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We highly recommend the following web site tools, all from a same provider:

Site Build It!

Site building made easy!

Here's the only all-in-one, site-brainstorming - and - building - and - hosting - and - marketing system of web site tools that delivers highly profitable business and more.

Tired of dealing with web designers? Build a website alone with the help of this amazing made-for-laymen software.

Site Build It!

Why build just a web site? Build a web site that works.

Standard, old-fashioned Web hosting services provide you with disk space to park a Web site, "quick and cheap", just sitting there.

This provider, on the other hand, puts you on the top of the search engines, helps you rank higher against other sites.

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SiteSell Hosting

Building a Web Site?
You need to host it somewhere. But where?   Web hosting is more than just bandwidth.

Your web site should drive business. Most web sites merely exist. They don't generate income.

Don't fall for "cheap, quick, easy." Get a Web hosting package that provides a complete set of site building - hosting - marketing tools. A combination that delivers profitable businesses.

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Affiliate Masters Course


No matter what business you are running or about to run, you need a web presence to boost your profits. A website can be your best employee if you set it right, bringing in multiple streams of income.

There is no other employee that cost only $25 a month and brings in $ thousands if not millions each month.

Multiple streams of income from a website:

  • Adsense: earn money each time visitors click on an ad that appears on your site - they click, Google pays you. It's a win-win situation for all: you and Google get commission, advertiser gets traffic to their site, visitors get valuable information from advertiser. Click here to learn more
  • Affiliate marketing: provide content and make suggestions as to where to buy quality products. If your visitors click from your site to your affiliate (partner merchant) you earn a commission if they buy something from them (while they don't pay even a penny more for the product or service). Click here to get the free Affiliate Masters Course.
  • Referral income: earn referral or finder's fees from the businesses you choose by finding customers (or "leads")
  • Selling: sell your own digital or hard good on your website. You can get the Resell Rights too from products you buy and keep 100% profit. Make Your Knowledge Sell!
  • Memberships: enrol members to pay monthly fee for a service you provide on a monthly basis, like actual up-to-date scoops on the latest things in your field, or discounts on sets of new products...



Make Your Knowledge Sell


The ways to attract visitors to your site





There is plenty ways and tricks to ensure there is enough traffic to your site to build you substantial income. If you choose our web site provider, the system will take care of the search engine optimization. But why depend on a search engine for your success? In order to bring people to your money-making site, there is a choice of additional techniques to boost your traffic such as:

  • get a million visitors to your site next month by joining this marketing system for free!
  • join one of the fastest growing online marketing communities here - an essential free tool for anyone that is looking to increase their success online
  • fully automated traffic-generation system that can send 1000s of targeted prospects to your website, every single day, for FREE! It takes just 5 minutes to set it up, and it's totally "viral" - after Google and forums it's our top traffic generator!
  • submit your website to get listed in hundreds of free website Directories!
  • publish an e-zine to attract visitors over and over
  • publish newsletter distributing it via e-mail to remind your visitors of you
  • submit articles in social bookmarking sites, various e-zines, About.com, Wikipedia and article directories such as Buzz Portal, Articles to Go, Ezine Articles, Article Dashboard and Article City
  • contribute with answers to public questions on sites like http: www.answerbag.com
  • use blogs, RSS, hubs... as a traffic generators
  • post free ads on Craigslist to increase your link popularity and generate targeted traffic
  • post a video about your theme on You Tube, Meta Cafe or other video-content sites to get the high ranking in SE and fast traffic to your site. If you don't have a video camera you can create videos from digital photos or from other people's footage
  • make a name for yourself in various forums related to the theme of your web site
  • exchange links with quality websites with themes related to your business - read here an article about link building strategies
  • Pay-Per-Click - advertising through Google's AdWords
  • draw quality traffic to your site from eBay
  • Add an AddThis.com widget to your pages
  • AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks - Secret to Getting Google Ads FREE!

The secret to making a fortune online is to have multiple streams of traffic:

Blog Traffic Directory Traffic Forum Traffic
Article Traffic Joint Venture Traffic MySpace Traffic
eZine Traffic Pay-Per-Click Traffic Classified Traffic
Squidoo Traffic Search Engine Traffic Banner Traffic
Craigslist Traffic eBay Traffic Facebook Traffic
Social Network Traffic Podcasting Traffic Social Shopping Traffic
YouTube Traffic Link Traffic Press Release Traffic

As a user of our web site provider you get access to in-depth articles on topics listed above. Get a free Master Course on how to make your website sell here.






Complete package with web site tools


SBI! CTPM Process



web site tools



SBI! Order Page

We love our website provider so much that we go that extra mile to promote it.
So here we reveal almost everything you get for the price of $299 or cca 200€ a year .
This package includes Designing and Hosting your website, Marketing tools, Traffic building system (that outdoes SEO), Guidance and support and much more:

  • Web hosting - unlimited storage, data transfer, e-mail accounts and submissions to SE. Compare it with other hosting providers here.
  • Domain registration included - you think you know what's the best domain name for your site, think twice - with this package you get access to:
  • Keyword research tool at Wordtracker, which normally alone costs the price of this complete service
  • Keyword Brainstorm tool - State of the Net, with a ground-breaking indicator of VALUE Demand and REAL Supply (true competition) that enables you to make intelligent and important content-building decisions.
  • Web site designer software - automated site builder that doesn't need to be downloaded, to which you give commands on templates, colors, graf ics, layout, text changes and all the rest, so you don't need to pay a web administrator/designer for design or every little change in the future
  • Graphic tools such as logo creator & editor, navigation bar maker & editor
  • Action guide - written and video tutorial on how to succeed in online business, including guidelines on the process of creating content, traffic/visitors, pre-selling your product/service and monetization models
  • Web site analysis for optimal Search Engine compatibility, which is advanced SEO
  • Traffic statistics and clicks analysis
  • Best-of-breed, state-of-the-Net complete protection system against spam and viruses
  • Tracker links, weakly reports on broken links
  • Unlimited custom form creation tool including CAPTCHA protection
  • Unlimited single and multiple sequential autoresponders via which you can send out e-mail courses and sell your knowledge
  • Password-protected pages
  • Blogging and automated site-blogging and RSS feed creation
  • a special tool for exchanging links with relevant sites
  • Tracking of Search Engine spiders
  • Search Engine index checking
  • Search Engine rank reporting
  • Unique Keyword search reports for Search Engines
  • Pay-Per-Click mass bidding
  • E-commerce tool with over 100 advanced searches to build your business
  • E-mail marketing list builder/distribution
  • Electronic newsletter publishing
  • E-zine publishing tool
  • Tips and Techniques HQ with hundreds of articles designed to help you with making it big time online
  • Step-By-Step Marketing Guide
  • access to their Forums - the single best small business resource in the world
  • the best customer support service on the planet - each time we wrote for assistance we got an excellent answer inside a couple hours, even on red-lettered days

Optional super-modules:

  • Web 2.0 (user-created content) - offering a potent "mini-combination" of Wikipedia, My Space and flickr - visitors can create valuable content for you, comment and rate your pages. SE loves it, so it boosts traffic to your site.
  • E-commerce, Catalogue & shopping cart, Credit card processing, Affiliate program

All that and much more included in this hosting package you can discover here. SBI continues to add more functionality into its value bundle, we can't possibly keep track and list them all.

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