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Here are some real people, each telling their true life story. These true stories are not here to entertain you but to inspire you and maybe give you something that can change your life.

Cancer victory - father/daughter story

father daughter
I had a cancer once. At the time I thought how unfair it was. It made no sense, because I have always lived an ultra healthy life and couldn't trace the genetic grounds for it, since none of my ancestors ever had one. Now I thank God I got the cancer, however unbelievable it might sound. I tell you why.

First, I discovered what caused the growth to materialize itself in my body. It was an emotional conflict that I had with my father. I couldn't forgive him something and that strong grudge had destabilized the biological balance in my body, weakened my immune system and caused the growth of hostile cells. I was hostile to my father, so I have grown the hostile cells in me.

Through this recognition I have had a serious talk with my father in which he explained me why he did what he did and so I forgave him. In an instant I was relieved of a huge burden that I have been carrying for years. And I carried it due to lack of initiative to confront him sooner. I could have done that long ago and save myself from accumulating psychological garbage in form of resentments, anger, blame, criticism, intolerance, and even hatred - all of which have cost me much in relationships issues as much as in health issues.

As it turns out, he had his own heavy baggage from the past that he too had been carrying from his own relationship with grandpa, an issue that had never been resolved. Trouble was he left too many loose ends hanging that were still waiting to be tied up. I guess we all have a cross to carry. If we don't carry our crosses, we are going to be squashed under the weight of it. His unresolved issues had caused him to suffer a great deal on subconscious levels, which have manifested in a relationship with me, among many other things - he was no healthy man either.

Now I have a great loving relationship with my father, he bought me a house and many other valuable gifts. I gained a great sense of freedom, realizing that I am not a victim, that it is within my own power to arrange the circumstances in my life the way I want them to be. So rather than being an effect of it, I can now be at cause of it. All this would never happen if I didn't get the cancer. But that's not all. My story has inspired thousands if not more to use the same formula I did to cure myself, and as a result they all have been cured too. Through suffering from 'unfair' disease as I thought I helped to make the world a better place for many.




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Death of a child - mother/daughter story

mother daughter

My child was killed in an accident. No one could ever justify it. Not until recently. No one could tell me how loving God could allow this to happen. How could an innocent child deserve such misfortune? Not until recently. Now I know for a fact how our family had brought it onto ourselves. It's all connected. It's all so connected.

I am ashamed to say what we did, but believe me no wonder we had to reap this kind of results. I am not being harsh to myself, just looking my demons in the eyes.

Thanks to transition formula my husband and I are relieved of the grudge directed towards God, doctors who couldn't save her and the man who was involved in the cause of the accident. I see now it was really nobody's fault. The anger, blame, hatred and whole other bunch of negative feelings might have caused us yet another misfortune in the form of illness or who knows what. But we prevented that through deeper understanding and the transition formula.

We learned a great lesson out of all this and empowered with this understanding how the universe works we turned around our lives, started a new business that bring us fortune and adopted couple of kids who otherwise wouldn't have a home. We lost one child, but saved two (so far) and saved ourselves from further torment and financial disaster. We know that Martina is in heaven and suffers no more as she did while here. So, in a way, she is saved too.




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