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Multiformed Art

Talidari’s invention – the Multiforma – is a style of paintings outside a style. A style that is related not to the process of painting but to the process of shaping the canvas’ figure. Each wooden canvas is uniquely tailored, as in carved & curved, to attain a perfect silhouette and match the ballad that would be later painted on it. In Multiforma collection the contour of a painting, has the starring role in the overall display.

Cutting edges leads to being on the cutting edge

jLo's jewels
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, greatness is in the heart of the beholder,
vision is in the ears of the beholder



Multidimensional Art

In line with our ethos and its esteemed value of extraordinary, not only are the forms of Talidari paintings exceptional and cutting edge, but also the multidimensional art of the imagery - a style of paintings inside a style. The image-files portray not the visual reality but expand beyond to the non-visual ones, such as the audio reality. Hence, the paintings are more of a visual music or in some cases visual poetry.

They are meant to act as bridges to the fourth dimension, to the inner fairyland, evoking resonance from higher levels of our consciousness.


Square is out, multiforma is a go-go

Square paintings inspire square thinking

In our modern collection, we portray the symbolic quality of things, instead of the things themselves since we know that each individual interpretation of reality is what counts. In other words, we don’t paint, say, just an image, nor imageness (essence of an image), but imagination – that what an image represents to each of us individually in the greater scheme of things.
We believe that in order to see what's out there, a person needs more than just eyes and reason. By looking deeply into Talidari arts one is able to enter into another dimension, that is if one looks with their hearts, not just eyes. Each painting has a story behind it, but its greatness is in the heart of the beholder, for the stories are intimately connected to each viewer individually. Meaning, every person can perceive another story, even multiple stories in multiple moments.
  'The Kiss' click to see more  
However, if we go even further and try to look at pieces with our third ear, then the experience and the impact goes far deeper, because the greater vision is in the ears of the beholder. The point is to hear the paintings you see. Our inner voice can guide us into visionary state of heart and turn our inspiration into insight & insound which we can use to better our lives.

The birth of la-di-da in arts
Just when you think you’ve seen everything, there comes a new variety of visual expression. La-di-da was new-born in the 2006. at the creative lab of Talidari in Germany.

Spice up your rooms with stylized
la-di-da designs

  'Singing Flower' click to see it in the show-room

La-di-da defined
Never mind its connotations by some scholars directed at affected gentility or pretentious refinement, in our world, la-di-da art is characterized by affectionate genteelity and larger-than-life decorum. In other words, la-di-da in arts stands for all these: posh, sophisticated, jazzy, deluxe, exclusive, glam, chic, stylish, cultivated, fashionable, refined, luxury, modish and esthetic. La-di-da has the Lady Di star quality – beautification of the room by mere presence, sophistication without intellectualization and the affectation of being demure in a provocative way, by all means eluding a cheap shock-value associated with so many arts & artists that have no other value to show for.


Beautify your space
with the newest
 la-di-da wall’s accessories

Sophisticate your space
with timeless la-di-da visuals

'Do You See What I See' click to see it in the show-room  

The message of la-di-da arts
They are meant to act upon a person's emotions, hushing the mental activity altogether. On that note, if one gets anything rational out of it, it should be the idea that joy in life cannot be attained by forcing one's own destiny; instead, one must be receptive to the path laid for them by nature and circumstance, which will themselves provide what is necessary. No point in stressing about anything, just relax and enjoy the ride. Effort is far overrated. Even without the effort, if we just surround ourselves with feel-good impressions and tune in with the nature, everything will fall into place naturally. Reasoning is even more overrated. Western overemphasis on rationality is at the expense of other vital parts of experience, such as emotional and spiritual, such as intuition.


So, the message is short and clear: Go with the flow. Go with the gut. We always get impulses that blow us in the right direction, but we mostly resist them, because they often require a change. Inspiration from la-di-da arts makes one willing to ride the winds of change and make a difference when appropriate.

Black sheep goes pink
Black sheep’s new clothes 

A visionary artist’s task is to be ahead of times as in offering new values. In that, most bold artists have been considered even as black sheep in their narrow milieu. And Talidari is no exeption. However, we at Talidari took our deviation from the accepted standards of our circle as a positive mark but traded our notorious black clothing for another more appropriate color. That makes us pink sheep of our family! After all, we don't live in a white & black world.
this is not our painting, just an image we use here

What’s in vogue?
definitely not the done for, moldy out-dated portrayals of reality that photography can do better. A go-go these days is absolutely anything that brings a new value to the world of today and tomorrow.

In fashion is that which is out of fashion. That which is not following the trends but setting them.
That which allows the eye to be either engaged or soothed.


hot tip
Forget about moth-eaten depictions of old masters, go for the progressive. Stay on top of trends by upgrading your space to induce your progress.


Furniture is the outfit for your third skin, paintings are the jewels.

Furniture gives a character to your space, paintings give it a charm.

'Alpha & Omega' click to see it in the show-room


haute couture
Talidari paintings are haute couture of the art world. Hi-Fashion garments for the third skin. Each piece is one of a kind and on the extravagant note. Here at the Talidari quarters, you can find one in a million repertoire.

The perfectly blended glitz and ritz gives a room a
tasteful bling-bling needed to ensure an atmosphere of magnificence, a tone of splendor, an air of radiance,
a feel of grandeur, an ambiance of joie de vivre, and an impression of sumptuousness.





Salvador Dalí “The Persistence of Memory”

Salvador Dalí: “The Persistence of Memory


factor X
The key component in creating a masterpiece is intention, Talidari’s exclusive ally. By adding a touch of positive intention - the immortal substance - we pour a specific energy into our creations, giving them an eternal dimension. And to boot, uttering magic words of Simran during the creation process, it brings about the intensity of good intentions.


René Magritte "This is not a pipe" René Magritte “The Son of Man”

René Magritte "This is not a pipe"&“The Son of Man”


Legacy of Surrealism
Once upon a time in vogue genre - surrealism, gets a contemporary gloss with a Talidari magic brush in the ‘Multiforma’ Collection. The idea is the same – depiction of "the real world beyond the real" – and the aim too - the liberation of the mind by emphasizing the critical and imaginative powers of the unconscious. But the expression gets quite a new hip coating, not to mention the liberal framing.

Although Talidari doesn’t dance at the Surrealist Ball, the legacy of our forerunners is ever-present as the base on which we built our own style.


masterpiece formula
tradition + innovation
the intercourse of the celebrated, historical styles and a hip invention brings to life these aesthetic wonders at the Talidari atelier.

'Sea in a Fish' click to see more


Background in the starring role
The new multiformed series feature the images that disperse into the hypothetical background, which is really the foreground, the very meat of the painting. The usual second fiddle, the surroundings, doesn’t only ditch the robe of a supporting role, but uptrades into a key player. It is there, in the back, where all the action takes place, where the bridge to the fourth dimension reveals itself and visual ballads start to play. In this interaction of the obvious and the non-obvious, allegory takes the stage, but it’s ultimately up to the eye and the ear of the beholder how great or small it will be.
A backdrop in a lead role - another first in history of art making. Another feather in Talidari’s cap.


Here's a footage of Talidari's exhibition of
three paintings of Multiforma collection
as a part of
International Contemporary Art Exhibitions
in July 2008
in Opera gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

Multiforma works were selected for this International Exhibition, with participants from more than 30 countries in the world.

Talidari's artpieces come up
between 1'43'' - 2'10''


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