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Read here all about this exciting novel full of adventures that takes you across the globe to find the treasure of all treasures.

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About the book

   This unpublished book is originally written in English language. It is a mainstream novel, targeting a broad audience that could be also categorized as narrative non-fiction, intending to make a difference in readers' lives. The title is "Magic Tree" and it has cca. 159.000 words telling a contemporary story of a heroine's journey across the world to find the magic tree that fulfills every wish, but along the way she finds that achieving her dream alone it couldn't make her happy in the long run; it's who she becomes, as she overcomes the obstacles necessary to realize her dream that provides her with long-lasting happiness. On her treasure hunt that turns into a spiritual odyssey, she tries to realize her dreams in far and out-of-the-way places, in encounters with strangers, in peculiar circumstances, exceptional surroundings, in celestial spheres and mystifying tales, until her quest takes her to a place she would never dreamed of to look into, to the place where she takes readers with her, to find happiness and make dreams come true. On her quest, the heroine is often challenged, constrained and put in extremely difficult situations, where she needs to be resourceful in finding solutions. Her tasks always require finesse rather than force, which is in a way tribute to the sacred feminine.

   It's a controversial novel for it endeavors to push our buttons of thinking outside the box, challenging our many prejudices that keep us locked in prisons of our own makings. The story dares us to shift our perspective while providing us with thought-provoking episodes. We are challenged to face up to our preconceived notions on prostitution, art, casinos, etc. Readers are given a front seat at an encounter with forces that shape our lives, and are encouraged to look outside their own culture, taken to a spectacular array of different realms, where societies defy easy assumptions, often to be challenged by the same questions on race, sex and tolerance that perplex the world we live in.

   The story crosses over to our private life like no book before it, for it equips us with assets such as a treasure map, inner weapons and other powerful tools that will help us walk through our fears and ignorance towards our dreams. It has a universal appeal that transcends all cultural barriers. It's safe to say that it is a kind of a book one can read again and again with new eyes and fresh understanding each time. There are many encoded truths and concealed elements in it. The book is aimed at the same market as that of Paolo Coelho and James Redfield.


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