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Welcome to Talidari's issue of Artness e-Zine [art for wellness], where you get multimedia arts solutions and ideas for pleasure, wellness and wellbeing.

The theme of this issue is Wealth. We present the creative ideas on how multimedia arts can help you be wealthy, as well as have wealth.

Feel free to explore how arts can help you enrich your life by visiting the Wealth counter in our unique Art Pharmacy. Also, check out our selection of wealth eBooks, they are free of charge, compliments of Talidari.

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  • complimentary documentary film of the month - "Zeitgeist: Addendum", by Peter Joseph.
  • selection of wealth-creation videos and fashion videos
  • photos of vision boards to make you rich
  • meaningful pictures and graphics supporting the texts



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Since this website's mission is to promote art therapy activities and art for wellness, this e-zine's issue follows the tradition of offering artistic solutions for your wellbeing. What follows is a multi-media aid kit for boosting your wellbeing with wealth.

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Art of Getting Rich




We do not get rich because we have resources, we get rich because we are the resources.
Have you earned to be wealthy today? What have you done today to make you richer tomorrow?
Think big, think positive and smile more. Smiles and laughs are the means to achieve, attract, well in anything.
Great Ralph Waldo Emerson said that if you want to rule the world, you must keep it amused. We say, if you want to enrich the world, you must keep it amused. This is where arts come in, whichever the form - visual, audio, performing, literature. Arts are known to inspire and make profits for the art lovers, as well as make us smile, that is why we encourage you to use arts in your efforts to do well. Here is a multimedia aid kit designed to convert your rugs into riches, and keep it so for years to come.

Laugh and Get Rich by Darren LaCroix
how laughter is your best asset in getting best results

Art of Getting Rich












The Truth About You

If you are not healthy, happy and prosperous, it means there is something wrong with you.
Not with the world. With you.
Sorry to break it to you like this, but you'll see it for all it's worth if you bare with us till the end. And if you read this article with an open mind, you will find out what's really wrong with you, use the given tools to fix it, and make yourself wealthy at last. In this instance, by wealthy we mean it financially.

When we get right down to it, prosperity has almost nothing to do with a business idea or an opportunity or luck. It's really all about what's going on in your head. What are you thinking about the most? What are you focusing on? Are your thoughts inspiring or sabotaging your ability to take action?
Those thoughts and beliefs (mind-set) charge your emotions, and together they inspire corresponding action. Depending on their attribute, the end result is either fortune or misfortune.

The Game We Play

How you see yourself is most likely not how others see you, and certainly not how you really are.
The truth about you will be revealed to you as you take the courage to look yourself in the eye, from all angles.

There are games we all play in our lives in order to get ahead, get rich, to get attention, or love, appreciation, respect, sympathy, to control others, manipulate, score points with others...and these games might not be really getting you what you consciously or unconsciously have wanted.

Some of us play a victim, some of us are the victimizers/intimidators, others are aloof types, when some others play it like an interrogator or drama queen (with the specific purpose of finding something wrong).

We play these games because our families have made us play, one way or another, and because we think it will bring us something. There is a nice novel that in a storytelling way makes you see all those control dramas played out for a reason. It's called "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield, and the particular issue is covered in the chapter about the Fourth Insight. It's one of the top literature pieces for art therapy reasons, for it changed millions of lives around the world through the means of fine literature. Read here about the roles and dramas.

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 Victim Mentality

  Most victim-players don't see themselves playing the role of a victim. Chances are, neither do you.

“If you play up your material hardship
to gain advances of any kind,
your lack mentality will keep you
in the lack modality” 


Most people try to achieve things by playing on their weaknesses, instead of playing on their strengths.
In order to get something out of somebody, they make themselves look weak or unfortunate. So, there are some who play up their lack of money or health or luck to raise sympathy in others as to get an advance of some kind. Many of us use their illness (and therefore never recover) to get more attention, a leave from work, excuse for not performing hundred percent... Many others play up their material shortage for whichever reasons, and such lack mentality keeps them in the lack modality.

You might have unfavourable circumstances in your life, all of which you use as excuses for not doing well in this world. The matter of fact is, unfavourable circumstances are exactly the kind of circumstances that most of the richest, and healthiest, and most beloved people in the world had in common with you before they made it. If you read any of the biographies of famous rich people, you could surely see a common trait - they all had to earn their riches through overcoming major challenges. So if you think your excuses for not being healthy, happy and prosperous are worth anything then you better think again.

paint splatterIf you are like most people, you find yourself a victim of some unfavourable circumstances every so often, don't you? There are many situations in life of which we feel we have no control over, or no responsibility. This can be true, but what is more relevant is that we have control and responsibility over how we react and overcome those challenges. Most people find comfort in using such difficulties as excuse of not being or doing well, but those who don't are those who do well.

Here is the thing, most challenges or unfavourable circumstances we brought it onto ourselves, without even knowing. We attract challenges to ourselves, because we either love challenges, or because we are used to them from an early age, so we need them to feel normal.

So the real question is: why do you have a need to create the circumstances that present challenges?
Why do you need challenges? Why do you need to overcome challenges to feel important or worthy?
Give that some real thought. Because the answer to that set of questions, has the power to turn your life around in the snap of your fingers.

Here are some answers or people who did this exercise, and as a result got their revelation on what's wrong with them, what's preventing them to be wealthy:

I constantly welcome or create challenges in my life because...

  • to give impression I was clever and skilled whenever I got through them
  • found it romantic to be the little guy fighting the forces of evil
  • relished in the camaraderie of sharing all my victim experiences with my victim friends
  • I complicate things whenever it seems too easy, thinking I might not see the traps, so I look for them, imagine them even if they are not there
  • lack of self-worth from how I was brought up
  • I have a fighter gene, passed down from my parents who had to fight all their lives
  • seeking challenges, creating some kind of chaos, and then making it right is who I am, it is something I am good at handling, and the admiration from others makes me feel soooo good
  • helping the losing team or someone in trouble or less fortunate makes me feel good about myself
  • I gloried in choosing what I perceived to be the harder path as though I seemed ennobled by suffering. It really brought me nothing but lots of angst and little else to show for it - maybe except for so-called battle scars I can regale the petty tyrants in my life with. It's as though this gave me an excuse to be mediocre because, really, I was building character  and testing my own sense of self-worth with every big problem I had managed to manifest in my life.
  • it's reassuring to know I am building a character through challenges
  • it makes the ultimate victory sweeter
  • it allows me to get sympathy from others
  • then I have an excuse for failure, don't have to feel responsible for not succeeding
  • I had manifested a bad back, serious allergy problems, and other health challenges because that's how I got attention and affection

These are all good ...excuses. But this is all they really are - excuses.
And what are the excuses good for? Never mind the answer. Do mind, though, what they are bad for. They are bad for moving forward, for getting across the line that separates those who get it right and those who get it wrong, which eventually reflects in the size of our valets, hearts and hospital bills.

penBe good to yourself and take your time NOW to list your answers to why you keep attracting or creating challenges or difficulties in your life. If you don't do this step, if you keep pulling out excuses, there is no way for you to deal with your issues, and thus no way for you to get rich.

Once you bring to your attention all the 'noble' reasons for making it harder for yourself to move forward, then, and only then you can decide and stop playing that game or that role. Once the light-bulb is on, and you see it for what it is, each particular belief, each excuse, each little dragon, then you can easier deal with it, you can easier quit doing it. Before you and anyone can make another step on a journey to riches, first you need to get rid of all the burdens and resistance. Then you can travel light and reach your destination quicker and easier.

Creating or attracting difficult challenges is simply another way to holding on to being a victim. But it is also validation for a life of mediocrity.

There is absolutely nothing good or spiritual with being poor. Poverty causes disease, disharmony, and death. It causes people to lie, cheat and steal.
There are many accomplished people who go as far as saying that it's a sin to be poor. Because according to karma or the law of correspondence, or the principles of reciprocity or causality - what we sow is what we reap. In other words, we are to blame for our own misfortunes, no one else, nothing else. No God could wish upon their beloved 'children' to suffer for some higher purpose, just as any good father wouldn't. There are lessons to be learned, but let's not confuse learning it and earning it. rusalka

It's not so much the sin to get poor, as much it is to stay poor. With all the available advanced technologies and free know-how resources it's absolutely ridiculous to claim disadvantages as excuses for not fulfilling our god-given potential. And with all the true rugs-to-riches stories of even less fortunate ones making it to the top, it makes no sense to stick to our own justifications for not making it. If a penniless and untalented guy from an African bairro could build himself a palace the honest way, anyone can. If a single mother with debts up to her neck could turn corners and become a self-made millionaires, anyone can. Anyone who has a will, because where there is a will there is a way, remember?

So, it's time to stop hiding behind the excuses, stop playing games, stop suffering for no reason - it's time for you to discover the truth about yourself. The truth that will set you free to be all you are and have it all.
Face it, if all of your excuses and beliefs and games and challenges have done you any good, you wouldn't be where you are now - still looking for solutions, still not quite there.

Here's the really good news. If you could create challenges, difficulties, strains, and suffering as evidenced by your past, what's to stop you from creating success and happiness in your life right now?
And the answer is:

Getting Over the Need to be a Victim

The question is: what do you have to do, to release the victim mentality forever?
It is too comforting to let go. It takes pressure off to perform. It gives a ready-made excuse.

"I've got a bad back. I am ill. That's why I can't do it."

"I don't have the connections. That's why I can't make it."

"I don't have the money to make money"

However, the victim mentality is preventing you to be all that you can be, and preventing you to have all that you should have.

In all fairness, it all comes down to decision making, to choosing the right path. What separates the poor and the rich are their decisions. We all meet possibilities throughout our lives, but some of us choose to embrace them, and some of us choose to find excuse.

The truth about you is, you are not embracing your possibilities. You are holding back whenever they present themselves, because there is something in your own mind that can't allow it. You have to figure it out yourself what resistance is keeping you chained. We give you some clues: fear, beliefs, prejudices, need for drama in life...

You might even not see all the possibilities you have had, all the potential, because your views have been distorted. We all have our views, our beliefs, attitudes, outlooks, our ways. Of course we do. But do they do us any good. Some they do, some they don't. The whole game is discovering the bad ones and ditching them for the good ones. But are we ready to renounce them. Of course not. They have been around for too long.

The thing is, the brave ones among us, and the desperate ones, as well as well the motivated ones can do it, can face their inner demons and tell them off. Not all of us are equipped with the weapons of courage, understanding, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, detachment, self-discipline. But are you?

The truth about you is, you are equipped with all those beautiful godly strengths; you just need to see it, shake the dust off all the buried inner weapons and use them at last.

The truth about you is, you are not here just to fill the space, neither are you ‘just a pack of interactive cells’ nor a background character in someone else's movie. Despite what roles others want you to play, or roles you choose to play, you are no less than a star in the story of your life. Don't settle for any other role, because the truth about you is, you are made of stars, and you are a star. All the elements of a star shining in the skies are in you, all the chemistry, the light and sounds, they are all ingrained in your being, so don't waste it, taste it. And let yourself shine.

soul powerLook yourself in the eye, and see who you really are, that being that is beyond any of the roles you play in your life. Do you see beyond the veil, beyond the shell, beyond all the misinterpretations? Who do you see? A dreamer, a believer, a winner?

Let your soul be the master, nurture it, give it the power to guide. Don't let the clogged mind to guide you, don't let your fleeting emotions either, and surely don't let your physical senses to lead the way. Body, mind, and heart are good in what they do, but they are not good as guides. Let your soul be the guide. Make your senses, your emotions and your intellect be the best servants to your soul, and there will be nothing stopping you to become all you are.


Art of Getting Rich  





















  Inspirational Story:
   extract from Talidari's novel 'Magic Tree'

True Meaning of Success

“In this new millennium the winner is no
longer the one who has the most toys,
but the one who has the most joys” 


Magda's savings account swelled to figures she had never seen the likes of, on top of which she accomplished to have possessions that most people could only dream of, having a huge, stylishly furnished crib in a very nice neighborhood, a dreamobile in the driveway, as well as posh suiting & booting, hi-tech gadgetry, digital this and the latest that. But don't be fooled by the rocks that she got, she was still true to the rock upon which her life was built. With all she'd had going for her, she still had much to be modest about. For in this new millennium the winner is no longer the one who has the most toys, but the one who has the most joys, and success is ultimately measured in terms of happiness and balance. The internal possessions have much more value, since they are a scarce commodity these days.

    In the end, for her to feel truly successful it didn't matter how much she earned, nor how much she possessed, nor how many trophies she had won, but whether she felt she spent her time doing something really meaningful. Even though most people around her chased money at the expense of meaning and measured success by the size of their valet, as far as she was concerned all those ordinary connotations of success could never beat the thrill of having an important effect on humankind, or at least on her community. Common definition of success usually bases itself on external possessions, but for Magda success meant having tamed all the personal demons as well as possessing all the internal weapons [virtues]. Only then a person could feel the true sense of achievement and happiness, and become a magnet for good things in life as opposed to always struggling to get them.

“She saw the things she owned
ending up owning her” 


    Surely, she enjoyed all of her toys for some time, living a dream life, but it turned out to be in someone else's dream. In spite of everything, this was not her dream. For long time she thought it was, only because she had lost sight of what really mattered. But now that she got things in perspective, she saw the things she owned ending up owning her. In other words, the more she had possession of, the less time she had to enjoy it, since she had to work harder to maintain them. Most days she didn't have a minute to call her own. Although it appeared she had more freedom of choice than ever, somehow that freedom was quite illusory. The sense of duty and responsibility, as much as the craving for more things and more power had consumed her to the point at which she had actually not much choice in the end, but to pursue her riches further. It forced her to put her private life on hold, meaning the best things such as love, friends, traveling and spirituality had to be sacrificed. In the absence of a steady boyfriend by her side, she wore success as a fashion accessory.

    On the whole she was becoming more and more capsized by the way her job was taking over her life. It was starting to get to her. Still, after a while she had the choice to continue on that road or not. Well, since she was of the breed inclined to take the less traveled road, it wasn't like she had a choice there after all. Unlike most people, she wasn't going to settle for a good life; it was a great life that she was after. So she had to make the leap; first of all to see all physical objects as only shadows on the wall of the Plato's cave. With a shift in perspective, she discovered that the shadow play was not the real thing. Even an Aladdin's cave is still a cave, when you come right down to it. It's not the treasure that give us pleasure, but the way we handle it.

“Being rich is having money;
being wealthy is having time ” 
- Margaret Bonnano


    The passed few years Magda got caught in her career and in doing so she put her spiritual self on a shelf. In the course of the recent events, she couldn't shake off the feeling that she had somehow devoted herself to a wrong cause or that somewhere along the way she took a wrong turn. Just like a bird, we need two wings to move forward – a material and spiritual. Negligence of either one will sooner or later cause a downfall. We need the best of both worlds for happy living. She discovered then that the ladder she was climbing all that time was leaning against the wrong tree. In other words, she didn't feel like working for a company that didn't appreciate her talents and undermined her contribution. Surely she had better things to do with her time. As a result she lost the taste for her work, and was dying a little more each day as she felt trapped in her job as well as betrayed, noticing also that she herself betrayed her own innermost dreams. There was no denying it, the job that had given her so much pleasure before, it was giving her too much distress now. It just goes to show, only that which once gave us joy, gives us sorrow later on, and vice versa. Looks like there's two sides to every coin. Her work was becoming less fun by the day and was no longer in alignment with her deep-seated beliefs, values and principles. She had to draw the line somewhere. However, letting go was easier said than done. Probably because she thought that leaving the firm was in fact quitting rather than letting go. How does one know the difference, is what I want to know.

   All things considered, Magda was seriously thinking about a climb-down and a downshift to a simpler life, because she was more interested in enjoying her life than in climbing some career ladder.


The rest of the story shows Magda's journey from being rich to being wealthy

Art of Getting Rich  

  Inspirational Story:

Rich Guy's Fishing Rod


nce I had shared a story with a poor lady about flying first class to an exotic island, and staying in a bungalow over the water, where I could feed the fish from a window in the floor. I told her that in the context of explaining how I am eligable to give prosperity advices, how money was infinite, and how l could travel in style, and still do many good things and how everything is possible to everyone, given they follow the rules of prosperity.

She was less than impressed with my reasoning, asking if I shared my infinite financial resources with the people living in desperate poverty a few miles down the road from my lavish accommodations, there on the island. She also asked if I would give some of those infinite resources to a single mother who is working two jobs and can't afford to go to the next town, no less exotic islands (meaning: to her).

The basis of comments like these is of course, “You have plenty, and others don't. They need it. You should feel very guilty for this, and start giving away all your money until you are back at the level of the poor people around you”


sharing wealthIt is based on the idea that people who have wealth should disburse it to the unfortunate ones who don't. Why? Because they don't have it. Because they need it. What about earning it?

This is completely anti-prosperity and anti-humanity, because it completely disregards the laws of prosperity and human dignity. Prosperity and dignity are both based upon the premise: value received equals value given (you reap what you sow).

I do give more than my fair share to charities, and still get condemned by poor-minded people for not giving more away, by the same people who give next to nothing. They think I should not enjoy the full benefits of my work and smarts; instead I should just give all my hard earned resources to anyone who asks and needs. Not willing to give in to this unfair idea and to the accusations, I then engaged in a debate with the lady.
We started on the premise that although I give more to the charities than she does (well, she gives nothing), still in her eyes I was a badie, and she was a saint, so to speak.
This is how we argued:

ME: Why should I give to the poor? Do you give them?

LADY: I am poor. I have nothing to give.

ME: Why not? Why are you poor?

LADY: I didn't have the rich parents, nor the proper education.

ME: Neither did I. Neither did more than half of the rich. So what's your real excuse for not providing for the poor?

LADY: Not everyone has the intelligence genes. I guess I am not that smart.

ME: Neither did Einstein, who was dyslexic, and you must know by now that most of the rich are not that intelligent. I know I am not. So what's your real excuse?

LADY: You tell me.

ME: Are you sure you want me to tell you? The truth will hurt you.

LADY: Go on.

ME: Because you are ignorant, because you are stingy or skeptical, and because you are lazy.

LADY: How dare you! Who do you call lazy and stingy?! I work from morning till night to support my family, giving everything to my children before I give to me. And I might not know all the secrets of the world, but I'm not ignorant, I'm not stupid.

ME: I warned you, didn't I? No one wants to hear the truth. Well, the poor are poor, because like you they don't want to accept their own responsibility. They find comfort in playing a victim, and blaming the whole world for their misery. You think you are not stingy because you provide for your family, but it's your family, like it's your arm or your leg, so you are really doing it for yourself. But, you are right, you are a good woman, that was never an issue, I never said you were bad or anything like that. What I meant is this: I have a solution for you that would lead you from poverty to riches, it's a program that costs a bit of money of course. There are also thousands of other rich people who have similar programs for sale. You must have stumbled across them at some point in your life. And what did you do about it? Ignorance is no excuse, when there are so many books and programs out there to give you the know-how. Why didn't you get them? It's probably because you are either stingy, or your priorities are not right - you rather pay for make-up or cigarettes than for knowledge. Or maybe neither of these two are your issue, but something must be, because you are not doing something right if you don't have the right results in your life. You might be someone who doesn't believe other people enough or doubt too much in order to go for those programs, I don't know.

LADY: You think you know everything about me, but you don't know how it is to raise a child alone, how it is to work in a factory day after day, doing double shift, and not being appreciated for it...

ME: Oh, believe me I know how it is. You just described my own mother, who I love dearly. Nevertheless, the truth is, no matter what circumstances are making it hard for you to live your dreams, it is still a matter of investing in yourself, learning and knowing what to do, believing it and doing it. So if you don't have the know-how and faith, and don't do something about it, it makes you ignorant, skeptical and lazy, whether you want to admit it or not.

LADY: You are so rude and arrogant to call me all these things. Just as all the other rich guys out there, thinking money gives them the right to treat people like this.

ME: And how am I treating you any different than you are treating me? You accuse me of being bad from the start. I am the one here who is offering you the key to the lifestyle of your dreams, and what are you offering me, other than condemnation and despise?

LADY: I never wanted anything from you, I can take care of myself. And my family.

ME: I can see that. Why did you come to me then?

LADY: I thought I you could learn something from you, but I see who you are, and I have no interest in following the advice from a person who talks down on people from his thrown, who has no idea how it is in the real world.

ME: And what world do you think I come from and live in?

LADY: I don't care. Surely, not in the world of single mother trying to make ends meet the best she can.

ME: I told you lady, this is the exactly the world I'm came from, with my mother being in your position, so please don't tell me my world is not real and yours is. I feel sympathetic towards you, more so because my mom had to go through what you are going through. This is why I would like to give you a present, my 'Wealth' program, which normally costs over a thousand dollars. I hope it helps you find your way to riches, or at least to better life.

LADY: I don't need your sorry program, or your sympathy. I bet I am more healthy and happy than you are, something your money can't buy.

fishing rodFor your information, I am as healthy as I can be, and happy in love, and in life. But there was no point of arguing that with her, as I saw that whatever I said it rubbed off the wrong way with her. I don't know what in the world did I do wrong to be at the receiving end of her anger and hatred. I guess I shouldn't had answer her question truly, I don't know. Needless to say, with her not accepting my gift the lady missed yet another great chance in life to overcome her disadvantage of not knowing how to get wealthy, and her disadvantage of being too poor to pay for such programs. The key to riches was handed to her, but she threw it away. Talking about casting pearls... Some people prefer to get fish instead of a fishing rod. No wonder they stay needy.

Each of us have been given plenty of opportunities to raise above our circumstances, but we miss them because of our attitude problems, our egos, our victim mentality, our fears, doubts, beliefs... That is to say, each of us has already been given and will be given even more opportunities to make a better living, but it's up to us if we each take the responsibility over our lives and stop the blaming game for our own good, for our own riches.

Art of Getting Rich  

7 Easy Steps to Prosperity


Become aware of your negative programming
There are limiting beliefs lingering in your subconscious, which are limiting your potential to get rich. These beliefs could be along these lines:
- you are not, well connected, worthy, supported, funded
- it's too hard to make money
- money is...bad, dirty, not spiritual, only material
- all the rich men are...evil, arrogant, selfish

Replace the negativity with positive affirmations
Choose the best set of affirmations for you from this list and keep telling them to yourself or/and looking at the written or video version. Be grateful for every little thing, count your blessings, focus on the good side, and expect positive outcomes.

Define your true desires
If you don't know yet what you are supposed to make big money with, know that the money is in the passion or talent. Write down each wish or desire, describing them in all the detail. If you only wish a car, it will be very hard to get it, or you might get one that needs constant repairs. Like going to a restaurant and ordering 'food', you need to tell the universe exactly what you want, otherwise it might take a while, until it figures out what to give you. Being specific is the key.

Set goals
Write down each big goal and the mini goals leading to them. Make the dates and map out all the steps - small goals leading to big goals.

Visualize your achievements
Use visualization to make it easier to achieve your goals

Take action & Don't give up
Each day make at least one action step towards your goal. It helps when you make a draft of all the bigger steps ahead of the game. Every step is vital, but this one is the most common stumble block that separates those that make it to the goal and those who don't. Whenever a difficulty occurs, just remind yourself that this step is the one to separate you from all the people who fail. Combination of commitment and persistence is the key.

Enjoy the blessings of giving
Give to get. The more you give, the more you will receive. The catch is to give without expecting returns. Giving with love converts to getting. Support a great cause, and through creating goodwill, you'll create goods somehow.

Art of Getting Richmagic tree ebook
"Magic Tree" ebook
adventure stories of a treasure hunter, featuring the alternative art of getting rich. A contemporary Slavic tale of a young woman’s journey across the world to find the magic tree that fulfills every wish.
Must read! Get your copy here

Selected Quotes:

  • If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it. - John D. Rockefeller
  • Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you. - Oscar Wilde
  • The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time - Robert Kiyosaki
  • The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. - Robert Kiyosaki
  • If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big. - Donald Trump
  • If you're interested in 'balancing' work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable. - Donald Trump
  • Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves. - Mohammed
  • Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow. - from "The Matchmaker" by Thornton Wilder
  • Make no mistake, my friend, it takes more than money to make men rich. - A. P. Gouthey


The Science of Getting Rich by W.D.Wattles

Complimentary Film

Zeitgeist: Addendum

In detailing the process of money creation, the film suggests society is manipulated into economic slavery through debt-based monetary policies by requiring individuals to submit for employment in order to pay off their debt.
The film looks at a proposal of a "resource-based economy", which would create abundance, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The film suggests technology as the primary driver of human advancement.

Art of Getting Rich

  Complimentary Pictures

Here are some samples of vision board we recommend you to create. This is an art therapy activity that helps you attract all the things you put on your board. Just make sure when you use affirmations to put them in the present tense as if you are already all that you want to be. That's the secret of it.

vision board


vision board


vision board


vision board


Selection of Wealth Creation Videos

Visualization and Affirmations combined are powerful tools to set your mind in the right mode to
attract and receive wealth. Watch this video every day and see how it changes you.

Simple tips for the art of getting rich from someone who used them and made it. Jack Canfield
is the author of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series of books that made him rich and famous.


Art of Getting Rich





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