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Each e-medicine in our art pharmacy is a multi-media kit that is free of charge

The Crime Cure 'Jump' is not only a solution to crime, but also a solution to poverty, providing virtual medication for claiming our birth-right wealth




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Enriching power of arts


Art in general has had many roles in the lives of both modern men and the people in the past. One of them is to help us prosper. It made many people rich, not so much the artists, how much it has done for the venture capitalists. To invest in arts has been a lucrative business at all times.

Apart from being an investment means, art has also inspired the art appreciators to broaden their horizons and gain money-making ideas.


Talidari's Art Pharmacy is here to help you prosper in three ways:


- presenting luxury art-pieces open for investments - they are showcased in art gallery and show-rooms, as well as in many other art projects, such as production of a musical (link coming soon), publishing books and much more. It is the art of promoting the value of the art-creator that has a major impact on how much any one can earn, since history has proven that craftiness of a promoter is much more valuable than the craftsmanship of an artist.


- offering free products that are tested in the scientific labs and crafted in artistic labs - the multimedia remedies and vitamins to relive you from poverty and boost your financial quotient up with inspirational stories, ideas and images.


- providing a charity channel to let your generosity flow. We all know that planting good seeds in good grounds brings manifold harvest.



With the latest scientific discoveries that prove the superiority of mind over matter, Talidari's Art Pharmacy is dedicated to offering you the best solutions based on the innate powers of mind and heart by means of multimedia arts. These solutions are the best of its kind because they are a fusion of the latest science, ancient power secrets and modern arts.


Talidari's Art Pharmacy offers you an innovative way of achieving wealth by providing you with the most natural and fun solutions designed to stimulate your own powers of healing and receiving.



Quantum healing

There is a basic knowledge underlying all the remedies in Talidari's Art Pharmacy. Prior to using any of our multimedia medications, we suggest to read this article, so that their impact could benefit you to the fullest.



The latest findings

This site is still in the making.

As the good news about the latest discoveries and solutions in the field of wealth care are coming up, we will keep you informed.

Stay tuned.

Remedy of the year - Crime cure

crime cure


Beyond the competition

The surest way to become wealthy is to be remarkable, to be original in bringing value to others.

Don’t play the game everyone else is playing, dare to be different -
do not compete
. Instead… create, innovate! Creation, not competition, is the secret to winning in everything you do every time!




Ready to use

Any our words are a feeble attempt to capture the beauty of a human being's true story.

Here we will update you on the stories of real people using multimedia remedies from Talidari's art pharmacy.

Also inspirational stories of all Secret's quantum receiving.
















  • because you don't have the right information on what it takes to make it.
  • because your subconscious negative doubts and fears are sabotaging you!

because you have the means to transform your mind-set - achieve positive and good feelings and beliefs that naturally attract wealth!



Bookmark this page and come back every morning and night to

re-program yourself for becoming wealthy by watching this:



It's no secret anymore, the pearl gates of wealthy men's resources is open for all those open to believe them. Before you can get any further on your road to riches, you need to build some trust, have some courage to believe in what is presented to you. Even if it costs you being burnt a few times along the way. It's better to try and lose than not try at all, right? Before we want the pearly gates to open, we need to open first. Open to the possibilities, open to learn, open even to making mistakes.


There are countless millionaires out there selling their stories from rugs to riches, offering practical tools, keys, or guidelines that can transform anyone into a person of means. But the master key for those pearly gates is faith. Nothing will change if you don't believe it - if you don't believe it that this particular person can help you, if you don't believe it that you too can do it. It all starts there with the trust issue.


Compare the folks that make a bundle and those they don't, you'll see the first ones are always willing to take risks, try new things and investing in information that can take them to the next level. Those living below their means, on the other hand, are too careful, too tight, too much of anything that prevents them to make a next step into unknown.


Talidari's Art Pharmacy is here to help you make that step to the next level. We are not going to charge you anything any time, because our mission is to make the world a better place, and then maybe the same world will give us something back so that we could be better in what we do.


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amazing money-making secret of a 28-year-old convicted felon who made over $100 million dollars in 23 months, all legit
felon turns millionaire




By now you must have heard enough 'from rugs to riches' stories in your life to know that anyone can make it in this world, including you. Stories from high-school drop-outs, from homeless, from inprisoned and all kinds of disadvantagement there are in this world. If they could make it, sure enough you too can make it. And if you think you somehow don't deserve it, then deserve it - make a leap, do something special to have the right to claim your birth-right to good life. The riches don't or won't come to you, instead you yourself need to make it happen - make the right moves, make the right decisions and right investments (financial, time, energy, mental, emotional, spiritual). The problem for most of us is that we don't really know what's right for us or not, even though we think we do. One thing is sure, you need to do something different than what you have been doing so far, and something different from all those unfortunate around you. The safest bet is to take it from those that have been there where you are, and are now there where you want to be - living on the Easy street.
Here are some that can transform your life, only if you let them.




Inspirational true stories - from rugs to riches:


Stories from the Secret movie users on Wealth


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