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Magic Tree club

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Join our gang on the journey to the Magic Tree!

The Magic Tree club is exclusive to the readers of the novel "Mystique Treelet". In order to become a member of the Magic Tree club, all you need to do is to register here:


As a member you will be provided with all the tools you need on your journey.

The club members will have the acces to:

  • FAQ
  • inteviews with authors
  • list of all the goblins and gizmos
  • exclusive excerpts
  • cues to Magic Tree's whereabouts
  • Rich vs. Poor attitude
  • Perls - the best quotes from the novel
  • articles on the topics covered in the book
  • access to Maria Magdalena's world
  • premiums, giveaways, brochures, and coupons
  • news related to the book
  • announcements when the sequel is available
  • announcements when the book is available in other languages
  • announcement when the "Magic Tree" computer game is available
  • announcement when the "Magic Tree" exhibition is available
  • chance to ask the authors whatever you need to know
  • and more...



First thousand readers who give us honest 4 or 5 star blurb or review on Amazon or on any other relevant online bookstore will get the sequel for FREE as soon as it is published!



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