefs, bad habits, but also from anything in outer world that holds you down or binds you or makes you dependant or has a hook on you. A car that owns you is worse than no car at all. As long as you are desperate to gain something or other, you are not free and not there were you belong.

Where there is a faith, there is a will, and where there is a will, there is way.

Belief is not enough. Only certainty will do. Anything less than certainty is unworthy of You.

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge





You can shake an apple tree in winter all you want, but there will be no apples falling off it. Come in summer and they'll fall into your lap without any effort on your part. There is a right season for everything.


- Step 4 -

So now that you zoomed in on your number one desire and your inner goods made it to the spotlight, next move is to make the decision to do something about it, to take you to the next level. It's one thing to work out what’s right for us and completely another to have the guts to do something about it. The process of how to get it right in life involves decisions all the way. Every part of the way you need to take the plunge and make the best decision for you.

Here is a tool for decision-making all spelled out in the Crime Cure at Taliadri's Art Pharmacy.

So once you know your thing, you make a decision to do it. Then what?

- Step 5 -

Then you play up your intention, what do you intend to achieve by it. Apart from all the cool things you are hoping to gain from it, you need to pair it off it with that what others get out of it. Find a greater purpose to what you are doing. A true mission that has more to do with others than yourself. By definition, mission is about doing the world some good. The only way to help yourself is through helping others. Stop working and start contributing. Your greatest rewards will come from contribution. Serve others something of value and they'll fill your pockets. If you want to bring home more, you need to increase your worth, your value to others.

So you have a product or service, what are your intentions?
Whatever you are going to be selling, you need to know that people are buying for emotional reasons, not so much the logical. Man is many things, but he is not rational. So your intention should be to satisfy a certain emotional void of your clientele by doing what you love to do. The highlight here is to match two things: that what you love to do and what others love to get. Find a niche whose needs or desire you can cater with your talents and bring it on. Click in on the fact that we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.





Pirates of The Caribbean:

Jack Sparrow:
Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.







To become rich it takes other than hard work, otherwise donkey should be richer than miller - German proverb

- Step 6 -

Where do you go from there? First we took care of keeping you from doing the wrong thing, now let's make sure you don't do the right thing the wrong way. Cause doing the right thing the wrong way or the wrong thing the right way is a cash repellent all the same. So, the next move is to design a perfect game plan. To chart a new course of your life. Draw out all the steps you assume you need to make in order to hit the mark. But do it with listening to your heart, not mind. The plan is more of a something to be revealed to you than something you come up with thinking. Don't rack your brain, let it come to you, ease in.

As long as you love your thing, your new gig, you shouldn't have problems scheming out the ways of doing it. Play with it. Sketch out your treasure map that would lead you from point A to point B all the way to the point where there is no more points. From one goal-point to the other might sometimes take three steps sometimes ten, who cares, draw it all as you imagine.

- Step 7 -

From realizing what your thing is and deciding to act on it, then defining your intention and scheming the whole process, it's time to set up a system that would take care of all the parts of your business' processes. Just like the plan, system is also something that is revealed to you. There is no need to know all the mechanics of building it, 'cause it will come to you naturally as long as you allow it. Your system should be clear on one key point: you start a business not to have a job, but to have a business. To make it big, you don't want to be an employee or even a self-employee, you want to be a business owner.

What that means you need a business where you don't work, a business where you put your time into only activities you love to do, activities that don't feel like working at all. The system you put up should have that as bottom line. All the things that need to be done to get you to your goal, have to be run through the system that you build.

Be clear on what your goals are, what your target market is, and what you can do to make sure things get done - by you and your team. Whatever you do, make sure you don't do it all alone. Exhaustion will cost you more than outsourcing. Do what you do best and outsource the rest - this pearl right here is priceless, it will save your marriage, your health, your life really.

Learning to use your quantum gun can't be any easier. It takes putting time into it, but no work, because you'll be doing the thing you love to do. Effort is far overrated. If there are aspects of your new business that you don't like or that take effort, you simply delegate it to someone else for a pay. Let others take whatever feels like work off your hands.

Just a word on effort being overrated. Even without the effort, if we just tune in and blend with the nature, everything will fall into place naturally. Now, who can argue with that? Go with the flow. Go with the gut. We always get impulses that blow us in the right direction, but we mostly resist them, because they often require a change. To resist is effort. Having dreams, however silly or impossible, makes us willing to ride the winds of change and make a difference without any effort. We do it with pleasure, not effort.





Never ever allow all these people in hierarchy to be you, you, you... Let others take work off your hands.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.


Come to think of it, have you ever had a feeling that as much as you are seeking your treasure, the treasure itself is seeking you too? Or even better, that you are really the treasure?


If any part of your system is not delivering right, it's only because the system was not right, so you need to fix the system, not the delivery man.
Let's say someone in your outsourcing team didn't meet your demands. Whose fault is that? Not that person, but the system that picked that person or trained that person or rewarding system (minimum wage gets minimum results). If all of the variables of the system have been up to the mark, it would not cause the failure. Maybe you didn't hire the right person for your business needs. That doesn't mean that this person is not right, it's not right for you, and if you selected him or her, that means that system of hiring personnel is not the best one. You need to improve it, say alter the ways of interviewing them, or proving referrals, or testing their abilities on smaller scale before appointing them with more significant ones.

In order to never work for living or live for working, your system needs to take care of that. All the players in the major league didn't get there by chance. They use a system which gets the maximum results with minimum effort. The idea is that you do your thing once and continue to receive income whether you work or not. Like great musicians do, or actors, or writers, inventors, and whole other lines of businesses. We just don't have enough hours in a day to spare for profit-making activities. The only way to make fortune is to have your ships roll in even when you sleep.

It's done by creating an automated income generator, a passive income. You set it all up once and get paid over and over again forever and ever. It's also called leverage - this is your new power word. Use leverage to never trade time for money ever again. Increase leverage by recognizing the activities that generate more income than what it cost you to get it done. The system is something that grows, so be prepared to feed it with new stuff. Upgrade it as you go along.

More on how to set up leverage or passive income will be revealed at the end. There are plenty of the powerbrokers to make you a king of the hill, but only a few to make you an ace. Stick with us, we'll get you to knock fists with the top of the line acemakers.


Recap of the Path of the Victor :
The Buddhists have their Noble Eightfold Path to the suppression of suffering.
It consists of right thoughts, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right-mindedness, and right contemplation.
We leave the effort out of the equation and focus on dealing with the opposite of suffering.
We have our Noble Sevenfold Path to expression of well-being, a.k.a.
The Path Of The Victor:

  1. Zoom on your dream playfield, your number one desire, and make it your livelihood
  2. Mind your talents and skills - be aware that your mind, heart and soul are your true assets
  3. Become a money magnet - think the right thoughts to broadcast the right vibes that magnetize all things right to you
  4. Make decision to act on your prime desire, to take you to the next level
  5. Mention your intention
  6. Contemplate a game plan
  7. Action - set up a winning system to work for you





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