pregame session

Time to pump up your muscles, champ. Train you into victory.
The way to any gold medal, whether on a playfield or marketplace, is through preparation. The game is won not on the field, but in the gym. Remember a tenant from the Victor's Code:
A duel to be won must be won before the duel?

Pregame workout sessions are all about building you up to face the music when your number is up. The drill is a variety show of:

  • shakedown
    shaking off those nasty habits, detrimental attitudes, daunting thoughts, downbeat emotions or any other off-putting factors
  • rehearsal
    fake it till you make it
  • warm-up
    keeping your spirits up by wiring to your Higher Power. Bonding with your team is a top-drawer task in all of the training

Design your own exercise regime to increase your activity while toning the heart muscles.
Avoid counteractive grinds that rub you up the wrong way and replace them with high impact exercises that are fun and challenging. It's worth to know that some routines are good because their repetitive mode lulls you into becoming seasoned beyond your imagination. It's like hypnotizing yourself into success without knowing the logics of it. This is where you are ahead of the intellectuals, because they need to question everything. When things don't make sense, they back down or bail out. And you, you know better, you don't just throw in the towel, because you are used to seeing things that make no sense, and you are used to thinking with your heart more than with your head. Head is proved to be a bad master, but not so bad servant. So use it at your convenience, but don't let it rule you. Often it's the gutsy, not the brainy that gets the edge.



If you want to make a lot, start with little - Mongolian proverb


Our philosophy is: Different strokes for different folks. Employing an one-technique-fits-all philosophy risks hurting the performance, so we present you with an array of options. Find your best fit and stay with it till the end. Best to do them all though:-)

Here are some tactics how to keep fit:

  • Tuning (the Way of the Soul)
  • Harry Potter approach (the Way of the Heart)
  • The Hall of Mirrors (the Way of the Mind)
  • Prayers
  • Vision boards - Treasure Map



(the Way of the Soul)

We got that party already started on the topic of finding what your thing is, there on the first page. It's all about getting wired to your Higher Power.  You can hit your stride and win your share of medals by using the power, wisdom, and energies of the cosmic forces. The way to do it is, as said, not to do anything, to let it be done to you, from above. When you manage not to do anything, not to even think anything, then you give space for the Force to penetrate you, pretty much like Luke did it in the Star Wars. Except, we are not all meant to be Jedi knights, so we sometimes need to resort to other means so that the Force has the full impact.

To do nothing can prove to be the hardest thing to do. Just try not to think, not to have thoughts.
Why it's called the Way of the Soul is because this type of exercise clears the way to your soul rather than sharpen your mind, calm your emotions or shape your body.

Tuning suggests that everything we need to know to win is already inside us, just like old buddy Socrates did by claiming that every person has all the goods enclosed within the soul and needs only to knack it to conscious reflection in order to become aware of it.

We believe that the means of getting the knowledge is inside us, but the knowledge itself is not really inside us, but around us. Just like the radio, if we tune in to the right frequency the information will be available to us. The whole point of exercise is to correct our rate of vibration, to align our vibration to the highest ideal, the origin of love and truth.

For many the idea of progress is to upgrade their personal software - to acquire all sorts of data, store it in the memory depot, trusting that it would be classified there properly and then access it again when needed to improve life. Most people believe that if they want to be successful, they need to be smart, and to be smart, they need to learn a lot, read a lot, experience a lot, and in the same time classify all the impressions & draw up relationships in their heads. In their pursuit to stuff their brain with all kinds of facts, thinking that brain feeds solely on knowledge, they often get restless and weary. Hopefully you are not one of them, that's why we picked you.

Use your head, not as a warehouse for memories to be stored and reused, or as source of all that you need to know, but as a tool to tune into a higher frequency, resonating to the vibes of a dimension outside the time and space, and in doing so to tap into the universal knowledge, the kind of knowledge that is beyond man-made data base. 
You don't need to push yourself hard to learn things anymore. Instead, you just open up more and explore other sources beyond the visible.

If you want to be ahead of the game, you better know about these things, but most important you got to take advantage of this scoop. You don't need to be a rocket scientist nor a Jedi to skyrocket into higher spheres to claim your powers. All you got to do at this point is learn how to mobilize your own inner resources, for the purpose of getting new ideas, ideas that come from no other resources but your own. That calls for terminating of all the junk information, 'data cholesterol' that have built up in your head, slowing down your head-software's ability to perform wisely.

So, the question is how to do it, how to go past the five senses to play ball with the source of supreme power. Fine tuning is your answer; it puts you into that mode where you are at the right frequency to do that. The point is to shift awareness from trivial thoughts to your soul or god or any term you want to use for the Higher Force which penetrates all.

Tuning is essentially an activity of 'being', not one of 'doing'. All you have to do is be. Most valuable things that happen to you in tuning are not the things that you do, but that are done to you through the extrasensory activity of higher powers.

Get comfy however and wherever it suits you and let the Force or Higher Power reveal itself. As long as you do anything during the process, like thinking, resisting, calculating, or whatever, you are standing in the way of the Force, you're not tuning in.




Tells the story of Luke Skywalker, a young farmboy who became a hero in the struggle to overthrow an evil empire. He joins a group of freedom fighters known as the Rebel Alliance to fight against the oppressive Galactic Empire. To make their authority absolute the Empire has designed its ultimate weapon: the Death Star, an armoured space station capable of destroying any planet. The rebel spies have managed to obtain schematic plans of the battle station and its potential weakness is found, one which will require the use of single-man fighters to slip past the Death Star's formidable defenses and a hit in the small thermal exhaust port of the station. Luke joins the assault team. The attack proceeds as planned but without success, suffering heavy losses from imperial soldiers.
Finally it's all up to Luke to complete the mission, which seemed to require extra powers, beyond natural.


As Luke is in the cockpit of his X-Wing fighter about to fire his laser torpedoes at the Death Star, he looks into the targeting device.


Then he hears the voice of his dead mentor Ben Kenobi: Use the Force, Luke. The spirit is telling him to use the Force instead of the targeting device, as to accomplish his task. Luke looks up, then starts to look back into the targeting device's screen. He has second thoughts. But the voice of Ben's spirit pushes on: Let go, Luke. Luke looks to the targeting device, then away as he hears Ben's voice again: Luke, trust me. Finally Luke's hand reaches for the control panel and presses the button to move away the targeting device and trust the Force within him instead of computer.


Guided by the spirit of his mentor and the Force, he fires the successful shot into the exhaust port, heading for the main reactor, which destroys the Death Star seconds before it could attack the Rebel base.


The Death Star, the armored space station, explodes into a supernova. Ben's voice reminds Luke once more: Remember, the Force will be with you...always.



How to tune in

There are many ways to do it, but they all come down to going inside yourself to make a connection with that part of the universe that is larger and mightier than any other.

Do it by simply shutting the rest of the world for the time being, so that you can feel what's beyond all the appearances. It's the thing we do when we are in some awesome corner of nature - on top of a mountain, at the see-shore, deep in a forest or anywhere that takes our breath away.

You should also know that tuning is the best achieved if there are no external intrusions to disturb the broadcast. Here are some: toxins (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medications), spirits invoked from any kind of shamanistic or channeling practices, junk food, animal consumption (the meat is full of chemicals and other toxins).

The Olympic players and all the best athletes in the world are already in the know and embargo most of these in their lifestyles. What's more, prior to any major tournament or pursuits they undergo a special diet, which often includes celibate. If your goal is to play in major league then this is the imperative. Not the celibate part. :-)

It's much easier than you think, especially when you are determined to win, whatever it takes. Even if it takes killing your addictions. Kill them before they kill you.




Why tune in

Now, what's in it for ya? How can this tuning ever help you win any game? We covered most of the perks, but if you are still not quite there in getting the big picture, let's recap: basically, by tuning in with Higher Power, call it Force, God or whatever, you make a connection with the the Source of all wisdom and power, and so you gain the necessary insights and strengths first to break away from the old and then to embrace the new great things.

The longer you tune yourself to that vibes, the more power you get in order to see clearly what you need to do and how to do it. You get all kinds of ideas and inspirations to pump up your creativity, but also answers to current questions or insights that join the dots. Your vision is cleared as to see what lies ahead and what needs to be done to get ahead.

Tune in long enough and you'll see how it's all connected. How everything on the face of the earth and beyond is somehow interconnected. Lock, stock and barrel. How your outer prosperity is connected to the inner one. As above, so bellow. Microcosm in macrocosm. A drop of water has all the qualities a bigger bucket of water has. Every little thing is a hologram of entire universe and it contains the essence of all things. Remember school? Spinoza and Leibniz, philosophy class? I knew you would say that. Well, if you missed it, here's a rundown: they taught us that everything is related and that every simple substance is an ongoing living mirror of the world

Once you are able to perceive the singularity beyond the plurality, the singularity as the source of all the plurality, of all the manifestations of the original One, then you can grasp the source of all power, including the source of your power. Ultimately, this realization will empower you to win any game in life. In simple words, the object is to see the one force behind every duality or trinity or any other multiple expressions. So, instead of seeing something as good or bad, the ideal is to see the source of it, which is neither good nor bad, but useful.

Instead of, say, blaming your nasty boss for your tough situation, see that this person has a higher purpose of either highlighting your own dysfunctions or shaking you up or forcing you to change path. You won't admit it, but the things we most dislike about others are the very same things we don't want to admit about ourselves. One of my former co-workers used to go on about how our supervisor was a tight-ass, but the fact was that he himself was no different. Even though he was right about the boss being tight-fisted, no other co-worker ever complained about it, only the stingy one. It bothered no one but him, who had the same dysfunction.


Tuning is making connection to the Higher Power, connecting with the source of ideas and wisdom




Allow magic in your life, allow miracles -
find a route into a world beyond the 3D world,
where anything is possible
as long as your heart is open to it



the act of focusing attention through heartfelt belief is what delivers our heart's desires and shapes our vision into reality



Harry Potter approach
(the Way of the Heart)

Of course, this is not about doing any of the abracadabras on the field, but only between the ears.
Develop a habit of entering an altered state of mind at will and journeying to other realms, where your spirit shows itself in many forms and opens your mind to solutions that would otherwise be missed.

In other words, you already get it that it's not all what you see, sometimes things happen in the forth dimension, the one we can't see but can pretty much imagine. Those of us who are not limited to what we can see, use the magical powers of invisible means, such as intuition and imagination.

Just before taking the field, it helps to raise the emotional level of every player on the team. When they are caught up in the emotional intensity of the moment, the participants of the game sprint onto the field using the ways of their heart to make possible even the impossible. In that zone nothing is out of range.

The point here is to allow magic in our lives, to allow miracles - to find a loophole, a route into a world beyond the 3D world, where anything is possible. What is miracle other than a display of power from beyond five senses. Our five senses have failed us on too many counts, and now even science bets on the fact that there is a whole other world beyond the capacity of our senses, beyond even the capacity of microscopes and whole other arsenal of high-tech gadgets. That's why we shouldn't rely on our senses to lead us all the way.

The way to go about it is not written in stone, it's up in the air. You are free to design your own ways of bringing or allowing magic into your life. Often it's triggered by doing things the opposite way, contrary to the usual routine. One of the prerequisite is to put ration on hold, grant it vacation time, give it a break. It involves counting on fairies and other creatures of the fourth dimension. Use them to acquire whatever. When you reach the wishing well, ask for skills rather than for things; for gifts that keep on giving. No need then to ask continuously for fish, when you know how to fish.

A wish-fulfilling process, which converts wishful thinking into desired objects, operates through the same nature's law that converts certain thoughts into actions, rather than through some divine intervention. In other words, the act of focusing attention through heartfelt belief is what delivers our heart's desires and shapes our vision into reality, pretty much same as collecting sunrays with a magnifying glass to produce fire. So the resources to turn our dreams into reality, our possibilities into actuality, are right within us and all we have to do is to acknowledge them and exploit them.

We often learn the Way of the Heart from kids, the likes of Harry Potter or all of you who think with your hearts rather than with your heads.


Entering the Hall of Mirrors
(the Way of the Mind)

Some call it meditation, but that word has become so clichéd that most people think it is about chanting some weird syllables and stuff while sitting cross-legged.

See it as going on a date with your mind, but with no strings attached. See mind as your lover that doesn't control you, but makes you a better person.

You can play with your mind any way you like. During such mind game you can glance at many aspects of your personality, many faces of a same face from many different angles. Like in a Hall of Mirrors.

Like tuning, meditation is essentially an activity of 'being', not one of 'doing'. First off, let go of all the preconceptions of what you are supposed to do during meditation, and instead of trying this and that, just let yourself be. Let yourself be observant and aware, be in the moment, be one with the Source, allowing your mind and body to become more receptive to the higher vibrations.

One by one modify your twisted views and be willing to explore your spirituality, your youity. Most of the folks use meditation as a stress buster. It works for them, because it helps them relax and cope with pressures. Others use it to beef up concentration ability or stretch own horizon. Well, if you have no such needs then find another inner requirement that you could fix with it.

The whole exercise is mainly about filtrating your thought patterns. There are many techniques, but they all came down to raising awareness and keeping the mind in the moment.

Once you walk the Way of the Mind you'll be astonished how thoughts have a life of their own. Some of the contents of your mind will knock your socks off and you'll wonder where they all came from, where is the source from which all the thoughts spring, and why did they end up in the executive lounge of your brain. You'll see thoughts as some tourists. As you'll be watching your mind doing its own thing, you will be convinced evermore that indeed you are not your mind. At times, when it will seem that some weird thoughts colonized it, you'll wish you could fire your mind - no need to put up with the horrors of being alone with bizarre thoughts. No, you are not defined by your mind, neither by your body, nor emotions.





meditation is going on a date with your mind, but with no strings attached



Once in the Hall of Mirrors you can play:
  • Letting go or detachment - free your mind from all the negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations and upbeat imagination. It's very important from time to time to allow our mind to drift freely, unrestrained by conventional inhibitions. The holy mantra there could be the Kennedy's famous claim: 'Ich bin ein Berliner', declaring the demolition of the Berlin wall inside our minds, the wall that we built for ourselves. No one denies us the freedom more than our own prejudices and invalidating beliefs. They are the very bricks the Berlin wall was made of. And no one else can knock down our own wall instead of us who built it. Bear in mind, mental fences are always far more difficult to destroy than the concrete ones.
  • Shifting perspective - the most amazing and powerful method in combating all sorts of disorders. It requires willingness to understand that the same kind of mind-set that got us to where we are is not going to get us to where we want to be. Seeing things from another angle can transform our outlook, but more important it can then transform the actual harmful condition itself. If a person could allow a negativity to enter her life, she sure could allow it to exit too. Because where there is an entrance, there is always an exit too. If we could build a wall, we could also tear it down. The best way would be to shift perspective towards some higher principle and draw inspiration from there.
  • Concentration - train your mind to focus on an object, whether it is a visual image, an audio mantra, breath counting or a mental concept, such as virtues of compassion, dedication or fearlessness. The whole point is learning not to lose the sight of your objective, as in the meditation so in the life. Focusing on one point requires letting go of the thousands other thoughts and desires that dash through your mind as distractions. So you could say you are learning both, to concentrate and let go in the same time. Your duty is to regulate your brain traffic and reduce the mental noise. The silent voices might drive you nuts in the beginning. It can be frustrating to find you are not the captain of your ship and that you are losing your marbles. Surveillance is just not enough; you want to have full control of your incoming thoughts. Your thoughts might not quite conform to one-dimensional focusing, and instead of you thinking your thoughts, the thoughts might end up thinking you. In any case, as with anything, if you stuck with it long enough, you'll eventually get it.


  • Visualization technique might seem like fun, because it entails constructing fully detailed vivid visions in the mind's eye, like mental photography or cinematography. Visions of new you and of your goals. See them all in full colors to the tiniest detail. That will electrify your magnetic field and draw it to you.
    If you have problems visualizing, picturing things in your mind, you could either give it a shot at correcting the visibility of your mind's eye, or you can play other technique. If your mind's eye is shortsighted, there are inner glasses to fix that, which you could shop for in spiritual markets.
    However, if you discover that visualizing your goals does in fact work like a charm, carry on.
  • Mantra - either reciting it (aloud or silently) or listening it from a player. There is a saying that idle mind is a devil's workshop. For mind to be of great service, we need to keep it busy with the right thoughts. The best way to occupy the mind is to give it a task of repeating over and over a mantra that echoes the highest principle. The power of mantra is in reaching the subconscious mind. Its repetitive mode lulls intellect to sleep and even stupefies it into submission. Often they are given in an unfamiliar language, such as Latin or Sanskrit. The use of mantra can be found in most spiritual practices. In Roman Catholic Church is done by chanting prayers along the rosary. In Hindu tradition as well as Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism mantras are in form of special words (stretch of syllables) or sound vibrations that instill one-pointed concentration and invoke divinity. In all of mantras there are two primary components - meaning and sound. For the mantra to be effective, great emphasis is put on the level of concentration of the mind on the meaning of the word(s) that are recited, as well as on correct pronunciation. The meaning is always related to God or the highest principle. Outside religious context, mantras are called affirmations. The repetition of uplifting auto-suggestions is meant to reprogram the mind in order to set it in the mode for attracting good things. 
  • Mental absorption - get absorbed in a certain grand thought. Focus on a mental concept, such as virtues of compassion, devotion or fearlessness, and see how it becomes a part of you.
  • Introspection - examine your thoughts. It is a way of catching a reflection of a side of your personality, which is more than just an expression of conditioned responses regulated exclusively by your environment and heredity. Through self-observation, our mental impurities dissolve, resulting in a balanced mind.
  • Reflection - reflect by throwing yourself back in past to learn from it. Taking a trip down memory lane, we use some of our past experiences to help us deal with the current ones.

You better grasp the power of those techniques, because nothing that is false in your mind can stand the gaze of your consciousness teamed up with conscience, and will eventually drop away.
Seeing the reflection of yourself and your actions from all sides in the inner Hall of Mirrors, it helps putting it all in a new perspective. You can have light-bulb moments realizing the other side of your experiences and perceive even the harsh ones as milestones. You did and will have some more snags on the way, but see it all as part of the adventure.

In order to progress we need to do some serious brain fitness– to shape up by constantly breaking free of old fixed patterns ('fat') and welcoming the new better ones ('muscles').  All the while remembering that brain or mind doesn't define us, but refine us. That mind should be our servant, not the master.




To materialize is to visualize.


Prayers are for believers - pray as if you are a son of god, not as a beggar. If God is your Father in Heaven, than claim your rights. Most people pray on autopilot, having thoughts elsewhere. Prayers are only gratified when they are in sync with our thoughts, emotions and action, when focusing attention through heartfelt belief. For one thing, nobody's coming out of the clouds for us. Through emotion-filled praying we focus on what we want and broadcast a certain vibe out in the world that creates a magnetic field attracting what we pray for. We open ourselves to the influx of God's bliss.

Vision boards - Treasure Map

Pin posters or collages of the things you want on your walls or in a binder. Cut pictures from magazines or other sources, each representing a goal or aspects of a goal. Design the pictorial representations of your goals into an appealing image, like a treasure map, and have it where you can see it every day to remind your subconscious what you're aiming for. This is how you magnetize yourself to attract these things. But remember when looking at it to see yourself having it all already. If you visualize about the future, it will take you longer than necessary to manifest what you desire. Every once a while there comes an announcement that outshines all the others and here is one: Imagination is one of the most powerful forces. The secret weapon of all peak performers




There is more to spike up your act:

  • Dress for success - have style that is in sync with your act, one that shows your identity. Don't tie your neck if it doesn't suit you. Ever heard of war-paint? It's not about make-up or masking; it's about letting others see what your intentions are.

Winners look like winners, do you? There is no dress code for success, but there is a dress mode. Style can win you many points out on the field. People do judge book by the cover. If you need people to judge you, than see to it that you got right cover. It's not essential, but it does help to deliver your message to the world.

  • Choco Diet. If you have a sweet tooth, you'd be pleased to hear that in order to make it on any field, you can eat all the chocolate you want. As a matter of fact, you should eat all the chocolate you want, if it puts you in the feel-good mood. And the feel-good mood is what you need to succeed. Anything to sweeten the pot. Now we'll let you in on a little secret. The secret of having it all. You might not like it. But this is how the ball bounces. You won't like it only if you are a slave to your habits, a slave to your body's needs. Those who are masters of their body won't have a problem with it. There is a way to get the jump on the way of self-mastery, if you are ready for it. A way to detoxify yourself from bad vibes and it has to do with not stuffing yourself with dead corpses. Did you know that some of the strongest animals on the planet are vegetarians, like elephants, rhinoceros, and bulls? There goes one of your excuses.

So the secret of having it all - health, wealth and loving relationships - is that meat pulls you down to the animal level. The way to be a (wo)man all the way, with all aspects in top form is to cut down on dead corpse's intake. Mind you, vegetarian diet alone won't bring you to the top, but it will add to it.

If you are ready to face up to all the myths about eating that you have been buying into over the years, and step up in the shoes of your heroes, click on the scoop right here. (link coming soon)





If you google famous vegetarians you won't find any criminals there, only the greatest minds in the history from Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Shakespeare, Edison, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Tolstoy, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Superman/Clark Kent, Bob Marley, John Lennon...

Here are some of the contemporary ones:
Andre 3000, from OutKast, vegan
Avril Lavigne
Bryan Adams, vegan
Carlos Santana,
Eddie Vedder, singer of Pearl Jam
all the Beatles guys
Michael Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Lenny Kravitz
Meatloaf, the singer
Chris Evert
Martina Navratilova 
Carl Lewis
Pamela Anderson
Orlando Bloom
Pierce Bronsnan
Robert Redford
Samuel L. Jackson
Demi Moore
Jean-Claude Vandamme
Jerry Seinfeld


The Way of the Rich

If there is a simple formula to what to do and not to do in order to be rich, it is following the ways of the rich and avoiding the ways of the poor.

Here's the inside track on the ways of those who are with it and those who are without it. Take your pick. 





Work for money

Money controls them (slave to money)

Money works for them

They control the money (master of money)

Earned income
(from labor)

Passive & portfolio income
(from one time past activity & investments)

Work for others

Work with others

Play not to lose

Play to win

Play it safe

Look for security

Take risks

Look for challenge

Have doubts

Have faith

Think and feel negative


Think and feel positive


Don't take responsibilities

Take responsibility

The pattern of get up – go to work – pay bills

Free of patterns

Emotions do the thinking

Mind does the thinking

Run by fear and ego

Run by courage and vision



Financially illiterate

Financially literate

Own liabilities

Own assets

Not balanced


Focus on avoiding failure

Focus on achieving success

Focus on what's bad or wrong

Focus on what's good or right

Focus on product/service

Focus on developing management skills

Put their eggs in too many baskets or only one

Put their eggs in a few baskets



Want others to change

Open to change

Make choices influenced by others

Have power to choose

Take advices from unsuccessful people

Don't take advices from the unsuccessful

Can not get control of themselves

Have self-discipline

Defeated by failures

Inspired by failures

Buy luxuries first

Buy luxuries last

Don't choose their friends

Choose their friends carefully

Talk and Talk

Listen and Do


Vocabulary of the poor includes the words such as:
luck, coincidence, impossible

Vocabulary of the rich have no words such as:
luck, coincidence, impossible

“I'll believe it when I see it”

“I'll see it when I believe it”

“Receive and then give”

“Give and you shall receive”

 “It takes money to make money”

“It takes idea to make money”

“I can't afford it”

“How can I afford it?”

“Success is a matter of luck”

“Luck can be influenced by me”




If we had to sum up the whole book in one message it would be this: playing to win is about reconnecting with the source of our power, whatever the means. You can have the best TV set one can buy and access to all the channels in the world, but if it's not plugged in to its source of power, electricity, you can never benefit from it. So plug in to the highest power in the universe, and all things become possible.


Final call

This is it.
The trumpets are out playing your song.
The heat is on.
Reality doesn't get realer than this.
Great moments are born from great opportunities. And that's what you have here now - a great opportunity, boys and girls.
This is your time to win because you can!
You were born to be players and you were born to be winners
- every one of ya.
 And you were meant to be here where you are.
Here is the place and now is the time.
We are sick and tired of hearin' about
what others can do better than us.
Now you can too. 'Cause you know how.
There is always one more inch you can do.
Put your best foot forward and take that inch.
Give it your best shot.
Show us what you're made of, what you're all about.
Show your stuff.
Turn up the heat.
This is your time!! Time to get back your innocence.
The world is yours for the taking.
Now go out there and take it!
Let the good times roll!
The ball's in your court
Let the game begin

What have you got to lose?

May Force be with you!
High five,


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