Transition Formula

Introduced by prophets
Reinvented by philosophers
Used by medicine men
Proved by scientists
Crafted by artists
Packaged by entrepreneurs

Talidari's transition formula derives from quantum physics and thrives on the E = mc2 conversions

Talidari's transition formula embraces famous Einstein’s equation expressing the interaction and equivalence of energy and matter.

It provides the know-how for converting matter into energy and energy into matter in order to alter anything in life that stands in the way of well-being. With the kinetic energy of right mind-set, we convert unfavorable conditioning into favorable.

On the most basic level, the equation says that matter and energy are equivalent to some degree and interchangeable, that matter's mass while moving or vibrating at speed of light is just another form of energy. Under the right conditions, energy can become matter, and vice versa.

In connection with Einstein's familiar formula, E=mc2, we have been taught that matter and energy are equivalent, that we can convert energy into matter, and that the energy in a piece of matter is equal to the mass of the matter times the speed of light squared.

Talidari's multimedia home remedies are concocted according to the transition formula, which is a concise way of expressing an innovative procedure of transformation by stating constituent elements and their relations. It refers to a "sure-fire" method of transformation using various arts.

Here is a formula for transition from disorder to order, from poverty to wealth, from illness to health - from all things unpleasant to pleasant ones.

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Desired Outcome = (C + S + P)  x (B + M + H)  x (L + M + V)



Talidari's triple action transition formula works on:

  1. three levels of human being: physical, emotional and mental.
  2. three aspects of disorder: the cause, the symptoms and prevention
  3. with three forms of art solutions: written, audio and visual arts


Trinity of body, mind and spirit
           of art, science and religion
           of literature, music and pictures
           of health, wealth and relationships


The Triple Action Formula

draws its power from 

    • the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures,
    • the discoveries of modern science, and
    • the visions of multi-media artist


    •  body
    • mind
    • heart

areas of impact:         

    • health
    • wealth
    • relationships

includes multimedia compounds: 

    • literature
    • music
    • pictures


The Transition formula is
  • a rule: a standard for solving problems
  • a recipe: directions for converting certain elements into a synthesized solution
  • a statement expressing some fundamental principle
  • a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

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Voice of Albert Einstein, explaining his formula

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