No deed no feed.

in Action

Turning Point

In the first part we talked about what to do, now it comes the part on how to do. This is where interactivity falls into play. It's time you do your part, to step up to the plate. Without right action there is no right reaction.

As said before, in Taking the Path Of The Victor, among other steps you need to be calling all the shots and become a money magnet to attract fortune rather than work for it. The qualities that increase one's magnetic field are the stuff of which the greatest champs are made of. You are here to access those vital features, so that you can be on a roll.

We put together a practical guide here showing how to bring all of your individual facets in proportion for your brilliance to shine through. As you recall, the balance of all 3 aspects of being - body, mind and heart - is what make a gem out of you. Refining is done through harmonizing our different sides.

Soul is meant to be a master and balance our physical, mental and emotional qualities. Your task is to use your soul to recognize which one of these three aspects is taking over and then level it with the rest. Are you giving too much power to intellect, or getting carried away with hot temper, or putting too much weight on body's functions?

Talidari's art pharmacy's got the goodies to balance your act:
If mind is your master then we suggest the mind acupuncture
If heart is your master then we suggest the artistic pacemaker
If body is your master then we suggest the body-unbuilding workout
If soul is your servant then we suggest faith-lift and tuning

As said in The Way of the Victor and revealed by heromakers, any real victory is achieved only through self-mastery. The way to master others is to master oneself.

You will want to refer to the Victor's Code of Conduct for its gems and pearls. You'll need them assets to turn you into diamond material. The alchemists' ambition was to turn lead into gold, but the alphysicists have a mysterious formula that turns lead into much finer thing as gold - diamond. It's available at the Talidari's art  pharmacy. We are talking here of the transmutation of the heavy-metal, low vibration of negative thoughts and emotions into the brilliant, highest vibrations of all things positive.

What we have coming up is the game of turning words into action, a playful way to master one's own body, mind and heart, and touch base with one's own soul. All in the service of getting what you want out of life legit.





For every prize there is a price.


Game on

Enough talk. Let's rock! Let's play. It's a showdown time.
This is where the fun begins, ladies and gents.

Even-Steven is the name of the game. It's a game of self-mastery.
Playoff teams: 'Aces' vs. 'Dragons'
The Aim of the Game: to win yourself and the prize. You hit the bull's eye by achieving your objectives, whatever they are. The symbol presenting all your objectives is the ball. You score by throwing the ball where it belongs - in other words, by carrying your objectives through.
Gear: quantum gun, wits, light and sound
Duration: The game is up not when the time is up. It's up when you are up. Up where you belong.

But before  this goes any further we need to announce the prize. For you to know  what you've got to look forward to.  Here it is:

  • a crown title
  • a trophy life-style - the whole package: a fancy  crib to call your own with all the bells and whistles, a dreamobile or two, knockout suiting & booting, the world in your palm
  • a babe to die for
  • a picture of health: peace of mind, ease of body, piece of soul
  • prestige, fame - apart from winning your share of accolades from the peers, you get a premium spot in the hearts and minds of the public
  • a privilege to be a giver rather than a taker
  • bonus benefits: too many to mention


Don't get mad, get even

is all about evenness - balancing between what we want and what others want, having an equal chance, balancing our body's, mind's and heart's needs and capabilities.

It is the game we play every day on all type of fields:
social scene, corporate arenas and romantic courts

We use our self-mastery skills to achieve our objectives, our goals, whatever they are






The Force is with you, because it's within you.



This game is the kind you play everyday, in all type of situations that require you to be at the top of your game, whenever you want or need to win something in life. Every pursuit in life comes down to this game of weighing strengths against weaknesses, virtues against vices. It's the game we all play from womb to tomb, but most folks do it by default. If you are sick and tired of default results, living at the whims of others - nasty bosses, credit card companies, or others trying to hold you back - then it's time to play your cards right and cash in on the incredible power that is hidden within you. The Force is with you, because it's within you.

Main thing is that by now you figured it out what your thing is. Now that you finally know in what fun-field you want to play the rest of your life, and you are finally the captain of your inner team, you can lead the game. Let your personal hero or a higher power be the coach. As a captain you don't get to pick your players and contra-players, but you get to lead your team. All players are already there, all you need to do is to show your team and coach that you are for real - committed and reliable. With this role come many responsibilities, none of which are easy. But as a fighter at heart you welcome any challenge, right? When you take charge, you have to be able to handle tough situations, take the bull by the horns. If a problem occurs that you can't handle, don't be afraid to talk to your coach about it. We'll introduce you in a minute.

Be on top of your game by keeping your spirits high at all times.


So, let's brake it down. Let's see who is your coach and who else is in your team as well as who plays against you. Time to get acquainted with the rules of the game. But they are there for you, you are not here for them. Rules are there not to rule you, but to rule the bull. With odds in your favor, a coach of your dreams and the judge in your pocket, the only option really is to win.

The coach:

Take the best, leave the rest.
It's time to ask yourself, who would you pick as your mentor if you could choose from anyone in the world, dead or alive. Who do you look up to enough to steal his or her act? Ditch the sweet reason for a minute and give your imagination a go.
Some might cast a guru as a coach, others a favorite hero or a pet. It doesn't matter if it's real or fictional, dead or alive. If you are short of an ideal role-model, then simply invent one or find one in any parallel worlds. One that works for you. There is more to life than meets the eye, so why limit ourselves to what we see, or who we see. If you think the world of Flash Gordon, and you know his every move, let him mentor you, be your role-model, who cares. Main thing you outdo yourself somehow.

The point here is to have someone higher in rank than you to refer to in times of preparation and in times of trouble. At such times you just ask yourself what he or she would do in your place. The answer will always come through your soul connection - conscience and intuition. You know he or she would do only the right thing. Read on to find out how to communicate with your fictional coach.

Of course, there is always the flesh-and-bones kind you can use, we leave that up to you.






The judge:

You'd be pleased to know that you got the fairest judge of them all - the one that is on your side actually. The one that needs no introduction, His Majesty God. Even if you think there is no God, you can make one up for the sake of the game. No harm in pretending there is higher power to rule the game. You can't play and be the judge at the same time, so leave that to the experienced man upstairs.

If you have issues with God, it's time to resolve them once for all. We all had them, so hear our stories, 'cause they will twist you. Here they are: Issues with God

Now, why should you want the Man Upstairs to be the judge? Simply, because He's easy to bribe and no one can ever know. Since it all happens in the fourth dimension there is no 3D paper trail to dig up the deal between the two of you. Also, there is no court of law that would sue God or put him on stand.

The best part is, this judge accepts no cash nor card, so it will not cost you a penny. That is if you prefer it that way. For all those who find it easier to grease palm than take bribe-action are free to do it. As said, His Majesty takes no tips, but you can always hand in an envelope to some of his creations in need. There are plenty of charity organizations that will take your gravy in His name. Make sure you pick one that you believe in. Such kinds of donations are always seen as a sweetener from above. A big plus is if you do it anonymous, 'cause it's seen then as real and not as something you expect to be praised for.

An alternative influence peddling is doing it through some kind of ethical action. The judge has a soft spot for anyone playing up to him like that. There is a story from our team to illustrate the point:

Tali was living abroad in England at the time, trying to enter a university but to no avail. She failed to find a sponsor willing to finance her anthropology study. So, she didn't know what to do next, used up all of her money and on the train ride from the uni she picked up papers sitting on the seat across her. She rarely read papers, but this time she had a go. Just the headlines and ads. There was an ad that caught her eye. It was about voluntary work down in Africa. Everyone else in her 'flat' shoes would probably go for the classifieds that traded time for money, but not her. To make a long story short, a week later she joined this NGO's boot camp in Yorkshire. Fast forward 9 months, she was back home from Angola where she worked on a Child's Aid project in some remote fishing village. As you can imagine, volunteering didn't make her any richer in terms of money, however she scored in higher courts. Let us tell you how.

She couldn't come in a worse time to Croatia. In the aftermath of a civil war the country was in recession - it was a jungle out there. Her comeback from living years abroad was seen as insane and everyone tried to talk her out of settling there, including her family. Their general message was captured by the chorus line in an old Randy Newman tune: you can leave your hat on. There were no jobs out there, especially for the likes of her, who had no academic pedigree, no last name that could open doors, no strings to pull, no social standing and no friends in high places. But she was no good at listening to others, so she hung her hat there.

She found a job next month that paid based on performance and a year later she was making more money than the president of the country. Mind you, she had no skills and no qualifications for the jobs she did there. Most of all she had more setbacks than you could count, fighting in a corporate arena that did no favors to girls. How she made it to the top in a man's world is no thanx to her diploma or connections, both of which she didn't have. What she did have was the connection to the Higher Power and a virtual diploma of a completed humanitarian deed. Besides, her adventure in Africa brought her love, and in years that followed another high-profile job through her African connection. None of it would happen if she wasn't down there in the first place - as a volunteer.

In our book 'The Power of Volunteering' we portray hundreds of inspirational stories of real people donating their times to great causes and how it affected their lives for the better.

We are not saying you all need to go now to Africa or join a charity organization, but to consider how you can win judge's favor.

Most cultures and their luminaries have tradition of presenting offerings to god(s) prior to any major battles whether on physical grounds, or mental or spiritual. Such offerings are mostly done by placing money, foodstuff, flowers, incense sticks or candles on altars in temples or any place considered to be god's abode. Other offerings come in form of action. It's no secret that most celebrities are in on this scoop, judging from their generous contributions to charities, be it in money or activities.

These traditions are not some insignificant rituals, but in fact major investments. If you want to have a card up your sleeve in any game of life, it's time to start bribing God, so to speak.


In the old Spartacus (1960) film Marcus Licinius Crassus said: If there were no gods at all I'd still revere them.


Richard Branson, the head of Virgin Empire, wrote in his autobiography how when he was down on money and luck he used to give his time to some charity as a volunteer. Even though it paid nothing, his acts paid off manifold in so many other ways.

Most celebrities have worked with charities as basic spokespeople, campaigners, or giving large donations.
But increasingly, movie stars, pop singers, professional athletes and other glitterati are getting their hands dirty, traveling to some of the worlds' most remote locations to personally help out communities struggling against poverty, AIDS, hunger and natural  disasters.


Action star Jackie Chan has traveled to Cambodia several times to endorse HIV/AIDS and landmine rehabilitation projects supported by UNICEF. Jackie founded the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in 1988 to help young people in a variety of worthy causes, including medical services, aid to victims of natural disaster or illness, scholarships and youth activities. In addition to his work with the JCCF and the Dragon's Heart Foundation, Jackie has been involved in fundraising and support for hundreds of charities over the years. He is currently a UNICEF and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador.

George Clooney was made a United Nations Messenger of Peace in January 2008.

To read more about celebrities and their work with a variety of charities, check out Look to the Stars. The website lists hundreds of celebrities and the charitable causes they work with.


Ladies and gents, let us present the teams playing:

Captain: You, the soul
Your team-mates:

Captain: Ego

Ego's brothers in arms:

Vision Conformity
Imagination, Creativity Narrow-mindedness, Prejudice
Enthusiasm, passion Apathy
Optimism Pessimism
Understanding, Wisdom, Awareness Ignorance, Stupidity, Unawareness
Faith Doubt
Hope Worry, Despair
Confidence Insecurity
Courage Fear, Discouragement
Commitment, Dedication, Devotion Hesitation, Negligence, Distraction
Perseverance, Determination Surrender, Giving up
Patience, Endurance Impatience, Pain
Calmness Anger*, Anxiety
Generosity Greed*, Selfishness, Stinginess, Ambition
Kindness Envy*, Jealousy
Compassion, Love Hatred
Forgiveness, Mercy Revenge, Blame, Accusation, Criticism
Responsibility Resentment, Regrets, Guilt
Reliability, Trustworthiness Cheating, Corruption
Integrity, Honesty, Sincerity, Fidelity Dishonesty, Insincerity
Honor Shame
Dignity Unworthiness
Charm, Courtesy, Civility Rudeness, Offensiveness, Swearing
Thoughtfulness, Tactfulness Cynicism, Sarcasm, Irony, Mockery
Tolerance Intolerance
Fairness, Righteousness, Justice Discrimination
Humbleness, Modesty, Humility Pride*, Arrogance, Vanity
Discretion Indiscretion
Detachment Attachment, Addiction
Self-control, Self-discipline Lust*
Moderation Gluttony*
Diligence Sloth*, Boredom
Order, Tidiness Chaos
Cleanliness Dirtiness
Joy, Gain Grief, Loss
Peacefulness, Gentleness Aggressiveness
Satisfaction, Contentment, Happiness Frustration

* - 7 deadly sins according to Christianity



If you want to catch a birds, you shouldn't throw stones at them, instead allure them by giving what they want - breadcrumbs.

As with any games or combats, you need to have the great squad on your side. If any of the players is missing, the whole team is weaker. So make sure all your team members are up and running. You have all the help you need at a snap of a finger.

In the old days one could see his enemies, nowadays it's not that clear-cut. Nothing is one-dimensional, so a friend can be an enemy, given the circumstances. The lack of absolutes makes it harder to keep wolves from our doors, because they sometimes come in sheep's clothing.

The best way to look at it is to see that everyone and everything is multidimensional, and that in reality no one or nothing is our enemy as a rule. What confronts us is not the person or the thing, just a weak aspect of them or us. Our rivals are not bad by nature; they are just too timid to resist the vicious dragons that play on their weaknesses.
In order to make the best of any situation we need to bring the best out of anyone or anything by playing on their heart strings or needs.



So, how do you play the game. As any:

  • Keep your eyes on the ball, your objectives. Don't let the other team score. Sure they'll try to make it hard for you to score; otherwise there would be no game and no victory.
  • Don't get hit.
  • When it confronts you, look a dragon in the eye, see it for what it is. Know your enemy. Know which players of the rival team are the strongest, underline them and trick them, don't give them a chance to take over the game. Do whatever it takes.
  • Don't let the enemy know you. If they find your weak spot, you're done. Remember Achilles, or Delilah's Samson?
  • The way to confront contra-player is not always with the counter-player. For example, Fear doesn't need to be countered always with Courage, instead with Understanding that something else is more important than fear.
  • Use the most of your team, give them room to play
  • no fooling, 'cause the judge will give you a yellow card, and a yellow card is not what you want. Whatever you do, make sure you don't end up on the bench. The last thing you need is to ride on a backseat
  • you lose points each time a player of other team takes over and win points whenever your team takes a lead


There are three simple rules for making a smooth landing. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are


It's not the size of the person in the game, but the size of the game in the person


It's very simple once you know the rules and once you have your team behind you. Just make sure your players are there for you. Remember, they all want to play, no one wants to warm the bench. Engage them, don't try to score alone. No need.

Say, a contra-player approaches you wanting to take you off the ball, what do you do? Don't let him. Call on any of your co-players to assist you. Remember you are not alone. At times there will be more than one of 'Dragons' at the time attacking you. How can that be a problem, when you have more than enough star-players on your side?! So, as in any game, stay attentive, don't lose the sight of the ball.

But that's not all. You have a whole squad of cheer-leaders and other spectators to help you win. And the best part, you have the advantage of home court. The other team is just a guest here. That is if you haven't flied off to some foreign land to turn a new leaf. If not, then you have almost a whole stadium to your side. So even if your family and friends are not backing you on this one, you are still way ahead on the supporters' number. There is a whole army out there that counts as your fans. If you don't fall for angels and the spirits of your heroes, then you must at least dig the rest: for example, all the members of square public, who are eager to see you win rather than continue to be a threat to society. Then there are lawmakers, who want you to be able to pay taxes rather than spend taxes. Who else, all those who win each time you do, like your brothers in arms, such as folks on your payroll, suppliers, distributors and so on.

Apropos spirits of your heroes (dead or alive) that you can use as either your coach or supporters, they are a secret weapon of all star-players.


If you buy into all the supernatural powers, the invisibles, than you become invincible. You know why? Because by believing them and allowing them to aid you, you get the kind of help that is hard to beat. How do you beat the invisible, right? Better have them on your side than on contra-side. This stuff is a bit offbeat so we won't dwell on it, but here is short guideline how to use those powers:

  • A major player here is belief or conviction. The more you believe it the more you get from it. Forget all about logics and the world of rationality, we are here talking soul. Winning with your heart and soul is the way to go, body is just a vessel and mind is a sly operator, not always on your side. Just look who plays on the other side, for the 'Dragons', all sons of tricky mind and poisoned heart.
  • Another key player here is imagination. Imagine all your heroes, real or not, present or gone. See them with all their qualities sitting on your bench, giving you thumbs up. Before the game is on, sit in peace and call on them to give you any useful lines about how to go about winning. Inspirations like that are hot property and will spike your act out on the field. No buts about it.

Here's an example: say you lack certain virtues/assets or they are not strong enough players in your team. And you know you'll need them some time. The best way to pump up their muscles is finding who's got them then just borrow them.

Let's take you are short on self-discipline. The chances are the addictions, sloth, lust and some other Dragons would have no sweat with it there on the field. Like stealing candy from a baby. You don't want that, you don't want your players be an easy mark and other team to have a go at you like that.

What you do, you find some hero or individual or even an animal or a film character that represents that quality in your world. Say, Van Damme scores high on self-discipline in your view. It doesn't matter you don't know the guy, he still can be your mentor. Easy thing would be just to pretend to be him at the times self-discipline is required. If that's too much to ask, then use your imagination and have imaginary talks with him, ask him how to get that quality for yourself. You'd be surprised of the answers you get. Mostly you get them through your soul connection - conscience.

Bet you can find a hero for every quality you miss, so use them to inspire you. You can learn patience from your dog, diligence from ants, modesty from elephants...


Maximus Decimus Meridius: Ancestors, I ask you for your guidance. Blessed mother, come to me with the Gods' desire for my future. Blessed father, watch over my wife and son with a ready sword. Whisper to them that I live only to hold them again, for all else is dust and air. Ancestors, I honor you and will try to live with the dignity that you have taught me.





You can't stop the bullets, but you can learn to dodge them. You can't stop the rain, but you can get an umbrella. You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. 


It would do you great good if you re-evaluate your stand on the kill-the-dragon-before-it-kills-you issue. That kind of attitude towards others is a standard approach of the society at large, bullied into being constantly intimidated and jeopardized, resulting in antagonistic, hostile and aggressive environment. Such attitude stimulates strong sense of self-preservation, as well as it entails the sort of manner towards fellowmen, where everyone is up against each other at some level. Playing cats & dogs, ripping-off and stepping on people in order to get ahead is very much accepted practice in most cultures.

In a world, where a wolf can never be left on the same bank of the river as a sheep, or in some cases a robber on the same bank as an old lady with a bag, because in most natural course the one will attack the other, and not much we can do to change that pattern; in such world, the strong will always take over the weak. That killer instinct was a touchstone for survival of a prehistoric community and it is a benchmark for stamina of the modern society in this day and age.

With all these in mind, how about taking on an adventure of walking on slippery slope by changing your tune to a new stand: charm-the-dragon-before-it-charms-you? Why not chose to adopt the attitude that allows you more pacific outlook? The one which involves considering the dragons to be a due resistance needed for the growth of your soul-muscles. That attitude creates the sense of gratification, because you owe it to the dragons for your strength and growth. You need them to develop and cultivate your qualities, and that is why you should look forward encountering them, rather than being intimidated by them. It's like building up your physical strength in gym. We need those weights as resistance to keep fit. Well, those weights are just like dragons.
After all, any progress requires some sort of resistance, because only through overcoming obstacles we can develop the qualities we need to improve our standing in this world.

Instead of pursuing to exterminate your dragons, swap the mode and learn to make use of them. Like doubt, for example, it can be proved useful when in dodgy situations. Or fear, it helps to motivate in some cases. I don't know about you, but me, I put the belt in my car on because I fear cops would fine me rather than because it might save my life.

There is always a threat that those little dragons might harm you; that is why you needed to charm them somehow, like a snake charmer. For that, you need to familiarize with them instead of maintaining the usual animosity. You can't stop the bullets, but you can learn to dodge them. You can't stop the rain, but you can get an umbrella. You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.  So the slayer of dragons becomes the charmer of dragons instead.




See losses as lessons












No one ever won anything by quitting

A word or two on losing battles:
There are many losses left behind and there will be some more for sure. Meet each loss with honor, knowing that often losing is winning in disguise. Because it stops you from going down the path which was not meant for you, and puts you on the one that will bring you more than expected. See losses as lessons. As signs even. As chances for a better way of life. A loss often leads to a win. Maybe without a specific loss, you wouldn't be able to win or gain on other occasion. The winnings that come after losing tell you that winning isn't everything, and reminds you of why losing is still winning.

Failure is sometimes better than success. Don't succumb to the global obsession for success. There is only one form of success, and that's living life on your own terms.

Say you lost a job, it gets you off the hamster wheel of stress, so you could clear your head and take time to smell the roses. It also opens you to new better opportunities. Later you might want to write a 'thank you' card to the ex-boss who sacked you, like I did.
Dealing with losses, keep your head up knowing you had a purpose in losing.

Mistakes are inevitable and it is okay to make them, as long as they are not the same ones. The main difference between you and your role-model is that the role-model made more mistakes than you did. Not that anyone counts them, but surely, every champ had more mishaps than Scheherazade had stories. No doubt, they couldn't have reached so far without them, without the falls, because they made them stronger. Learning from mistakes is an important and effective part of learning. To prove our point, let us paraphrase Confucius, who said that our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in raising every time we fall. That's being successful at failures, winner even while losing.

Other than losses, there will be also tons of distractions and obstacles tempting to put you off your game. But if you see it that they in general serve the purpose of reinforcing your intentions, then they will be no threat to you. Temptations are quite useful, 'cause they put our vision to the test and challenge our convictions. See them as traps for your weaknesses, for not being consistent. When we face them we come to something like a filter, which divide winners from losers, those who live their dreams from those who live in regret. Those who do not fall in the traps of loss blues, distractions and obstacles, they advance, and those who stay entrapped, they live running in place rather than moving forward.

Endurance is equally balanced with faith. In other words, the more faith in yourself and your calling you have, the more resilient you get.

There will be always forces trying to stop us achieve our goals, and it's in stoically countering those forces that we get real joy of winning.










It is in how we turn our
mess into message
and our
test into testimony
that we measure our worth.

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