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Issues with God

Here are some real people, each telling their issues with God in the past. These stories are not here to entertain you but to inspire you and maybe give you something that can change your life.

Tali's story - War with God:

Just before my last big break I had 5 long years of crossing swords with Mr. Perfect. I've done my fair share of praying, but God never heard me. My life at the time was full with evidences that supported that belief. I was conditioned to believe in God, but I thought God didn't believe in me. Little by little I was leaning toward marching under atheists' banner. My life made no sense to me at the time. Mind you it did before, but at that point my view was distorted/all colours were off.
I tell you why. At the beginning of that 5 year period I was both fired and resigned from two high-profile jobs that brought me a dream lifestyle. I pulled the plugs, 'cause I didn't want to take part in the crooked schemes that were part of the corporate arena in which I had to play the game of musical chairs every day, the power game that required stepping on others and elbowing them out in order to stay in the game. So I bailed out, one way or another. I did it without thinking. I was sure that with my talents I could make that much money anywhere else, but most of all I counted on God's grace, thinking He would back me up on this one by giving me even a better deal. You see, I expected to be divinely rewarded for standing up to my values against the material benefits, which is all one can ask of God, right? Hope you agree with me.
What happened afterwards was nothing you could describe with the word 'reward', I can tell you that much. Just to give you a flair of what followed, let me tell you that I tried to engage in a number of other businesses of which none brought me even a cent, and made me lose my investments, time, energy, pride and joy. The most ridiculous thing about those ventures was that every one of them failed in most mysterious circumstances, the kind that were totally beyond me. I won't bore you with details, but believe me it was all out of normal, as if God was punishing me instead of rewarding. The most significant venture was my giving in to my long-time desire of becoming a writer. I wanted to do it forever, but never believed it could bring me the lifestyle I thought I deserved, so I kept postponing it. So I finally took the courage to act on my prime desire and took time to write a novel. When the time came for God to show me his favour, He was nowhere in sight. There was only one set of footprints, and believe me they were mine, no God was carrying me.  I struggled to publish my book for years to come but was only running in place. I failed on all counts, including the one in my heart. I couldn't believe that there could be a God out there to allow such unfair fate to someone who stood by him in most compromising circumstances. I was even wondering if I should have prostituted my soul like others and kept engaging in the enterprises I didn't believe to be right. At least I would have a job and home I could call my own. Instead, at the age of 33 I was back living with my parents and flat broke.
But after, 5 years of arguing with God, I finally let Him talk, or better let myself hear Him, and at long last I realized what was really going on. I stood in my own way with my own ideas of what I should be doing, the ideas I was getting from the world, not me, not God. God is not in rewarding or punishing business, we are, we put Him in this roles, and punish ourselves. Once I decided to give myself to arts, which was my (no one else's) idea of God's intention for me on this Earth, I didn't commit myself to it. I kept trying other things on the side and they all failed. Not because there was no God or because God was punishing, but because I didn't read the signs, because I didn't do what I was meant to - follow my mission to the end, which was writing. So by failing at all other ventures, in a way God was helping me to focus on my prime thing. If I had succeeded in any other games I wouldn't give enough time and chance to my own favourite game. Now, when I look back, all those failures were blessings in disguise and thank God I failed there, 'cause of it all I can now call myself a best-selling author.

I used to be a beggar rather than a queen. I begged God to give me this or that, and when he didn't deliver I scorned Him. It was easier to see His faults than my own. I preferred to get than give. After adapting the view that God performs through the laws of nature as well as human conscience, rather than through miracles, I changed my prayers from ‘Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz’ and ‘Lord, please give me cellulite-free skin’ to ‘Lord, please make me your instrument in getting the Benz and making my skin cellulite-free’. Instead of ‘give me this and give me that’, I asked for ‘make me become this and that so that I can gain all that’. So, I focused on what God could do through me, rather than what God could do to me. The time came to stop asking God what He could do for me, but what I could do for God. As soon as I changed my perspective, I was given the fishing rod, instead of fish, and as a result I got much more out of life.

Neale Donald Walsch story:

Once as Neal was giving a talk about his book 'Conversations with God' a woman approached him scorning him about telling lies about God. She told her own story about the loss of her son as a proof there's no God. Since this story made it to this page, you can imagine it ended so that she was convinced otherwise.
To make the long story short, she was angry because God took her son in a motorbike accident. She explained how he was actually adapted and found out about it at age 14, when she promised to help him find his biological mother as soon as he turned 18. He was so keen to meet his 'real' mother that he stopped calling her 'mom'. On the day of his 18th birthday he died in an accident. The answer Mr. Walsch gave her has made her see the sense behind the tragedy and helped her overcome the pain. He said that her son's biological mother had died before him and the only way for the son to be with her, as he longed, was to die too.
So much about being careful what to wish for!
Her son's light is no more out than is the light of the sun in the night, though it may seem dark till the world turns to let you see with your eyes what you know in your heart.

He had completed as much of his earthly work as he could and there was nothing else for him to do. From there, it’s possible to help his parents and the others much more than he was able to do while he was here.

Barry's story:

As anyone diagnosed with a lethal disease, Barry too hosted some thoughts of God's unfairness and non-existence. He didn't want to believe he had anything to do with the coming of tumour in his head until he was convinced otherwise. Instead of barking up the wrong tree and blaming God for inviting a guest in his head, he was thanking Him for sending a healing his way, even before healing was obvious. On the day his doctor booked an operation for him, instead of driving to the hospital he drove away to a cottage by a lake to take time to reconnect with God. Armed with only a bible and Talidari's inspirational letters, he let the 'guest' go, never to come back again. He realized the growth was nothing else but accumulated anger towards his father, and as soon as he let the anger go, the tumour left with it. Forgiveness, which God taught him, was the key to his salvation. If he played the blame game with God, as most people do, he would never have the means to change his fate. His doctor is amazed, and it's no skin of Barry's nose if the guy wants to call it a miracle, but Barry knows there is nothing miraculous about it. He could witness it on the field that God is on his side, as long as he lets Him be there.


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