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Art Gallery
Multi-formed Paintings
Colorful abstract works on shaped wooden canvases

Multiforma - Each wooden canvas is uniquely tailored, as in carved & curved, to attain a perfect silhouette and match the ballad that would be later painted on it. In Multiforma collection the contour of a painting, has the starring role in the overall display.

Style - la di da: characterized by affectionate genteelity and larger-than-life decorum. In other words, la-di-da in arts stands for all these: posh, sophisticated, jazzy, deluxe, exclusive, glam, chic, stylish, cultivated, fashionable, refined, luxury, modish and esthetic. La-di-da has the Lady Di star quality – beautification of the room by mere presence, sophistication without intellectualization and the affectation of being demure in a provocative way


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