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Head is not just something we put a hat on, right.
Using head, namely brain as an health & wealth generator is easy once we know how.
Here's how: follow the proven workout plan revealed here.

Why bother

Just like top athletes go through a training to build their physical muscles for excellent performance on the field, you should do the same for your mental muscles, if you want to win in life. Failing to train your brain could lead to serious losses of memory, focus and intelligence over time. However, the brain fitness is even more vital for bringing your mind to top form, so that its thinking and believing can fully support you on your path to healing and receiving.

Your brain is control tower for your life and body. It dictates your smarts, emotions and health levels. It determines your performance on all fields, including your ability to socialize, win friends and attract significant others.  It defines your fitness and fat levels, your mood and your passion for life. Given its capacious features, your thinking tool, your gray matter, is your most prized possessions, and not any of the material stuff that a thief can take away from you. Nothing you could own even comes close.

Mind you, it's worth highlighting at this point that brain or mind don't define us, but refine us. The mind should be your servant, not the master. You are a soul. Mind is ultimately soul's right hand.

Personality determines destiny
It's a well-known fact: a person's biography becomes a person's biology at some point. A person's character creates and determines one's physical condition, since body and mind are inseparable and co-dependent. Our beliefs are potent devices in our lives, because they form unconscious patterns of thinking & behaving that define our character and are the source of our efficiency or inefficiency. Thus a personality doesn't only influence the extent of personal aptitude in the areas of health, wealth and relationships, it actually determines it.

The point is: In order to improve our lives, we need to improve ourselves. No, we don't wait for government to change, boss to be replaced, children to grow up, or whatever excuse we can possibly find for our condition. We address the ultimate source of our predicament - the (wo)man in the mirror.
man in the mirror

We start by doing some serious brain fitness – to shape up by constantly breaking free of old fixed patterns (‘fat') and welcoming the new better ones (‘muscles'). Pump up your beliefs and expectations with thoughts and attitude that strengthen your mental muscles and get rid of all the cellulite thinking that serves no purpose.

Take a deep look at your eyes in the mirror, search for your soul in their shine. Be brave and let the soul take over. Leave all the thoughts and feelings aside for a moment and connect with your soul. In that ask your soul to guide you in determining the right from wrong preconceptions, beliefs, expectations... It takes a certain person to be willing to break free from limiting beliefs, before one even recognizes them as limiting. That brings us to a key question: Are you that person?

By committing to exercises, by believing in the power of your mind, and by focusing your mind in the direction of your goals, you automatically set up a magnetic field of energy around you that will draw to you the people and opportunities you need to meet, the circumstances that will help you on your way, and the money you need to fulfill your goals.


man in the mirror











Instructions to save the workout check-list:

  • mark the section you want to save
  • copy it either by clicking 'Edit' and then 'Copy' or pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard
  • open the Word document or any other where you want to save it and paste it (Ctrl+V)
  • When pasted click the Paste Options icon at the bottom and choose 'Keep the Source Formatting'

you'll get the check-list without checked boxes, but you can check them there






Brain Fitness Resources
(link coming soon)


External links:

Brain Teasers

The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Brains



Brain Fitness Assessment

We start by evaluating the strong and weak points of our inner resources.
It is the first step toward knowing your mind and reaching your goals.
Simple orientation helps you program your fitness regime.

The physical body has its muscles, like abs, triceps, biceps and so on, and so does the mental body, which consists of beliefs, imagination, intuition and whole other multitude listed in the table below.

The physical body has its fat parts, like cellulite or any other mass of lumpy fat deposits, and so does the mental body, namely prejudices, misunderstandings, false beliefs etc.

Here is the checklist with most of the character building (personality defining) assets and liabilities. You are free to do your workout as you please, but we suggest you check the boxes there where you need to workout, as to mark it for your reference. Once your weak points are brought to your attention, it's time to work on them, to strengthen them.
Note: Your input won't be saved, so make sure that before you leave this page, you save the data on your computer, if you wish. For instructions see right column.




Imagination, Creativity

Narrow-mindedness, Prejudice

Enthusiasm, passion




Understanding, Wisdom, Awareness





Worry, Despair




Fear, Discouragement

Commitment, Dedication, Devotion

Hesitation, Negligence, Distraction

Perseverance, Determination

Surrender, Giving up

Patience, endurance





Greed*, Selfishness, Stinginess


Envy*, Jealousy

Compassion, Love


Forgiveness, Mercy

Revenge, Blame, Criticism


Regrets, Guilt, Unworthiness





Fairness, Righteousness, Justice


Integrity, Honesty, Sincerity

Dishonesty, Cheating, Corruption

Humbleness, Modesty, Humility

Pride*, Arrogance, Vanity




Attachment, Addiction









* - 7 deadly sins according to Christianity

All the checked virtues that you need to muscle up and the vices that you need to lose are here for your reference.

Half of the work-out is already done by mere recognition, but only the true recognition counts. The chances are, you don't really know how you score on your own virtues and vices, because it's too close home. You might think you know, but most likely you're wrong.
forest in a tree
When we are too close to something, it’s hard to catch a sight of it. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees and other times we can't see a tree for the forest. That’s why we need to distant ourselves, to get a better perspective.

The best would be to do the evaluation with someone who knows you well, someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth. You'd be amazed what you can find out about yourself in such sessions with close friends and family. Our best suggestion would be to print the list above and hand it to them, to check the boxes for you. If you don't insist putting their names on it, you might get more honest results.

major cause of a person's poor health, finances or relationships is being conditioned by some poor emotional & mental traits

On your marks!

Time to pump up your mental muscles. Train your brain. The way to any top score, whether on a playfield or marketplace, is through preparation.


As with any exercise, it's necessary to warm-up the brain to the grand idea behind the exercise. The main idea is: the major cause of a person's poor health, finances or relationships is being conditioned by some poor emotional & mental traits. They are like ethereal creatures that creep into us. To keep them from our door we need to drain the swamp in which they breed. Capture them, instead of being captured.

Warming up is done by bringing some up-beat emotions to your thinking and believing.
Turn up the heat,
let your passion make it happen!

All the harmful emotional & mental features can cause us a lot of physical and emotional pain unless we tame those mean creatures by virtuous weapons, such as: understanding, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, honesty, modesty and so on. In that we need to be conscious of the deep interconnection between mind and body, as well as between mind and life's circumstances.

Before we start to work on our brain's fitness it is important to warm up to the idea that brain is not hard wired in childhood and we are not doomed with our DNA





Get set!


Now it's time to stretch your thinking, broaden your horizons. No matter what your IQ is, there is so much potential residing in your brain that you’re currently not tapping into. So, get set to tap...

If you haven't fully bought the idea of quantum healing and receiving, now it's time to do so. Stretch your ideas and views to the heights never reached before. Push the limits of what's possible each day a bit further. If there is something you don't believe here, be adventurous and make believe, at least for a few months.


Brain Yoga
An innovative approach to enhance brain's functioning, Brain Yoga is a prelude to the fitness-focused mind workout, as well as perfect way to stretch your mind, enhance vitality and a sense of well being, improve flexibility, balance and charm.

  • open your mind to new beliefs, even shift the sides when it comes to the ones that limit you - ex. from "I don't know what to do" to "What needs to be done will be revealed to me somehow. I just have to open my mind to receive it." More ideas.
  • trust a little more than you are used to. It's better to try new things and lose than never try at all.
  • choose the affirmations from this list that stretch your beliefs a bit further
Train your brain to refrain from mental strain.



This is where you burn the brain 'fat' and build your brain 'muscles'


Great. Now, that you know where you stand, what needs to be strengthened and what needs to be cut loose, you can decide where to begin and which type of exercise suits you the best.

brain People want different results from a workout. You may want to lose weight (burdens, fat/vices), work off stress, increase your energy level or just feel better about yourself. We searched high and low for the best workouts for your brain and lifestyle, and we came up here with the best choice of programs.

Whether you want to cut down or tone up your mind, have more energy, or just feel better -design your own exercise regime after looking up all the options for toning your brain muscles. Avoid counteractive grinds that rub you up the wrong way and replace them with high impact exercises that are fun and challenging. Mind you, some routines are good because their repetitive mode lulls you into becoming seasoned beyond your imagination. It's like hypnotizing yourself into success without knowing the logics of it.

Don't just throw in the towel, when you get to the things that make no sense; in such times think with your heart more than with your head. Head is proved to be a bad master, but not so bad servant. So use your brain at your convenience, but don't let it rule you. Often it's the gutsy, not the brainy that gets the edge.


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brainPulling some weight

There are many ways to improve your brain's performance. Pick the ones that are most fun and stimulating!

Energizing Drills

Brain Aerobics (endurance) exercise is any sustainable brain activity that utilizes oxygen (ergo the burning of fat) for a primary source of fuel. To do it, combine energizing music with well-designed formats of affirmative lyrics to give you great workouts and great results.

Brain aerobic activity strengthens the brain and mind, burns fats/vices, lowers total data cholesterol, decreases stress, reduces the risk of some diseases and improves quality of life.

Cycling workout - Intense 5 minutes of repetitive drills taking you through rides of hills & valleys of your dreams. Cycling stands for repetition of a brain activity that with time turns any thinking or believing into a habit. Take any fun affirmation or picturesque visualization and repeat it over and over for a period of your choice, but not less than a month, and see how this particular thought or belief becomes a part of your regular thinking or believing.

Step Circuit - Intervals of stepping up and down your scale of abilities. Don't need to be always on top of the game, allow yourself to calm/come down, than back up. You'll notice how the time staying on top (endurance) increases with time.

Cross training - combining multiple training drills listed above or any other of your choice.

brain fitnessStrengthening Drills

Magnum Brainbuilding - High-impact workout with dumbbells to music for overall strength and endurance.

Use any problems you encounter during your daily life as a resistance needed to improve your strengths, in the same way you use a dumbbell in a gym

Face the daily difficulties the same way you face the weights in the gym. The greater the difficulty, the greater the satisfaction upon pulling it off.

Conditioning Drills

Brain Pilates - total brain workout for core brain muscles to enhance the balance, alignment and strength of your virtues. The focus of this exercise is on improving flexibility of traditional thinking patterns, the use of breath and correct alignment of your thoughts and actions. Coordination of your thinking and doing will improve your posture and overall toning of your virtues.

Consider alternating Brain Yoga and Pilates exercises in your routine for maximum results.

Brain Tai Chi - apply this internal Chinese martial art to focus on balance, agility, strength, and conditioning of your opinions, ideas and philosophy in general. Go somewhere amidst people, best every morning in a park, for a moving meditation and focus your mind solely on the slow motion movements as to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity.

The meditative aspect of this exercise is enhanced with the defensive aspect of it. Here you train your brain to change in response to outside forces; to yield and blend with outside force rather than attempt to meet it with opposing force. Learn not to directly fight or resist an incoming new idea, but to meet it in softness and follow its motion while remaining in mental contact until the incoming idea either can be safely redirected or adopted as one of yours. In an occasion of someone presenting you an idea that is harmful, this exercise helps you effectively affect or break the opponent's center of gravity or terminate the force of the strike within the other person's mind: meet the opposing idea with softness and let it exhausts itself by not giving it any more attention than necessary, while knowing that any contrast to your own philosophy can help you to reinforce your views.

Hi-Energy Brain Dance - sometimes brain needs to work, and sometimes it needs to play. In this exercise let the brain float to the rhythms of the universe. It can be the melody of birds chirping, winds whistling, dogs barking, frogs croaking, violin fiddling or whatever. Just let the brain dance to the energized beats of the outer world, let it go with the flow, feel the joy of just letting go and have fun.

Brain Kick boxing - refers to using martial-arts-style kicks and boxing-style punches to defeat an opponent's concepts, ideas and beliefs that threaten to destroy one's own belief system. It's a full-contact exercise practiced in debates or any other conflict-type of situations when other person is trying to inflict their own negativity on you or harm you. Rules of the game are pretty much confined to ethics, however the styles are open to individual standards as long the arguments are valid and solid. The verbal punches are done 'in gloves' to make the exchange of ideas less wounding and more civil.

In a League of its own

Power Rider - This workout consists of our signature “movers” (endurance drills) and “shakers”(functional resistance exercises). The weights or difficulties are utilized to guarantee you'll burn fats while giving your brain muscles a great workout. The aim of this exercise is to ride on your higher power, but in order to do so, one must first connect to the source of the power. Recognize your own source of power and then hold your attention on it for as long as possible throughout each day. Whenever a problem arises, switch to the 'Power Rider' mode - remember your ideal, the source of your energy - and deal with the situation as that ideal (could be God, guru, hero, prophet, teacher, parent, or any role model that holds high esteem in your own view) would. If any of the fats or vices come to your mind, just burn the thought of it with the power of muscles/vices energized with that particular ideal.

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Further help:

Free wellness music

Sound Therapy










The Power Of The Music

Music needs no introduction. Its power and influence on brain cells, heart chambers, body tissues and soul in general have been long known and felt by people of all ages, all cultures, all everything. This chapter shines more light on the topic, introducing not just any music, but the music of the power.

soundWhile on the subject of brain's fitness, there is no avoiding it to mention the usage of particular music in order to enhance our brain's performance. By all means, use any music available that works for you. Mental stimulation can be done with a large variety of beats and we'll not limit you with a list here.

There is power in the music, and then there is music in the power. Power, like anything else, has its own vibration. Each vibration produces sound. If you are after more power, then you need to align your pulse beat to the same rate of the power. Slow, rhythmic, 60 beats-per-minute music gives you that power; it puts you into the perfect state of mind for learning new mental patterns like nothing else.

When you listen to the constant rhythm of 60 bpm melodies composed for brain re-activation, your brain cells will begin to vibrate at a slow 8-12 cycles per second, relaxing you almost instantly. This lowered brainwave rhythm is known as the Alpha brainwave state, the power-key to heightened memory and accelerated learning. In this state your brain takes in new information better and more effectively than when in a normal waking state, your pulse regulates itself - it automatically synchronizes with the music, and stress is relieved.

Recently, a study was done at UC Irvine's Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.  36 undergraduate students were given spatial reasoning tests on a standard IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test.

  • Before the first test, each student listened to Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448 for ten minutes (listen to a 1 minute sample)
  • Before the second test, they listened to a relaxation tape. 
  • And before the third test, they sat in silence.

The average scores for all 36 students were 119 on the first test, 111 on the second and 110 on the third test. This and many other studies like it prove the undeniable power of relaxation music over the brain and its performance.

When you play 60 bpm music music together with affirmative lyrics while you relax or drift off to sleep, the special pacing and repetition of the statements alter your deep subconscious brainwave patterns, ensuring even greater effects. This is where deep, emotional changes become weaved into the fabric of who you are. This triple-play of music, repetition, and affirming statements produce lasting results because they alter the deeply-ingrained mental "triggers" that control what your attitudes and actions will be.

The method of embedding clinically researched sound frequency patterns into soothing musical soundtracks is proven to have significant effects on brainwave patterns and states of mind. The more often you play such music while deeply relaxed or sleeping, the faster the new attitudes, motivation and actions you desire will come.

17th and 18th century composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart composed what we now call "Baroque" music. It's known for its slow largo rhythm of 55-60 beats per minute. Baroque music has a remarkable effect on the brain and its capacity for speeding and deepening memory. This type of music speeds memory and makes it last.

Tests at Iowa State University showed, and a study by UC Irvine confirmed it that just listening to 55-60 beat-per-minute Baroque music alone can help you to:

  • increase the amount of information you learn and remember by 25%
  • induce brainwave entrainment
  • enhance sleep
  • lower blood pressure
  • boost your natural defenses against disease




External links:

Brain Zone

Brain Food

11 steps to a better brain - New Scientist

10 foods to boost your brainpower - BBC

Food for Thought - Times

A study by Trevor Brocklebank at Leeds University in the UK discovered that schoolchildren with the best results in class were those who drank up to eight glasses of water a day. 
(source: Bill Lucas, Power Up Your Mind, 2001)



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Food for Thought

The brain is a hungry organ - it’s cells require two times the amount of energy than other organs in the body. Combining a nutrition program and supplements designed around your brain needs and personal preferences is crucial for your brain's fitness.

The foods you eat directly affects the performance of your brain. By giving your brain the right nutrients, you can

          • boost your IQ,
          • be able to think quicker,
          • improve your mood and concentration,
          • be more coordinated,
          • balanced and emotionally stable,
          • sharpen your memory and
          • keep your mind young

The three key brain foods to boost your brainpower and keep your brain healthy and your mental processes operating effectively are: brain-friendly food, water and oxygen

Best Brain Meals

Crucial constituents of the outer membrane of brain cells:
omega-3: walnuts, flaxseed, chia, fish oil
omega-6: evening primrose seeds/oil, sunflower oil

Talidari's Top 5 Brain Foods:

  • 1. Walnuts
  • 2. Cacao Beans
  • 3. Matcha (Tencha-grade green tea powder)
  • 4. Acai berries & Blueberries
  • 5. Coffee beans

Breakfast - some complex carbohydrates: fruit (watery and crunchy fruits, berries and citruses). Nuts (particularly walnuts). Later on in the morning something with more protein, a cereal, will do the same to keep energy in the brain all day. A piece of toast or sandwich does the same, directly improving memory and attention.

Lunch/Dinner - salad sprinkled with flaxseed, stabilized rice bran, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower; beans, nuts, soy products; pasta, starchy vegetables, potatoes

Drinks: green tea, relaxes the brain and induces mental alertness. A juice, such as grapefruit juice, has the same affects for the brain as fruits and vegetables along with the hydration benefits, cacao, water

Carbohydrates-especially when eaten with no protein or fat-are mentally soothing.

Brain Diet
Boost your brainpower:

  1. Balance your glucose - it provides fuel for your brain. Try to eat carbohydrate foods in the evening as it promotes relaxation and sleep.
  2. Eat essential fats - ensure your diet is rich in omega-3 fats.
  3. Include plenty of protein rich foods in your diet. Proteins are essential to make neurotransmitters which are vital for the thinking process. Try to eat a protein based lunch to optimise your mental performance and alertness throughout the day.
  4. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to 'fine tune' your mind.
  5. Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day to keep your brain well hydrated.
  6. Oxygenate your brain by exercising and eating little and often. Eat your main meal before 7pm.

Brain performance supplements

Get the most out of your workouts with brain's performance supplements. From ..., you get the nutritional support you need for brain muscle development so you maximize the benefits of every workout. Brain's performance supplements deliver high quality, cutting edge formulations at a great price.

Energy Enhancers

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