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visual arts

Sophisticate your space with timeless multi- formed multidimensional visuals.

Multiforma paintings are avant-garde paintings beyond frames. All in non-quadrat forms.

Beautify your space with the Haute Couture paintings, high-fashion garments for your third skin.

Spice up the look and feel of your rooms with stylized la-di-da designs of multiformed canvases.

visual arts

Vintage collection art paintings created in famous styles of the last century, such as impressionism, expressionism, pop art, conceptual art and so on.

visual arts

Accessorize your third skin with Talidari's fine wall-jewelry.

Slavic Dream collection portrays the slavic spirit dressed in authentic ornaments.

Groom your room with meaningful depiction of Slavic culture.

Talidari is a team of multimedia artists, born in Poland and Croatia. That makes them authentic Slavic artists.

Mixed media art

Mixed media art















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