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Awakening of the soul in a small Eastern European town. Tired after resting. Emotional cage. Bird's carol. A whistle in the dark. Knowledge that doesn't rely on words. Raising of the spirit. Questioning the merits of formal education. Intellectual acrobatics losing value. Reasoning vs. sensitivity. Questions are answers. Angel in bird's clothing. Inspiration from bees' engineering. In the groove to enter the world beyond the textbooks. Triumph of mediocrity. Broken wings. Planets shift. Ill-tempered dad and ill-treated mom put feathers in her wings. Journey into unknown.

New home in Canada. Babysitter, vase-sitter, nutcracker. Appetite for the unattainable. Magda meets Lena. Fashion passion. Welcome to the planet of broken dreams. Berlin wall still standing after the fall inside the minds. Holy atlas. Conjuring up the course of life. Imagination is visa to dream destinations. A breakthrough encounter with modern-day Ali Baba. Three magic words and a magic tree. Breaking the magic spell. The Big Apple adventures.

Back to Europe through a backdoor. Troubles adapting. A chance encounter determines her search for the miraculous, wish-fulfilling tree. Discovering the tools for the quest: treasure map, keys and weapons. Dragons guarding the 4D tree. Seeing without looking. Treasure hunt is an eye-opening journey in time more than in space, and essentially a journey from there to here. Looking for true questions - they are traveling guides. Full circle.

Mystical Istanbul is a stage for our au pair-turned- showgirl to work as an undercover dragon slayer. Tiptoeing on the path of frivolity. Wearing her brain on her sleeve is not an option. Discovering the power of cleavage. Love and deceit. Another side of the coin called prostitution. Peek into the chambers of a belly-dancer. Unlearning and relearning. A Muslim priest (khoja) shows the way. Journey from head to heart. Treasure is where the heart is.

The treasure hunt moves to Toscana. As an assistant to a magician Magda tours Italy and meets new love. Sexual healing. Dilemma: stand by her man or keep the job. Alice in Wondertown - Venice. Fiasco in Milan. A spiritual assassination.

Intuition vs. compulsion. A voyage across the Mediterranean Sea aboard a cruise-liner as a cocktail waitress. Ferry tale is no fairy tale. Transfer to the Caribbean cruise. Spying escapade. Falling into the hands of dragons. Ending in Jamaica.

Another nail in her coffin. Saved by a fortune-teller. Magic formula for prosperity. The power of right mindfulness. Martial heart.

The search for the secret tree continues. Next destination is Japan, might as well be another planet. Strange world. Amazing culture. Kabuki extravaganza. Oral orgasms. Holistic rituals. Ambiguity of values. Hobnobbing with gangsters as a hostess in a karaoke lounge. Ritz and glitz. Target of a Cupid arrows. Rise and fall of a dragon slayer. Finding freedom behind the bars. Distractions and obstacles serving the purpose of reinforcing intentions. Over the rainbow.

Incognito treasure map points to enchanting India. Living in an ashram of a spiritual guru. Nature of reality. Divine intervention. Value of tradition. Unbound by boundaries.

When in London, do as Londoners do! - it is the opposite of Romans do. Post in an esoteric library. Theosophy opens doors. Meaning lies in the space between the words. Questioning as an end in itself. In Mathew, 17:21, is an answer that ends all questions. Meditation - the hall of mirrors; reverse physiology at work - hearing with eyes and seeing with ears; don't just do something, sit there. In bed with God. Transformation from dragon slayer into a dragon charmer. The gaze of consciousness beats anything false. Conscience is the God's voice.

Search for the fortune tree leads to Germany. Charming dragons as an art dealer, selling false stories as canvases. True lies-lies in the service of truth. The meaning of art. Heart's whispering. A wish come true. Trip to Amsterdam and casino razzle-dazzle. Swing of the pendulum. New romance takes the quest to Hong-Kong and China, smuggling diamonds and a precious artifact. A power play and some witchcraft give a new direction to the quest.

CHAPTER 12 Apprentice to a Balkan casino swindler. Flood and draught of the wishing well.

Back to London as a professional poker player. Losing as a part of winning. Love and money don't belong in the same sentence. Esoteric romance and sexual kung-fu. Vegetarianism reduce famine and poverty on the planet. Moving on to a college in Yorkshire to prepare for a humanitarian project in Africa. Solitary rambler grows a group consciousness. Fundraising issues.

As a volunteer on Child's Aid project in a tribe of a fishing village in Angola. Poverty equals affluence in facilitating lasting happiness. As an apprentice to a sorcerer she gets into healing and divination. Liberation through finding interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Initiation. The opposites' attraction never lasts.

Going back to the roots so as to do the full circle. A wedding episode. A love letter. High-powered enterprise. Success comes from approaching people as emotional beings, rather than rational. Charm - the key tool. Focus on achieving success rather than on avoiding failure. Failure is not the opposite of success; it is a vital part of success. Good is enemy of great. The principle of reciprocity and correspondence. Mind rules over matter. Faith - the backbone of success. Mighty formula for success. Mechanics of success. Anything goes not. In the zone. Shepherd leadership - leading from behind. All remarkable achievements come from passion. Doing the wrong thing the right way. Growing back the second wing. Hope and fear - the most lucrative commodities. Corporate ideology misused to weaken the strong, not to strengthen the weak. Silence -the ultimate source of power. Glimpses of truth. Mental healing. Correcting vibration. Shifting perspective and letting go. Pain and pleasure - our puppeteers. The purpose of life- living in conformity with the divine principle. The meaning of life is to find happiness, happiness is to find meaning in life. Treasuring the hunt, instead of hunting the treasure. Do we really need brain? Crown of thorns. What defines us. Failure is sometimes better than success. Our values are our armor. Success is living life on our own terms.

Hip hop version of 'Emperor's New Clothes'. Snatching the victory from the jaws of defeat. Final understanding of the role of religion and education in human societies. Living in harmony with the principle of divine reason. Stop asking God what He can do for you, but what you can do for God. The saga of national seduction. Croatian landmarks. The endless contest of the opposites is what makes the world go round. Symbolic quality. 4D world. The magic ingredient in the process of fulfilling one's full potential. The real knowledge comes not from learning, but from listening with the third ear. Destiny is the expression of the thoughts that prevail. Easiness of being. Planting the magic tree.

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Mystique Treelet

Mystique Treelet

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