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Talidari artistic team's mission is to inspire and support others to activate and cultivate their inborn virtues in order to achieve lasting well-being. Our vision is a virtue-based society and a shift of system from capitalism to virtuism. To fulfill our mission and vision we engage in virtue activism by creating a broad spectrum of multimedia projects that promote virtues. Talidari specializes in multimedia arts intended to improve the quality of life - a fusion of inspiring art and transformational education in avant-garde mode.

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virtuology book

harness the power of virtues for accomplishing all goals with the "Virtuology" book

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"Virtuology" book
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Parfüm der Nacht - Poesie

Bring etwa Magie in dein Leben und in das Leben der anderer mit "Parfüm der Nacht" poesie

Mit den ausgewählten Gedichten wird der Leser durch das Wesen der Liebe, in die Tiefe der universellen Weisheiten geführt. Die versteckte Vielfalt der natürlichen Denkweise, die wieder aufs Neue in jeden von uns entdeckt werden kann, wird dir helfen die große Palette der Hindernisse im eigenen Leben zu überwinden:
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Virtue-Based Content:

All our books, whether they are non-fiction, fiction or poetry, have one thing in common: they are all meant to inspire you to virtufy yourself, to activate and cultivate your virtues, or, in other words, to rise your consciousness by means of virtues.

And why? If it is not obvious, allow us to assure you that virtues are the x-factor for all great achievements. As the theorem of consciousness proves, the level of your consciousness = the level of you well-being and success. So, your modes of consciousness - the virtues determine your reality, the quality of your life. You can rise your consciousness by continually cultivating your virtues. All virtues are equally important, but context is key, so in some contexts some virtues are more potent than the other.

That said, you can always count on inner peace, compassion, joy and love to rise your level of consciousness. Our books help you with that, so take advantage of them and enjoy!
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