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This page provides many Valentines day ideas and traditions, as well as ideas for the gifts, including ideas for romantic cards, unique presents, what to dos on the day, and much more. There are plenty ways to make this day special for the one you love, and this is where you get artistic ideas to make it happen.

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Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day Traditions revealed on this page are all the things we normally do for Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day is that day in the year when we celebrate love and romance and try to dedicate ourselves more to it. It provides a special opportunity to express our loving and caring feelings to those we love. While initially this day was dedicated to lovers and spouses, it has grown to be the day to express our love in its all forms - parental love, siblings love, love of friends and so on.

Here we present you with a wide selection of the Valentines Day Traditions - things to do for valentines day with and for the one we love.

  • cards ideas for design and written text - romantic messages, quotes, sayings, poems, and much more.
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  • gifts should be personal, romantic, love-enhancing
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  • flowers - the best would be if you could deliver the flowers to her work place. That way she has double joy - Valentines Day Traditions imagelet her and her work mates know that she's really worthy and loved
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Valentines Day traditions are mostly about what we traditionaly do about love and romance on that day - how we show our loved ones that we cherrish them, how we express our love.
In different cultures or different countries, Valentine's Day is celebrated slightly different. Traditions vary in styles, but the meaning and the purpose of it is the same everywhere.
Here are some traditional things to do on that most romantic day in the year - select the best experience from the valentines day traditions, things you do either to her/him or together:

in love
Valentines Day Traditions - rose
  • breakfast in bed
  • make heart-shaped bread toast for breakfast with hot chocolate dip
  • write a small love note with three magical words written on it 'I Love You' and place it besides her/ his bed, or in her purse...
  • make a path of rose petals or potpourri
  • fill her/his bath tub with rose petals
  • call your favorite radio station and dedicate a song to your love
  • perform a special act - dance for him, sing and/or play under her balcony, recite your poem or Shakespeare's love sonnet
  • organize a romantic treasure hunt
  • full body or foot massage, or back rub
  • decorate the house for the special occasion. Implement smart tricks for creating the mood for romance. Dim lights, light music, romantic songs and most importantly dress up
  • write a romantic, passionate, handwritten, heartfelt love letter
  • send her/him a romantic text message
  • steam up the bathroom and write a loving message on the mirror for your partner to read when she/he uses the bathroom.
Valentines Day Traditions - drink
  • candle lit dinner
  • spend the night in a fancy hotel
  • re-enact your first date
  • a show - cinema, ballet, theatre, art exhibition, classical concert...
  • go dancing (salsa, tango...), or ice skating
  • spend the day at a theme park or zoo
  • a romantic trip - another town, stroll on the beach, hike in the woods, camping, cruise, ride in the country...
  • rent a chauffeured limousine and drive to a scenic spot for a picnic
  • play a game
  • a bubble bath for two, or shower together
  • read 'Kamasutra' together
  • make a photo album of your favorite memories together
  • take silly photos of each other
  • watch a romantic movie/film - ideas for which are below
  • carve a heart with your names into a tree or a bench
  • kiss, kiss, kiss in new, special ways - kiss like you never kissed before
  • don't forget to make love, of course, with extra passion and imagination

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Valentines Day Traditions
  • The Princess Diaries - It’s your basic Cinderella makeover story with a fresh spin, thanks to a fun script
  • While You Were Sleeping - a movie-moment proposal par excellence
  • Pretty Woman - he rescues her from a life of struggle, and she rescues him right back
  • Sleepless in Seattle - a delightfully fractured fairy tale that reminds us that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder
  • Two Weeks' Notice - Hugh Grant plays George, a millionaire playboy who hires the lonely lawyer Lucy (Sandra Bullock)
  • Ever After - the real-life Cinderella story stars Drew Barrymore who is a peasant girl that falls in love with a prince
  • Fools Rush In - "You will never know love unless you surrender to it."
  • The Little Mermaid - animated movie brings it all together, where friendships are everything, romance is attainable, and life changes are a good thing
  • The Aristocats - It’s the classic good girl meets bad boy storyline. Disney style!
  • Schrek - a delightful fairy tale that reminds us that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder
  • Lady and the Tramp - it's a love story straight out of vintage Hollywood

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Some people used to believe that:

  • if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine's Day, it meant she would marry a sailor. If she saw a sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be very happy. If she saw a goldfinch, she would marry a millionaire.
  • the first man an unmarried woman saw on 14th February would be her future husband;
  • if the names of all a girl's suitors were written on paper and wrapped in clay and the clay put into water, the piece that rose to the surface first would contain the name of her husband-to-be.
  • if a lady put a silver coin under her pillow on Valentine's eve, she'd receive a proposal by the end of the year. (Victorian Valentines Day traditions)

In the Middle Ages, Valentines Day traditions was for young men and women to drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. Hence the well known saying, "To wear you heart on your sleeve." 

In the Middle Ages, people believed that the first unmarried person of the opposite sex you met on the morning of St. Valentine's Day would become your spouse. 

Hundreds of years ago in England, many children dressed up as adults on Valentine's Day. They went from home to home singing:

Good morning to you, valentine;
Curl your locks as I do mine---
Two before and three behind.
Good morning to you, valentine.

In Wales wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on February 14th. Hearts, keys and keyholes were favorite decorations on the spoons. The decoration meant, "You unlock my heart!"

Another British folk belief was that to insure a dream of your husband to be was to place bay leaves sprinkled with rose water on your pillows on St. Valentine's Day Eve and recite this little prayer:

Good valentine, be kind to me;
In dreams, let me my true love see.

In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine's Day card.

Valentine's Day didn't become popular in the United States until the 1800s.
During the Civil War valentines for the soldiers and their sweethearts often depicted lovers parting or a tent with flaps that opened to reveal a soldier. These were called "windows." In times of peace the "window" would be a church door, opening on a bride and groom. Another Civil War valentine novelty was for the card to have a place for the sender to place a lock of hair.

In some countries, as part of Valentines Day traditions, a young woman may receive a gift of clothing from a young man. If she keeps the gift, it means she will marry him.

In Scotland or Italy Valentine's Day is celebrated by having a spring festival with a equal number of young single men and young single ladies who get together, they write on a piece of paper their name or a made up name, this is then rolled up and the ladies have to draw a piece of paper out of the hat and get their Valentine.

Greece is well known for Valentine's Day, here the ritual made its presence felt as a particular date to celebrate the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera.

In Japan, girls give Valentine's Day chocolates to boys. Then after one month later it is the turn of the men to give in return. It is March 14th (the White Day), when men present gifts of chocolate to all the ladies who remembered them on Valentines Day. The color of the chocolate is generally white because of the name of the day.

One of the popular Valentines Day traditions & customs in Denmark is sending of snowdrops - white flowers. Also on this day, young couples swap funny little poems or love notes, known as ‘gaekkebrev’.

If you are awakened by a kiss on Valentine's day you will have good luck.

Valentine cards as we know them have been sent since Victorian times. Originally hand-made and decorated with pictures of hearts, flowers, birds and lots of lace, they are traditionally sent anonymously, even going so far as to disguise handwriting or posting in another town (to avoid giving a clue in the postmark!)

Valentines Day Traditions
Valentines Day Traditions - rose
To attract desire
Rub a few drops of the aromotherapy oil Rosehip on the inside of your wrists, before meeting your desired one.

To discover your true love
Before you go to sleep put bay leaves on the corners of your pillow, and one in the centre. Close your eyes and repeat these words 7 times, counting up to seven between each repetition:
"Dear Guardian Angel, let me have what I so earnestly do crave
A Valentine imbued with love, who will both true and constant prove."

Your true love should appear to you in a dream.

To attract love into your life
Using a thorn from a white rose bush, scratch the words:
'All my love come to me' 3 times on a white candle and light it.
Watch as the candle burns down, and picture your love coming to embrace you. When the candle burns down, collect the wax and wrap it up. You should soon receive all the love that this person has for you.

To bring your love to you
Light a red candle, hold a crystal near your heart, close your eyes and say 3 times:
'Let the love that I am seeking come into my life.'
Visualise your love bathed in white light and feel the energy flow into your heart. Imagine this light pouring from you into the crystal, then holding the crystal in both hands blow out the candle.
Keep the crystal with you until your wish is fulfilled.


Valentine's Day Central
At night put yarrow under your pillow, and the first person you see when you leave home will be your future spouse.

If you visit a cemetery on St Valentine's Eve at midnight and walk around the church 12 times, you should dream of your future husband.

To gain the love of someone
, on a night of the full moon, walk to a spot underneath your love's bedroom window and whisper their name three times into the wind.

To meet your future spouse count seven stars on seven successive nights, and on the eighth day the first person with whom you shake hands will be your wife or husband.


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