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Sweet Sweet of the Street

Tolstoy, a renown writer in old Russia was a man of great wisdom. When a friend visited him the first time, he experienced the bitterness of his wife. She was very disagreeable, speaking harshly and being rude and obnoxious to her husband. She regularly insulted him. After seeing enough of it, the friend asked him in private, "Why do you put up with her? The woman is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. You don't need her!" But Tolstoy said, "I do need her. I need her to practice being sweet.” Bitter trials are often sweet blessings in disguise.


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Sweet Poetry

A Hymn to Baklava


On my way from work, tired and beat
when I wish my thinking to be sweet
my mind with mom's baklava I treat
to sweet me off my feet.

Divine ambrosia made just for me
Like a sweet nectar to a bee
Sure to make me glee
a thought of baklava with a cup of tea.

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