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This page offers many Valentine gifts for men, as well as ideas for the gifts, including ideas for romantic cards, unique presents, what to dos on the day, and much more. There are plenty ways to make this day special for the one you love, and this is where you get artistic ideas to make it happen.

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Valentine Gifts For Men

Valentine Day Gift Men - Gift ideas for fiances, boyfriends, guys we are in love with, male friends...

Men come in different shapes and sizes, but more importantly they come in different roles too. A husband is quite different than a boyfriend. Depending on what role the man you love plays in your current life, select an appropriate gift.

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Here we present you with a wide selection of gifts ideas for the one you love. Try to make it as personal, as unique, as you can, because it's the thought that often counts more than the price or size of the gift.

Following are the ideas for Valentine Day Gift Men:

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  • poem written by you, printed on photo-paper - either framed, or cut to make it as a bookmark or coaster or mouse pad...
  • bookmark with a personal picture and/or quote/poem - designed in photo editor and printed on photo paper
  • video with you dancing or doing that thing he loves
  • coupon for/or your service - massage, striptease...
  • self-made compilation CD with his favorite love songs
  • revived old T-shirt with a personal picture or message printed first on textile foil and then printed on the T-shirt by ironing
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Valentine Day Gift Men

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  • Your faces on Adam and Eve Artwork
  • Personalized apparel (from CafePress)
  • "Will Cook For Sex" Apron
Valentine Gifts For Men bath
  • necktie - in some cultures there is a covert meaning in giving a necktie to a man. It's a hint you want to tie the knot with him, or have a tight relationship with him.
Valentine Gifts for Husbands aftershave
  • Aftershave or Perfume
  • Sex toy
  • Boxer briefs or lingerie for you for his pleasure
  • Sweets
  • CD with songs related to love
  • Erotic DVD
  • Ticket to his favorite show or game
  • Gift certificate from a local cosmetic salon for any of the following: professional massage, day at a spa, manicure, pedicure, facial
  • Book - 101 Romantic Ideas
    (with a personal inscription)

Valentine Gifts For Men game
A Foreplay Game Intended For Loving Couples To Improve Their Playful Intimacy And Relationship - 200 Foreplay Ideas Each


Like a favorite blanket on a chilly night
or when I'm feeling blue
Your love wraps itself around me
like a special hug from you.

I love having a friend like you
and I know this much is true.
Of all the people
who could have stolen my heart
I'm so happy it was you.


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Valentine Day Gift Men





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We hope you enjoy and benefit from our Valentine Day Gift Men!

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