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Welcome to the official page of the Düsseldorf's Book Club in English language.

My name is Natalija Domin and the moderator of a new book club in Düsseldorf, where like-minded individuals could meet once a week or so to share their love for books.

We are just starting so the concept, the meeting place and times are not set in stone, so any suggestions from members are welcome.


It is a book discussion group, which welcomes members to meet and discuss a book or books that they have been reading.

Normally, a group selects a book to read together, and then meets to discuss it, either when they are finished with reading it, or after so-many chapters.

Since it is difficult to select a book for group reading that everyone likes and it is not good to press anyone to read something they don't really wish to read, the moderator decided to overcome that obstacles by adopting another modality.

For the time being
no book club meetings scheduled

Mayersche Bookstore Coffee Shop
Königsallee 18
across Shadow Arkaden
40212 Düsseldorf

Free of charge


In our Book Club we discuss books that each of us read on our own. The purpose of this book club is to discover new fine books, as recommended by members, which would be otherwise missed. The book club is free for all to join.

How often does the group meet?
Most book clubs typically meet once a month and discuss one selected book per meeting. Since our group is not a regular reading group (because we don't select a book for all to read at he same time), we can have our meetings weekly, but the members can come whenever they like, without feeling they missed a thread.

When does the group meet?
The moderator assumes that members could mostly find time in the evenings, or after-work times, or weekends. So we start by meeting on Sundays and then see how it goes. As our group establishes we could adjust the schedule to the majority of members.































Please, join us at the Book Club!
How does it work

We meet weekly. Each of us joins whenever we have the time for it. Joining and participating in the book club activities is free of charge. At the meetings each member is asked to talk about recent books that he or she has read, and possibly recommend some. The members that don't like to talk, but prefer to listen what others have to say about books they read, they can do just that, of course.

There are no rules, just some guidelines that will be set on our first meetings. The moderator is very open to the ideas of the book club members regarding anything that concerns this group's purpose. The main point is to have fun with it, and share books and ideas with fellow book lovers.

If any of our members have written their own books, they are also welcome to share it with us in the book club.

As we progress, we will invite writers to present their books to us, and have a chance to meet them in person. It's always a thrill to find out the tricks of the trade, and hear the stories from the horse's mouth.

This website will serve as a platform where each member can be updated on our book club meetings and events. Each member can submit content for it to the moderator.

What kind of books

Since we all read books of our own choice, the language and origin of the books we discuss in our book club meetings are irrelevant. However, in order to avoid chaos and a group that is too diverse, the moderator has decided a flair of this reading group as follows:

  • contemporary literature
  • Genres fiction:
    drama, ethnographic, fantasy, humor, mystery, poetry, romance, short stories
  • Genres non-fiction:
    anthropology, art, astronomy, autobiography, biography, civil liberties, crime, current affairs, ecology, ethnography, exploration, film + television, food, geography, health + medicine, history of ideas, history of science, journals, linguistics, literary criticism, music, mysticism, mythology, neuroscience, philosophy, philosophy of science, photography, physics, popular science, psychology, publishing, social history, social justice, sociology, travel, writing
  • no discussion about books on politics, wars, religion, sex, or sport

If any members would like to discuss the books that are not under any of the above category, they are free to propose it to the group, which would then be taken into consideration.


Tea, coffee and cookies are available at the premises.


Member of the book club is not required to be the member of any affiliated associations. Members are encouraged to be on time, and turn off their cell phones if possible. The standard requirements of the venue apply.



After each session moderator will write a summary on this web page, so that the others, who have missed it, could have an insight on what went on. Any of the members are welcomed to contribute, post their reviews and comments here. 




We hope you enjoy and benefit from our book club!

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