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Please support our efforts to put crime in museums by clicking 'support' button. This way you donate but it doesn't cost you a thing. Our corporate sponsors use the number of daily visits to fund our crime-stopping projects in exchange for advertising. We need your clicks to fund our projects for a crime-free world.

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Money paid by site advertisers goes towards providing criminals with a way out of crime. When you click on the "Support" button, another page opens that contains introduction to innovative solution to stop crime along with advertisements from site sponsors. All of the fees paid by these sponsors are used to fund the crime stoppers' projects.

It is a worthy cause and we encourage you to regularly visit the site and click on the "Support" button.

What do you believe in? Do you believe that we all have the power to reduce and even stop crime? If we join our forces we have a great chance to make it happen - together.

To know more about our efforts to stop crime, check out our projects listed on the left. We have a cure for crime that provides the criminals with alternatives to crime. Feel free to forward it to any criminal needing a way out to make it in this world legit. Not all our projects are operating yet, but as funds keep rolling in they'll become available.

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The Crime Stoppers need you to put crime where it belongs - museums. Every click counts as a unique declaration of doing something about making our world a better place.


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Click here to grab a way-out game plan for criminals, packed with inspiring pictures and quotes from crime-related films.

This is where you find tested juicy guidelines on how to turn a new page and move forward, get a sense of identity and a sense of direction, but most of all you'll get powerful ideas and practical tools to become a money magnet and end your money problems forever.


Powerbroker is all a struggling ex-criminal need to get a big break legit. It provides you with a team that lifts you up and take a whole lot of work off your hands. A powerbroker is a gray eminence, behind- the-scenes operator that put you on a throne.

This is where you find the best alternative to sailing close to the wind in order to let the good times roll.

“Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it”
- Henry Thomas Buckle

“Society prevents the crime, the criminal omits it”
- Talidari


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