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Multimedia Arts
Innovative Solutions for Your Well-Being

Humanitarian activity and activism for virtues - our "School of Life" promotes the cultivation of virtues and liberation from faults. read more
Inspirational, innovative, multimedia education on virtues - virtuology for achieving lasting success and well-being. read more
Multimedia arts - fusion of various arts of art to enrich the educational and business experiences. read more
Magic Tree Book - literary travelogue. Adventure stories of a treasure hunter searching the magic tree that fulfills every wish. Featuring learning by traveling. read less   or   read more

Our services:

lectures on Virtues

Our specialty are topics related to the cultivation of virtues and liberation from flaws, i.e. how to use virtues to achieve success and prosperity. Lectures inlude multimedia art.

concerts - own music

Mystical music with emphasis on playing wind instruments: didgeridoo and Japanese flute. We offer concerts with and without costumed performances.


We produce videos in which we promote virtues as means of achieving well-being. These videos are used in our courses and lectures.

e-learning program

We have designed a program of nonformal education for the development of virtues.
We offer e-courses for teens and adults, businesses and organizations.

theater dresser

The costume department in Düsseldorf Opera. Preparing opera singers and ballet dancers to go on stage, styling and more.


We paint the walls on demand. Walls are our third skin. It is desirable to "dress" the walls in the images and designs that elevate mood or relax.